Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Farmers spend own money shock!

Ireland was in turmoil today on the news that farmers were to invest €1.1 billion OF THEIR OWN MONEY in 2008. Politicians and economists reeled as the Irish Times identified huge sums going into buildings and systems.

Mr. Robin Scumbag, President of the Irish Farmers Association, pointed out that "this shows we're not the whingeing, tax-dodging, stingy, incompetent, blood-sucking parasites that everyone says we are", adding "there are limits beyond which even we stop raping and pillaging the tax-paying population".

However, he added the warning that "normal farming investment constraints apply. So if the investments don't pay off, we'll expect full and immediate compensation for any losses incurred - courtesy of the taxpayer"

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Anonymous said...

what fo you mean their 'own' money. The bastards got it from us in the 1st place. Love your description of them though!