Sunday, 25 November 2007

The best and the brightest

Check this post from Steve Sailer. As Steve says, these people in the picture are the best and the brightest, with no employers as such. Hence no need to 'celebrate diversity' and adhere to rigid ethnic and gender quotas. Hence the unparalled brilliance of their achievement.

Having said that, I'd hate to wake up beside Suparna (3rd from left, middle row) after a night on the beer.


Sacah said...

Why dont you come straight out and say there are no blacks or darkies there?

SAVANT said...

I AM coming straight out - do i really have to spell it out? Thats exactly my point my friend. In the contecxt of immigration it shows those from whom the country will benefit

desparate said...

Hey - i quite fancy Suparna

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that Ireland has its share of ignorant people, who believe that colour has to do with intelligence.

SAVANT said...

Very simple my anonymous friend. Intelligence tests show very clear differences between races or colours. Whcih isnt the same as saying whites are the cleverest. East asians score on average the highest. I dont mean to be offensive, but it's 100% clear that lower intelligence immigrants are bad for the country

Anonymous said...

The same IQ test that had been flawed many times over. Which cave have you been living in?

SAVANT said...

You think IQ has been discredited? Check this post

Anonymous said...

Equality of opportunity produces this.

No wonder Jesse Jackson does notlike it.

Anonymous said...

Would they need the help of A father of the Internet and 35th greatest African?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the best and the brightest reminds me of the slashdot post which linked to an article with had CarrierIQ being found on the iPhone and also it was sometimes present on HTC and Samsung phones.

Queue angry submissions asking why it was thought to be on the iPhone. Becuase it was found on it?

Then I got to thinking there are more Apple fanbois in the media than in the general public and if they could not see the iPhone being mentioned in an article where the iPhone is mentioned what other things could they overlook?

The heartless throwing out of a black woman with 15 children by 12 different babydaddys and not asking wtf was she doing with so many children?

That Barack Hussein Soetero Obama is a picanic basket full of sandwiches short of a picanic basket?

The real reasons for the looting in Tottenham and elsewhere in August was the 100% discount?

How can it be said that all-blacks (not the NZRU team.) are more athletic than their white counterparts when you see (not being employed by the media) so many "Roll into the kitchen Diabeto"s around?

Soledad O'Brien wet her knickers in anger because of the absence of funding for "African-American" technology start-ups.

I refer you back to the picture.

yossarian said...

Soledad O'Brien - she oscillates between being black and non-black depending on the requirements de jour.

Anonymous said...

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina cannot make the picture as they are busy doing important stuff.

Anonymous said...

Best buy ad for mobile phones chickless!


We dun found ourselfs wimminventors!

Michael Moore's former employes comment

Ranking the Superbowl commercials

Chicks can be found in technology if you look hared enough. (and change definitions1)

SAVANT said...

anon 4.48. These 'tech' women, if you look carefully, are not really at the technical edge of their products. Very much on the human interface and experiential side.

Anonymous said...

Savant. Damn man designed keyboards otherwise I would have hit the ! instead of the 1 and that would have shown that "human interface and experiential side." was being referred to. (Run off Carly F* and design a better one.)

Some guy makes that point at the end of one of the articles.

If I remember correctly the jezebel refers to 10 and it is pointed out that 5 fit the definition so they are weakening their own argument with exagerrations.

* Hewlett Packard was the place where MBWA was invented. The guys set aside x per day just top walk around meet employees and ask them how they could better do things at the company with their products. Not one MBA understands the W part perhaps not even W himself.

Anonymous said...

Just saw an ad for Quickbooks from and they had a shot of an Apple laptop because they are like creative man and the ad finishes with the informaTION that it is only available on XP, Vista and Seven from Microsoft thus showing us thta if you pay for advertised gooods you get to keep a creative type supplied with Cocaine. MMMM! Cocaine for those egomaniacs who need to know thta they have too much money.

Anonymous said...

A slightly different version of this is Meg Whitman getting criticised for HIS running of HP just as Carly Fiorina was criticised for HIS running of the company.

When Leo is criticised as his bad running they do get the dude's sex right.

Boys will be girls and girls will be boys

Well, I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why she walked like a woman but talked like a man

Perhaps Cherry Cola C - O - L - A is as reality distorting as Kool-aid?

Anonymous said...

Your secret identity is safe with Morgan!

SAVANT said...

And he repeats the mantra "All I can do now is to do what I did then and apologize for any offense I may have caused."

Will people ever get a life?

Anonymous said...

Way to miss the point Savant ;-( have the Wayans brothers et al ever apologised (or even apologized) for not only going whiteface but also doing so in drag?

Why it is almost like there is one low standard for black people and a much higher standard for white people.

Anonymous said...

Let us play the Steve Sailkor game at six crucial technology companies you have never of

Meant to post this at the place where Steve Sai;or's observation was made but am unable to get the copy done due to unfamiliarity with laptop operations!

And fourth trime of asking I defeated the trackpad!

SAVANT said...

I guarantee you that the same applies all over the world. I've even looked at some companies in Latin america for VCs and the key technical people are all, without exception, white European types. No 'Latinos' as such.

I didn't start out with these views, but experience brought it home to me.

Anonymous said...

The mission to Mars

Sir, Surely it makes more sense to get our house in order here on mother earth before we conquer another planet (World News, August 7th)? Forgive my lack of excitement when I see blue-shirted scientists jumping up and down, having spent billions on a scientific exploration,when so much needs to be done here at home.

A Cork Dude, Glanmire, In Cork boi!

Unsure of how to finish this post so ...

(a) Savant you idiot I sentence you to be catapulted across the border to Tipperary for writing PC nonsense.

(b) Spot on Savant boi! We need more chicks in scientific endeavors C cup minimum!

SAVANT said...

NO, NO! Not Tipp, for Jasus' sake...

Anonymous said...

1987 Microsoft history

Play spot the chick. No wonder nerds went for Apple!

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer had a post today that Goldman-Sachs was hideously jewish to quote Greg Dyke.

Or was it despite being full of liberals Apple was hideously white to quote Greg Dyke.

I forget which but I got the Greg an embankment for controlling or holding back the waters of the sea or a river bit correct.

Anonymous said...

As you can tell those people didn't make that. Other people did. They are standing on the shoulders of giants like "Dr" Phil Emeagawli.

Someone also pointed out this Obamaesque fact about Apple that they didn't build what they said they invented because Stan Smith invented peanut butter.

So they were answered with Apple invented truetype fonts and laser printers.

I dare you to quote Hussein Osama!
Hussein Osama!