Monday, 10 December 2007

The true meaning of Christmas......

‘Tis that time of year again, and with it we can expect the usual admonitions, administered with a sad shake of the head, to ‘remember the true meaning of Christmas’. I know the real meaning of Christmas. It’s a pagan Winter solstice feast that was ripped off by Christianity, retrospectively designated the birthday of Jesus, and became just an excuse for an orgy of spending, drinking and sex. The young ladies in the picture below provide a splendid example of what I mean.

But the Offence Industry has now gotten into the act. As 'Daisy' has pointed out in a comment to the previous post, now some people are taking offence at Nativity plays, cribs and anything that has a Christian dimension to it. As a devout agnostic, could anyone explain to me what’s offensive about these things? My offspring happily took part – with unintended hilarity – in such events, attended religious classes, were splashed with holy water and almost asphyxiated with incense. All nonsense of course - but ‘offensive’??? Beats me. But of course it’s offensive only if you want to be offended, and that brings us to the nub of the issue.

Because only one religious grouping takes offence at anything that doesn’t confirm to their twisted view of the world. This gradual chipping away at Judeo-Christian and secular practices is all part of the Master Plan. (This is not me being paranoid, check this post).

Muslims here should realise that the overwhelming majority of the population have always done things this way, it’s not doing anyone any harm, and if they don’t like they way we do it, or our traditions, then they should hightail it back to whatever hell-hole they fled from in the first place. Else we might start to get offended ourselves, and do to them what would be done to us if we tried to pull the same stunt in Saudi Arabia. Or some other Islamic cess-pit.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these ladies should convert to Islam!!!

On a wider note about the culture and traditions on these islands, I read an article in the Independent which Yasmin Alibhai-Brown penned, called 'Muslims have much to thank Britain for'!

Already I can hear the bleats of the British msm in gratitude to Yasmin. Holy cow why should Britains media give air time to these people. The same people who are building the biggest mosque in the world in London against the wishes of the majority who live there.

These cave dwellers need to return to the cesspits from which they came. We cannot be dhimminis in our own country, if you don't like it here, oway we do things - hop it!

Anonymous said...

why should they return - they have evberything they want here, inclduing a budding islamic state?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure i recognize the girl lying down on the footpath

SAVANT said...

Severl other commentators seem to have recogised her as well. Seems to be a popular girl!

Anonymous said...

Some guys are arguing about the best bars in the world.
Some guy says that the best bar in the world is the one in Hammersmith where the barman gives you free drink all night and then makes sure you get laid when you go upstairs.
"Wow! " said the incredulous Scotsman "How often do you go there?"
"I have never been" says the Englishman "but my sister goes there all the time."

Pabst Blue rulz!

Anonymous said...

Slut walkers doing the slut walk.
As is tradition.