Thursday, 6 December 2007

Idi Amin lives!

Idi Amin, ex-leader of Uganda and devout Muslim, took after the 'Prophet' in so many way. First, he's reckoned to have had over 100 children by innumerable women, and been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. And again like the 'Prophet', he lived and died comfortably in Saudi Arabia.

At least one of those children is displaying the same talents as dad. Faisal Wangita, 25, son of Idi (isn't he a lovely lad?) was among a mob who beat Mahir Osman, 18, to death near Camden Tube station. This splendid chap, despite previous criminal convictions for possessing an offensive weapon, theft, fraud and threatening behaviour, lived legally in the UK with his mother for over five years.

Oh dear!

For the murder referred to above he was jailed for five years - no, I don't know either why only five, maybe longer would have 'caused offence' to some victim group. Osman was stabbed 20 times, attacked with baseball bats, bottles and hammers, punched and kicked in what was a feud between rival Somali groups.

Remember your Savant's words: Somalis are the worst immigrants of all. They combine the worst of Africa - poverty and violence, with the worst of Islam (violence and poverty). Incidentally, after the Van Gogh murder in Holland, 20,000 Somalis left the country. And where did they go? To the UK, from which we can infer that a sizeable proportion are now residing happily amongst us, sharpening their knives and living on crime and welfare.

Also incidentally, UK Home Office homicide statistics for the 3 years 2003 to 2005 show that a black person was 110 times more likely to kill a white person in Britain than vice-versa during this period. Likewise an individual Asian (read Pakistani) was 20.5 times more likely. These figures were compiled before 1 black man and 3 Asians slaughtered 52 Londoners in July 2005.


SAVANT said...
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rob said...

When it came to siring offspring, old Idi seems to have gone for quantity rather than quality, if that specimen is anything to go by!

Anonymous said...

god love those african dictators....fu%king up their own countries and gonna work on europe next......lumumba's nephew mixed up in a murder case in italy...probably did not do it but was keeping unsavoury company...

Anonymous said...

Amin is supposed to have dozens more children in the UK. Note that the Saudi flug them all out of there. Dump their rejects in the UK. Bigger fools us to accept them.

Anonymous said...


Some deep answers to deep questions (and troubles).

The idea that pleasure is the purpose of life. That's one big issue, and how peoples lose their common identity (with what this entails: to be conquered by others. Have you looked ad demographic projections for Africa in this century?
What do you think they are gonna do, less of moving towards Europe/USA?