Tuesday, 13 November 2007

UK security

An estimated 5,000 illegal immigrants have been given 'sensitive security jobs' according to the Security Industry Authority in the UK. One of these illegals, Marouane Bourannane, an Algerian, held a number of 'sensitive jobs'. These included - I'm not making this up, 'security' work work at both the Labour and Conservative party conferences (imagine the potential there), enabling him to have a picture of himself with Gordon Browne on his mobile phone.

The Home Office, responsible for immigration, er, controls, might be lousy at everything it does, but it can claim one accomplishment. It's very diverse. In fact nearly 40% of the employees are non-white. I had occasion to visit a regional office restaurant recently and it reminded me of the pub scene in Star Wars, such was the 'diversity' of the clientele. But this is what happens when you em ply people based on colour rather than ability.

Hang on, wasn't that what civil rights set out to end? Something wrong here.....


Sir Humphrey said...

It's not as simple as it seems. Remember that we keep track of immigrants n the UK only on a sample basis.

SAVANT said...

Is that corrrect? On reflection i suppose there's no other way.