Monday, 1 October 2007

The ultimate Islamic outrage in Europe

We've had bombings, murders, intimidation and blackmail. But now your Savant has totally had it with the Islamic intruders. It now emerges that some cities in Sweden are banning topless bathing - you've guessed it - due to 'cultural sensitivities'. Jesus H. Christ! Is anything sacred?

There is no more pleasant a sight in this world than to ogle statuesque blond beauties cavorting on beach and pool. Now all will be lost. What a tragedy, and another body blow to Western civilisation.

Is there no end to all of this?


Mike said...

Too terrible - can't be true???

I meant this for the post on the topless Swedes!

Magnus said...

Oh it's true all right Mike. To an extent I think it's experimental. The 'powers that be' are waiting to see if the people will object. But we Swedes have done nothing so far - as usual.