Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ambassador's residence overrun in South Africa

As every schoolboy knows, foreign embassies legally represents 'part of the home country' even though located in another jurisdiction. As such they are afforded enormous protection by the host country as an attack on the embassy is legally an attack on the country itself.

All the more surprising then when we learn from South Africa's News 24 that Tanzania's ambassador to South Africa was beaten unconscious and several of his guests were assaulted and robbed at his farewell dinner in Pretoria last night. About five armed men simply pushed aside the barbed wire and jumped over the wall of a diplomatic residence.

"There were about 25 of us and we had just had supper. They ordered us to lie down, tied our hands, robbed us of cellphones, money and household goods," said an embassy official. The High Commissioner was beaten unconscious and his wife stabbed in the head. "Quite a few people were assaulted, hit with bottles. They kept threatening my 15-year-old daughter with rape." Apparently the ambassador had told the thieves: "Gentlemen, God bless you". Mmmm..... that didnt seem to do much good, did it?

Underlining the collapse of the South African police, there were none guarding the embassy, and it took nearly half an hour for them to arrive. "They [the police] kept asking us questions that delayed [them] while these guys were getting away." Incredible. But then again not. Black empowerment means that the police force now reflects the country's ethnic diversity. In other words it's a crock of shit.

My original forecast of Zimbabwe equivalent by 2017 looks waaaaay too optimistic.


Anonymous said...

Good - getting a tase of their own medicine!

SAVANT said...

Who's getting theor own medicine?