Monday, 1 October 2007

No need to worry folks, Sharia rocks!

As my readers will know , your Savant has a jaundiced view of Sharia. Could be something to do with being killed for just about anything, hands cut off for minor theft, women punished for being raped etc. (check this post and some charming pictorial examples within the current post). It was with some trepidation therefore that I switched on BBC 2 this evening to view a programme on Sharia in Nigeria.

But I needn't have worried! Sharia rocks! The fearless woman reporter, a Muslim, just to make sure the programme wasn't biased (wha?) found that everything was just fine. The people loved it! Couldn't get enough Sharia!

All this talk about stoning rape victims was nonsense. Everything was peaceful and tranquil now. Why, a man had been fined for beating his wife! (I can't understand that, because the 'sacred' book gives precise details on how often, how hard and with what you can beat your wife if, for example, she refuses you sex). The lashings shown were less violent than those of a madame in a massage parlour.

Amputations? Why, there were some rumours, and in the interests of total objectivity the intrepid reporter eventually tracked down an amputee. I mentioned, in jest, to Lady Savant, that the criminal would turn out to be one enthusiastic amputee. And boy, was I right. He volunteered for it, he deserved it, and he'd never break into anyone's house again. In fact he was so enthusiastic I felt like getting my own hand cut off.

Back in Britain, the 'journalist' mused on Sharia's suitability for the British. In fairness, she did concede that its more draconian aspects might need to be 'modernised', which presumably would mean amputations with an anaesthetic. But on balance it had a lot of good qualities, and was very fast. In other words, instant justice.

What this masquerade of investigative journalism underlines is the extent to which we've gone down the dhimmi route. We're prostrating ourselves before the Beast. Just a few bloggers are holding their fingers in the dyke. I truly fear for the future when one of the most prestigious, independent broadcasters in Europe can get away with publishing this drivel.

Eurabia, here I come.

Photos (from top):

1: 16 year-old girl being prepared for death by stoning for 'sexual offences'. Note the helpful way the crone on the right settles the soil.

2: Woman hanged for adultery

3: Identification tag for girl stoned to death for 'sexual offences'

4: Man having been lashed for some unspecified offense


Mike said...

Too terrible - can't be true???

Anonymous said...

Which part?
The ridiculous program or the awfulness of Sharia?
Irish Savant is painting an overly pleasant picture of Sharia. Go onto any Islamic website and see what Muslims are actually like. Literally, they want to take over the world, destroy all other religions, enslave non-Muslims and enslave and rape all non-Muslim women (I am not joking). There is also extreme hatred of Jews, Hindus and Christians (the kuffar or filth as they are called).

There was a Mosque in Britain a couple of years back, which stated that (Pakistani) Muslim men should marry Christian women (or Christian whores as they are normally called) , raise Muslim children, when the woman then hits 40 (i.e. close to menopause), the Muslim was to divorce her and marry his cousin (Pakistan has lots of arranged marriages), bringing the cousin to Britain to have more Muslim children - to bring about their Sharia state. There are actually Muslim charities which give money to any Muslim who marries a Christian woman (because they are filthy whores after all). All children have to be Muslim of course.

It is also worth going to or to speak to ex-Muslims about Sharia and Islam in general.

ron said...

I watched it as well and found myself shouting abuse at the TV. Bloody disgrace - but what can you do? we're all dhimmis now

mike said...

Anonymous - my comment actually was dorected at the previous post (my mistake) but i suppose it could apply to this post as well.

Emmett said...

If what anonymous says is true (and i will chek out the links) it's so bad it makes my head swim. I cant believe that we're doing nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this needs to be explained:
The reason they are asked to marry Christian women, is to reduce the Christian population at the same time that they increase the Muslim population.

Some of the other interesting reported cases in Britain involve Sikh and Hindu girls from conservative backgrounds getting to university. In the more open atmosphere of college, they are "befriended" by Muslim guys, who at some stage give them Rohypnol, rape them, photograph the rape, and blackmail the girl into changing her religion to Islam. (They threaten to publish the photographs and give them to her conservative parents/family).

Also don't forget, if the girl at any stage tries to change back, she will be threatened with death.

Khalid said...

