Monday, 22 October 2007

More on the Watson scandal

Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe (sic), the journalist who wrote the Sunday Times piece that did for Watson has been horrified by the reaction. She makes frequent reference to the outstanding work done by him in disease research, and the way he rescued Cold Springs Laboratory (which has now dismissed him) earlier in his career.

She writes:

I would never have written something that I thought he would not be prepared to defend. I am not trying to destroy a brilliant scientist and I am genuinely horrified by the response. We need to squeeze every last drop of brilliance from this man if we are to continue hoping to unravel the genetic causes of disease. He strives to help young people in their careers. My biggest concern is that, by helping me, he has damaged himself. I could not hope more, that I am wrong.

In a war – the people we want around us are the ones with the experience and proven track record. Disease is a war. We need tactics, brilliance and, above all, experience. He may push the boundaries of what is acceptable in our PC world – and stray into areas that are not his expertise - but when he sits in his role as Chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, his scientists – though not the publicists – feel safe and expertly guided. And they are.

No good Charlotte - the PC Thought Police must have their victim


redneck said...

She should have known the reaction

Anonymous said...

She got her publicity - maybe thats what she was after

Anonymous said...

Ibelieve his health has now been affected. What a disgrace, especially as he was doing pioneering work on Asperger's Syndrome