Thursday, 25 October 2007

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Steve Moxon was a civil servant employed by the Orwell-speak "Managed Migration Dept", i.e. unmanaged migration, in the UK. He was so outraged by what went on that he's written a book The Great Immigration Scandal".

In it he puts a number of well reasoned arguments forward which counter the myth that mass net immigration is somehow enriching society. The author analyses the effects of mass net immigration on both the economy and social structure of Britain and finds profoundly negative consequences.

He writes that mass immigration:

* drives down wages for the working classes
* puts massive strains on the NHS,
* drives up waiting lists in hospitals,
* brings deadly diseases to the UK such as TB and AIDS (most new cases each year come from immigrants themselves)
* worsens the housing crisis
* increases the overall tax burden
* tears apart communities by the formation of ethnic enclaves
* has led to politically correct policies which discriminate in many ways against the indigenous population of Britain.

Bertie Ahearn and Conor Lenihan assure us that we won't make those mistakes in Ireland. I'm totally confident of this, having seen their brilliance in managing the Dublin Port Tunnel, Luas, and PPARS, to mention just a few of their accomplishments. But not everyone is so sure.


rob said...

The usual line of bullshit you hear from liberals on this subject is that we Irish aren't racist because we were colonised rather than colonisers, so everything will be just fine no matter how many Third Worlders come here.

curious said...

how come this wasnt banned as a 'hate' book?

SAVANT said...

give them time - give them time

Anonymous said...

If it can be screwed up, we'll screw it up.

native brit said...

Moxon has been kept off all the main media outlets, even to the extent of not even reviewing the book.

Anonymous said...

All these politicians care about is themselves, and getting huge pay rises.

bad bob said...

It's race. On the one hand the ordnary people are getting wiser, but meantime the numbers of immigrants are mounting up. Maybe its too late