You are selecting an extreme version of Islam and then applying this to all circumstances. Have any of you been to Dubai or Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

This Malaysia? :

Malaysia, where the ex-Muslim Lina Joy was not allowed to convert to Christianity (and thus not marry her fiancee because Muslim women aren't allowed to marry non-Muslims?). Where ex-Muslims cannot change their names?

Malaysia, where the head Imam wants to bring in the death penalty for Apostates? Where at present those who wish to give up Islam are sent to "reeducation camps" for "reeducation in Islam" or as those who undergo it call it "brainwashing and torture"?
Malaysia, where there was a recent gathering for the establishment of a global caliphate?
That is your example of "touchy-feely Islam"?
You are joking aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and Dubai, where women who are raped are jailed (rather than stoned to death as per the more "extreme versions of Islam"). What a great and shining example that is.

And where those oh so funny Muslims were threatening attacks on the Burj al Arab hotel, as part of it looked like a Cross.

Steve McD. said...

This comment (Khaled) is typical. I thought that Sharia was unchanging because it's the 'word of God'. Dubai isn't an Islamic country. The few locals had to get in all the foreign workers to make them rich and have becuase of that droppe most things associated with Sharia.

Anonymous said...

Email the BBC complaints at

amanda said...

The BBC should be swamped. It's one small way we might be able to make a difference.

Magnus said...

anonymous could also have added re dubai that there's one law for the westerners and another (terrible) law for all the poor pkistani and bangladeshi slaves (sorry, workers).

dave said...

well Khalid - any response?

Anonymous said...

No. Khalid has gone back to his cave

Khalid said...

I'm still here, laughing as you froath at the mouth! I suppose Christians didnt do anything? Like burining at the steak, like wiping out the Jews?

Anonymous said...

Tu quoque. How very like a Muslim.

I'm not a Christian.

What are you going to blame me for?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Khalid, you should learn a little more about Christianity. Those things you mentioned are despite Christian theology. The examples given above are of people following Islam. Do you see the difference?

I know that Muslims have severe difficulties understanding anything beyond simple logic (plane fly building - building go boom). But try to keep up.
We haven't blamed Islam for everything that happens in Islamic countries - like Saddam's extermination of the Kurds etc. - just the Islamic things.

salim said...

i am a moderate muslim, working in ireland for more than 10 years, with no problems. the examples given in the post are of an outdated interpretation of islam.

Oliver said...

The vile acts of some 'so-called' Christians certainly cannot be defended - but they are decried as abominations by all 'true' Christians. That is because Christianity doesn't teach Believers to practice vile acts.

Muslims are simply unable to speak against the vile acts perpetrated by other Muslims becasue true Islam teaches it's Believers to do those vile acts for the reward of 'paradise'.

Anonymous said...

There is only one interpretation of Islam. Mohammed is the seal of the prophets, the Qur'an is God's last message to the world. What you are saying is kufr - (blasphemy for ye kuffar). Furthermore your "prophet" specifically spoke against bida (innovation), which is what you are suggesting.

Furthermore, the examples given are currently occuring in Islamic countries and reflect the current law of Islamic countries. The death penalty for apostates has just been introduced in Pakistan. All the Imams and c. 90% of the population of Egypt want to reintroduce the death penalty for apostates there now. (Read up on the Hegazi case). The Lina Joy case in Malaysia happened in 2006, and the ban on changing religion has been in place since then. That is excluding all the other Islamic countries (Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi, Yemen, Oman, Nigeria, Mauritania etc.) where changing from Islam brings death.

dave said...

Bet we'll here nothing from Salim or Khaled on the last post from ananymous

Salim said...

I don't need Khaled or anyone else to speak for me. Re 'there is only one version of Islam - that is what the Prophet said, but it still takes humans to interpret it.

The old testament and the jewish books have things like killing a man for working on the Sabbath. Thats supposed to be ubchanging as well, but you (Jews and Chritians) did change it - interpret it differently. Thats what we are doing, or trying to do. People like Savant and other commentators only makit hard for people like me.

Anonymous said...

