Monday, 8 October 2007

What must be done

The old Communist in me never dies, hence my use of Lenin's famous dictum.

Many commentators have acknowledged the validity of my posts (how could they do otherwise?) but have asked, in effect, ok, but what would you do about it? A fair point, and here is my 10 point proposal:

(1) Stop the invasion NOW. A few suggestions. Apply the Dublin II Convention to anyone and everyone arriving at our borders looking for asylum. As I've pointed out many times, you can't arrive at an Irish airport from an ‘asylum’ country, therefore you’re by definition an asylum tourist. Dublin II entitles us to send them straight back.

(2) If the ‘asylum’ seeker has destroyed his documents – a common trick - send him back on the next plane to his source destination.

(3) Shift the onus. Instead of wasting man-centuries of Dept. of Justice time trying to validate asylum claims, put the onus on the claimant to prove his case. If he can't, back on the earliest plane to wherever he came from.

(4) Deport anyone who commits a crime or misdemeanor during the application process. If this doesn’t get things done fast enough, consider whole family deportations, as is now on the cards in Switzerland, driven to distraction by immigrant crime.

(5) Apply rigorous academic standards to all schools, closing those that don’t conform. This will see off Mslim schools that focus on Arabic and religious mumbo jumbo

(6) Insist on English language capabilities from all would-be immigrants (just as well Bertie isn’t an immigrant)

(7) Implement biometric-based national identity cards

(8) Make letters of property liable, subject to big fines, for letting to those illegally here

(9) Don't give a penny to Roma beggars - they're here (and this is true) as employees of companies who are dedicated to begging

(10) Finally, use the payoff option. Unsuitable ethnic and religious groups, here legally, should be offered a handsome package to relocate to their countries of origin.

Some of these measures might require abrogation of some EU rights legislation. Again for those who refuse to identify their country of origin, a handsome lodgment to an African despot’s Swiss bank account may be necessary. Over the Justice Minsiter Brian Lenihan.

So what? Do it. The survival of our country as we know it is at stake (see this).


Anonymous said...

It would do the trick, but not as easy as it seems. people coming in froim Norther ireland are the main problem. Also as you say, we might have to back out of some treaties. If we put the pressure on Muslim schools we'd also have to do it for Catholic. Shock!

rob said...

Alas, none of these measures will ever be implemented. Far from learning from the blunders of other European countries, Ireland seems intent on catching up--like a guy jumping from a 10th-floor window flapping his arms madly so as he'll hit the ground faster.

Martin Fitz. said...

Seemed very brutal at forst to me, but the more i thought about it the more i liked it. It's main value would be as a detereent to future asylum tourists.

needless to say, as Rob says, we won't do any of it.

hubert said...

i am not so sure about doing nothing. i think - i hope - that something is stirring in europe. maybe not too late for you in ireland yet.

freedom lover said...

Do we really need ANOTHER hate site?

Anonymous said...

We must do what it takes to keep bogus asylum seekers out.Especially the Muslims. ssk
log on

Anonymous said...

freedom lover said" Do we really need ANOTHER hate site"? Yes we do to expost Islam. log on check them out. ssk

SAVANT said...

Some great sites referred to in these posts. Well worth checking out, especially by Muslims. But then, they'll be the last ones to do it.

I just dont get this 'hate site' thing. I dont hate any ethnic group, simply because every such group carries a full spectrum of likeable and dislikeable people. I just think - know - that vast numbers swamping a country will cause us untold grief.

boffin said...

national biometric ID cards wont work. No less an authroity than AC Grayling has pointed this out.