Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Danish 'cartoon imam' kicks bucket

I was gratified to hear that Abu Laban, the master mind of the Danish cartoon crisis, has gone to his eternal reward. A spokesman for Denmark's Islamic Faith Community sobs "We are very sorry and we ask people to pray for him."

[memo to self: Pray for him - that the bastard ends up in the Seventh Circle of Hell]

Despite the fact that he fled to Denmark, where the stupid Danes gave him asylum, accommodation - and paid his salary as an imam - he did incalculable damage to that country by his campaign. Which by the way, included a lot of fake cartoons, included to spice up the story.

In a splendid example of taqiya (lying to the infidel) he claimed on Danish TV that he did not encourage attacks on Denmark, while an interpreted interview on AL Jazeera had him say the polar opposite. The poor dear was upset by the reaction in Denmark. "I even contemplated leaving Denmark and returning to Gaza with my family."

But you didn't, did you, you treacherous parasite? No, you knew on what side your bread was buttered. And also you knew that your seven children (more than ten Danish families would have) would make more effective jihadists in the land of the infidel.


Anonymous said...

good riddance to the bastard. talk about kicking us in the face

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This video is well worth a look!