Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A splendid chap

"Dublin man" Moses O'Connor got a life sentence yesterday for the murder of his mother, originally from Ruanda. The murder was one of the most horrific ever seen in the country. Detective Inspector Martin Cummins told the court that O'Connor, who has 26 previous convictions, was "one of the most disturbed people" he had ever seen in garda custody.

What a splendid addition to the country, especially as his mother had to get thrice-weekly dialysis treatment under our creaking health system. Although all the media too pains to point out that she was great at gardening.

This underlines Savant's First Law: "Blacks appear in the news only for sport or crime".

Check it out for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Horribel post - you should be ashamed.

SAVANT said...

But am I right? Did you check it out? If I am, what does that say?

Anonymous said...

Of course your right. anyone with an eye in his head can see that.

Anonymous said...

Blacks only appear in the paper for crime or sport and sometimes crime and sport

Baltimorons take on Washington in Basketcaseball.