Thursday, 11 October 2007

Wanted - white male defendant

This from Laurence Auster:

A black female student at Trinity International University near Chicago sent threatening letters to other black students because she wanted her mother to allow her to transfer. As a result, the school paid for over 50 black students to live in a motel temporarily. The story was national news for about a week in 2005.

“Trinity International University is a Christian school located in Bannockburn, Illinois, about 15 miles north of Chicago. Earlier this month, three minority students received threatening letters, one of which mentioned that the writer had a gun. Yesterday, Bannockburn police announced that they had arrested a suspect in the case. She was a young black woman by the name of Alicia Hardin. Apparently, Hardin didn’t like the school and wanted her parents to send her elsewhere. She sent the letters so she could convince her parents that minorities were not safe at Trinity.”

As you would expect, as soon as the hoax was exposed the story disappeared from the headlines.

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lucky lips said...

exactly - disppaered from te media once it emerged that the offender wasn't white

redneck said...

It's the same with the Jena 6. Blacks who nearly killed an innocent white youth (nobody denies this) simply becuase somebody hung a noose off a tree. when they were arrested the whole of the US went into parxisms.

rob said...

There's a whole list of those hoax hate crimes perpetrated on US college campuses. The most notorious was the Duke rape hoax in which a story by a drug-sodden stripper was taken up by prosecutors and the media and almost destroyed the lives of those accused.

redneck said...

Yes, and there are still people who defend Mike Nifong, who proceded with the prosecution even when he knew the boys were innocent.

dave said...

anyone know if she was charged for this?

redneck said...

she was - and everybody said how sad she looked! Poor thing, answered the judge very respectfully. Dont know how it ended up.