Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Lego Stephen Hawking

Who said....?

It was about who really runs the schools in this country, and about how far militant Islam could go in bullying the poor, cowed, gelatinous and mentally spongiform apparatus of the British state.

A: Boris Johnson


Anonymous said...

Shameful - so why am i laughing?

SAVANT said...

Maybe you have a sense of humour and a conscience. Bad combo.

Anonymous said...

Savant would that it were only the schools in the country, but now its the universities and higher education these people have in their grip.

BTW - FYI I see from the Daily Mail that muslims there want to call people to prayer via a loud speaker. Theres been a meeting, and the residents do not want it saying it would lead to Oxford becoming a muslim ghetto. They're dead right.


SAVANT said...

I saw that Daisy. It's all part of pushing the envelope, bit by bit until we're all dhimmified. Let's hope the Beast is held back on this occasion.

Anonymous said...

Even if they lose this one they'll be back again, just like they do in Canada. Eventually ware the weak West down.