Friday, 26 October 2007

Cat Stevens - lying hyprocritical weasel

Cat Stevens was a moderately successful singer in the 1970s. Your Savant was on the same gig as him at one stage and found him a whingeing, self-obsessed whippet, whose main objective was getting laid. But all that changed dramatically, just as his career was going down the tube. Apparently he fell out of a boat and attributed his subsequent saving to the intervention of Allah.

The basis on which he arrived at this conclusion is not clear, whether Allah did a Baywatch a la Pamela Anderson, we don’t know. But as I always say when presented with ‘evidence’ of divine intervention, wouldn’t it have been a lot easier for God/Allah/Zeus, whatever, to have prevented him falling out in the first place?

Anyway, after Cat and Allah got back to shore, none the worse for wear, he (Cat, that is) decided to become a devout Muslim, and the malevolent mutant Yusuf Islam was born. And like all devout Muslims, he called for the death of Salman Rushdie after the publication of the Satanic Verses. "He must be killed. The Qur'an makes it clear - if someone defames the prophet, then he must die." He was, er, dead right on that, of course. Asked his views on burning copies of the book, he replied that he’d prefer to burn ‘the real thing’ – i.e. Salman himself. He made numerous other such threats.

Understandably, in according with British law, he was prosecuted for hate crimes and commissioning of murder, and sentenced to a deserved 15 years in jail. Oh wait, sorry I got that a bit wrong. In fact he was instead awarded the"Man for Peace" prize in Rome at the opening of a meeting of Nobel Peace Prize laureates some years back. Don’t ask me, I don’t know either. I can only assume that our dhimmi status is now so comprehensive that it seemed logical.

When he abjured his music career – it was on the slide anyway – he cited numerous references in the ‘sacred’ Islamic texts to the effect that music is un-Islamic. That's true as well. But now that he wants to resume his career and return to the civilized world he has, ‘reviewed the texts’ and, lo and behold, music isn’t un-Islamic after all! Isn’t that wonderful? But lurking on You Tube lies the incriminating video, potentially upscuttling his comeback, showing him making the death threats. Citing 'artistic rights' he tried to get them removed. But your Savant has been too fast for him. Enjoy at this link.

By the way, I imagine that he’ll be dusting down one of his old favourites "Where Do The Children Play?". Given that the ‘Prophet’ had a 6 year-old wife and Islam encourages pedophilia, I'd say Cat is looking at these words in a whole new light.


catfan said...

A great artist ruined by Islam

SAVANT said...

'Great artist' - my bollocks

redneck said...

the bastard is running for cover now, probably when he was turfed out of the US

fare pplay said...

A very unfair post. Whatever you say, he gave up his worldly treasures when he became a disciple, and re Salman rushdy, he was giving his enterpretation of the texts.

humpitty said...

He was aksed by an interviewer if he'd personally kill Rushdie. What a slippery bastard, and what a complete load of waffle he came up with. Worth a look.