Monday, 29 October 2007

Goodbye Holland - nice knowing you

A survey by Amsterdam-based research bureau Signicom has indicated that 32 percent of Dutch people want to emigrate abroad and that just 51 percent are proud of the Netherlands. Or more correctly, proud of what the Netherlands has become. Since 2004 the country has become one of net emigration.

Sticking to PC orthodoxy, the report minces around the subject before conceding to the real reasons. These are “multiculturalism, over-population, criminality and socially distant people”. Excuse me, as Robert Putnam’s, and a myriad of other research findings have shown, these problems are coterminous with multi-culturalism. As the research shows, multi-culturalism means over-population, criminality and socially distant people.

The report reveals that “the Dutch are nostalgic about the past, a time when Holland is perceived as a friendlier place, with tight-knit communities, in which neighbours cared about and helped one another”.

I’ll bet they are, but it’s too late, boys and girls, it’s too late.

As these posts show, whole regions of the country are now dominated by unassimilated immigrants. Mohammed is now the most common name for boys in Rotterdam, and in whole neighbourhoods in many other cities and towns.

Let me paraphrase Bruce Bawer in closing. The irony is tragic. Having protected themselves with nothing short of genius from the violence of the seas, having instituted a welfare system that safeguarded every last one of them from financial insecurity, having developed probably the most tolerant and free country in the world, that promised every citizen dignity and equality, they seem to have brought Western civilization to its very pinnacle.

Yet they turned a blind eye to the very thing that would destroy it all.

Goodbye, Holland – it was good knowing you.


Marco said...

I dont think its quite as bad as that here, but you're right, native Dutch people are leaving in droves.

peter pan said...

Well Marco, i DO think it's as bad as that. I plan to leave as Amserdam has become intolerable for gay people. You run the risk all the time of being attacked by 'youths of Asian appearance'

the sinking dutchman! said...

I'mm off the Australia

Anonymous said...

i like holland, it's my home; and we'll be able to deal with these ignorant, lazy hakbars

SAVANT said...

I hope you're right my friend, I really do. But I'm not confident. You've now got majority 'hakbars' (whats that?) in many areas and native Dutch are fleeing the country.

Anonymous said...

Hakbar is short for "Allahu Akbar", God is great; below sea-level the word Hakbar refers to an extremist islamic person.

Happy Christmas, I like your site!

kerdasi amaq said...

They can run, but they can't hide from the mudtide!