Sunday, 2 December 2007

France in flames - again

As the French suburbs predictably erupt again, the eruption of platitudinous drivel from the chattering classes erupts with similar predictability. With their tiny minds firmly closed to all alternatives, they parrot the standard explanation - it's all about discrimination and prejudice.

Before dismissing this as more PC blather, let's think about it for a moment. Remember, discrimination and prejudice keep us alive and operational. You discriminate and are prejudiced if, wearing a Celtic shirt, you decide to avoid that Rangers bar flying the Red Hand flag and Union Jack. Your prejudice tells you that a warm, as distinct from hot, welcome may be lacking. When you sense yourself being surrounded by a group of Roma children, your prejudice tells you to hold on to your wallet. When a family of itinerants wants to rent out your hotel for a wedding you discriminate against them (or would if it were legal) because you know the nine times out of ten they'll end up wrecking the place.

Your prejudice tells you you'd rather be travelling with that nice Swedish lady rather than the swivel-eyed, sweating, bearded Muslim youth beside you.

In short, we have prejudice and discrimination because we have built up over our lives a massive range of experiences, drawn conclusions from them and make judgements in our futures based on them.

To the extent that this is a factor in France is perfectly understandable. Would not any reasonable employer discriminate against African or Arab candidates based on what they see every day? That, in general, these people barely speak French, have brought over outlandish elements of their native 'cultures', detest French society, and that they'll return to those cultures when they finish work. This isn't to say that very many of those people are honest, hard-working and probably speak good French. But the problem is, and we are merrily heading down the same ruinous path in Ireland, that as agroup, Africans, and for different reasons Muslims, are far more likely to bring you trouble than natives.

As long as this is the case, people will discriminate. And all the laws in the world won't change it. But the immigration industry is in control now, so we must sit back and watch the car wreck.


Anonymous said...

Prejudice means you 'pre-judge' people, irrespective of what they really are, based on some arbitrary characteristic like race or ethnic group. Wrong

Skot German said...

OK anonymous, explain to us why is it wrong?

Anonymous said...

It's wrong because people can be different from what the stereotype suggests. There are honest gypsies, humourous Scot Germans!

SAVANT said...

hey, thats a good one, Anonymous. Why dont the various 'Anonymouses' distinguish themselves when commenting, even if to say 'anonymous 1' ?