Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Good/bad Manchester

The Tories' social justice guru, Iain Duncan Smith, the former party leader, released a report showing the economic boom in the city centre masked a disturbing picture of failure, including a teenage pregnancy rate double the English average, the second-highest level of men admitted to hospital due to alcohol, and fewer than one in three teenagers receiving five or more good GCSE passes.

The report also found that Manchester is the second-worst council for truancy, only one school leaver in four goes to university, and two in five families with children are headed by a lone parent, compared with an average of one in five. Greater Manchester also has the highest number of antisocial behaviour orders in the UK, and there are seven gun-related incidents every day.

Duncan Smith said: "We almost have two Manchesters - one that is forging ahead, creating jobs, wealth and regeneration of rundown areas, and another mired in a deepening spiral of social breakdown."

And.....? We're waiting Iain...... And we'll stay waiting. Because even the Tories won't acknowledge the elephant in the room. The 'good' Manchester is made up of native Brits and their ilk, while bad Manchester is largely inhabited by sundry Third World immigrants, often in ther second or third generation.

We'll have our good/bad version in Ireland in due course. We're well on the way.


mancunian said...

This post is largely true, but by no means totally. There are lots of whites in those areas as well.

rob said...

Duncan-Smith obviously doesn't want to get Watsoned. He has no plans to retire just yet.

SAVANT said...

Too true,,, too true

MU said...

Everyone is skirting around the issue. Everyone knows what the problem is. I'm from Salford and almost all the schools herr are like something from africa. their speaking in about 20 different languages. How can you learn like that?