There is however nothing in Judaism about the concept of bida, which makes Islam far more difficult to alter. Secondly, Judaic law is not taken as basis of law in any country (not even Israel). Thirdly even the most fanatical Jew views their religion as being geographically limited - unlike Muslims who wish to rape, exterminate and enslave the entire world and bring about an Islamic dark age that will reign forever and ever etc.
If you actually learn anything beyond Muslim propaganda, you'll find that Christianity never paid any attention to the Old Testament - because Jesus formed part of the "New Covenant" between God and Man etc. Christianity is not "supposed to be unchanging" - the Pope can and does change Catholicism for example, and in any case noone is murdered or raped in the name of Christianity and noone is killed for blasphemy or changing their religion from Christianity.

The people who make it hard for people like you to reform Islam are Islam itself; Muslims; the Deobandi and Wahabi influence on Mosques and the Western liberal elite/media, who will not recognise and discuss the problems facing those who wish to integrate Muslims and point out that Western Society is not equipped to deal with anything more than a tiny number of Muslims, due to their difficulties in integrating. People like Savant are trying to inform a sufficient portion of the population in order that sufficient pressure is put on the liberal elite and media will actually pay attention to reality.

If you do wish to help reform Islam, may I suggest that you begin by focusing on the killing of Apostates - you can always support the

dave said...

Salim - can't you see you're pathetic justifications are being blown away, mainly by anonymous - who should really come out as he (she?) makes great points. are you (anonymous) an ex-Muslim, by any chance

SAVANT said...

I agree with Dave, anonymous. You write brilliant stuff -you should give us a more meaningful way of identifying you as there are doezens of "anonymouses"

Ibn Sa'd said...

Right then, as the name "Ibn Warraq" is already taken by a well known individual, you might call me Ibn Sa'd.

(For Muslims and the Kuffar:
Ibn Sa'd was originally the scribe who wrote down the revelations of Mohammed. Due to a number of incidents regarding alterations by Mohammed to what was written down, he began to doubt the veracity of Islam)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that majority of muslims will defend Islam even if they don't understand Quran. they do this because they have been brainwashed right from childhood not to question any thing writen in Quran, be it wrong or right.
Christians do evil things when they don't follow Bible,but Muslims do evil things when they follow Quran,that is the difference.To,Salim and Khalid,Judaism and Christianity has moved on where as Islam,ie Muslims are still stuck back into 6th century. Muslims are digging their own graves in the West.log on
Islam is evil and MUST be eredicated. Khalid, read a book called "Beyond Belief" written by V.S Naipall,see how the Muslim traders after sattling in Malaysia, undermined the Buddhist population and took that country over.So don't give examples of the thing you don't under stand.ssk

Jakartan said...

haha..this is what islamic hater always do: big lie!
pic #2: woman hanged for adultery?hahahaha...
do you know where is it?
it is in the busiest street in Jakarta-Indonesia! what are they doing? they are protesting something and hanging puppet.
hahaha..what a liar. liar. liar!!

Anonymous said...

number two is puppet hanged in the busiest street in Jakarta-Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia Roundabout) for protesting in demostration. what a joke!

SAVANT said...

OK my Indonesian friends, good catch. You not lying to me now though, are you? Not practicing taqiyya?

anyway, I'll have NO PROBLEM finding dozens more examples of Sharia 'justice'.

Anonymous said...

Fear of Islam, immigration, even global warming - they're all probably red herrings. I've just watched endgame by Alex Jones on youtube and I feel physically shaken. We're fearing all the wrong things. The Bilderberg Group and global government are the enemy and they have a role for all of us (for most of us it's an inanimate role).

I googled to see if Putin had anything to do with them, but no.

It seems he is the only Crusader against these maniacs - quote:

"There are those who would like to build a unipolar world, who would themselves like to rule all of humanity." -Reuters

Watch this vid., download it or buy it, copy it and pass it on.

SAVANT said...

This last comment re Bilderberg is interesting. Can be seen at

kerdasi amaq said...

Muslims take their religion seriously unlike those feeble fools in the West. If they didn't their social organisation would have collapsed long ago and they would not now: be in the position they are now, able to take over the West. The real problem is the contempt and disdain, that the elite who control the societies of the West has for Islam.

What happens in a democratic society; when at least 60% of the population is Islamic?