Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Quote of the week

"It would not be right to deport. Although the appellant has been denied British citizenship, he is in many ways 'one of us'."

This is Sir Henry Hodge, High Court Judge and President of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. He's describing African immigrant and career criminal, Mohammed Kendeh (pictured), whom he refused to deport back to his country of origin. Born in Sierre Leone, Kendah came to the UK when he was six and first went to prison aged 15. Over the next five years, he committed a catalogue of offences, starting with car crime and burglary all over South London, picking up supervision, detention and traning orders before moving on to sexual assault in early 2003.

By 2005, he had been sentenced to four years in a young offenders' institute and put on the sex offenders register after two sex attacks commited just a week after being released from detention for burglary.

Sir Henry mustn't think much of 'us'.


Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter to Sir henry - he has his luxury protected environment where he'll never come across scum like this. It's the ordinary people who suffer.

Anonymous said...

I feel like SCREAMING when i read things like this. It doesnt do me good. Thyat stupid, stupid man. IS he the husband of that Labout MP? Harriet Hodge?

Anonymous said...

That's the one, although her name is Margaret. I think you;re confusing her with Harriet Harman.

Anonymous said...

I'd ove to lock that fucking judge with this guy for a week. as they say, the definition of a conservative is a liberal who'se been mugged.

Anonymous said...

One of us? Jesus Christ!