Saturday, 29 December 2007

Irish education meltdown

Met a few primary and secondary teachers from the Cork area over the holiday period. They say primary is going to hell in a handcart, while in a few years secondary will follow ineluctably.

Despite the high esteem in which we hold our educational system, in fact it's been plagued for lack of resources all along. This shows up especially in the sciences, where tools and laboratories are inadequate and in short supply. And we all know (see this) that this is where our future success as a nation depends.

What's the problem? Immigration.

Not only are numbers spiralling, but, far worse, schools are having to deal with a myriad of different languages. This is not only expensive (UK research indicates that it costs up to five times more to educate a student in a different language) but self-evidently, standards are going to plummet as well.

Some schools around Cork have up to 20 languages to contend with. They have neither the space nor the capabilities to deal with this. My friends tell me the whole thing is out of control. Other parts of the country (see this and this) are clearly worse.

Muslim 'faith schools' ( is faith school an oxymoron?) and high ratio black schools present a related but different problem. The former because they'll emphasise religious mumbo jumbo and learning by rote, the latter, low academic achievement due to lower average IQ levels.

Either way, we'll see an exact repetition of the disaster in England. Better off white parents will move their children out to better schools, while the rest will become sink-holes, producing a whole generation of ill-trained social misfits and jail-bait.

We've seen it all happen elsewhere. Our leaders have seen it happen elsewhere. And they continue to let it happen here.


Anonymous said...

I think you overdo the IQ argument for black peoples' failures a little. In the United States, black people do have a significantly lower IQ than whites, but genetic research has shown that our racial categories are more blurry (and socially-constructed) than many realize. Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of African-Americans have some European ancestry (not really a surprise), and that moreover, 30 percent of white Americans have some African ancestry (a much bigger surprise, given that we've long followed an unofficial "one drop of blood" standard).

Given this level of race mixing, you'd expect the IQ gap to not be that large, and that moreover, that black people here would have higher IQs than their counterparts in Africa and the Caribbean (where black people are less likely to have white blood). But that doesn't seem to be the case. And there's not much evidence that black people of "medium" complexion (i.e., with a small amount of white blood) are smarter than those with dark complexions (i.e., with no white blood).

I think whatever genetic factors involved are probably outweighed by social/environmental ones. African Americans, quite simply, don't buy into the system as much as white people. They figure that white people will screw them over at some point, so it's just not worth going through all the hassle of years of school and job training - especially when there are drug dealers right in their own neighborhoods, flaunting their money and sweet cars. They know that drugs are illegal, but they regard the law as a white man's rulebook that they didn't write up, so they don't care.

(This is not an argument in favor of letting in large numbers of African immigrants to Ireland; I agree with you that it would be a mistake. I'm just not as convinced that it's primarily a genetic issue.)

SAVANT said...

This is a well-argued comment, but I definitly disagree. There's a mass of research which shows that blacks have lower IQs (which i think you accept) but also that IQ is probably the most important determinant of 'success' in the modern world (as distinct from say in the jungle or the outback, and I dont mean this in a derogatory sense).

Blacks everywhere have filtered down to the bottom of the heap, even when assisted by affirmative action and such measures. We're talking about averages here of course.

Anonymous said...

Completely disagree with Michigander. Blacks everywhere, and this is important, everywhere fall to the bottom of the educational heap. Must be due to IQ.

Anonymous said...

i dont think its all to do with IQ, agree the statistics show lower IQ, but i think its more to do with their testosterone levels, it makes black men great athletes, makes them great show men in music, film etc...but the dark side to this is also makes them more agressive, violent, angry and less prone to want to do the daily young black men are less likely to study and get educated, work in boring entry level jobs, stay in a relationship and bring up kids, which predisposes them to unemployment, leading to poverty, fatherles families,lives of crime, and anger at "the man".....

Anonymous said...

You are a racist Savant! A racist for denying the little black people a life! Hand over your life savings to theblack man NOW!!! You racist!

SAVANT said...

I gues you're right. I'm off to the bank!