Monday, 17 September 2007

Switzerland - too much damn democracy

It’s unlikely that the Swiss are anyone’s favourite people. I've never met one who wasn’t humourless, dull as ditchwater, and as tight as a duck’s asshole. Furthermore, they’ve sucked in money from every possible source, no questions asked, no answers given, even when the source is some African kleptocrat or Nazi stashing away treasure stolen from the Jews.

However, it’s also truly a remarkable country. Very wealthy, peaceful, safe, impeccably clean, well-ordered, ultra-democratic and hasn't had a war since William Tell shot the apple of his son’s head in 1307. They’ve done all this in a country covered in mountains and split over three linguistic groups.

But all is not well. Democracy has failed. Well at least in the following case. The Swiss bring their extreme form of democracy down to the level of having a town’s citizens vote to decide on issues of citizenship. In the case under review a refugee from Kosovo was rejected, on the basis of his being a Muslim, and that, being physically disabled he’d be a drain on the town’s resources. They could have added that in Albania/Kosovo, criminality is the only legitimate source of wealth and the refugee would probably immediately bring in the rest of his wives and family. Seems to me like the ultimate endorsement of direct democracy.

But wait. The Federal Commission on Racial Discrimination (groan!) sternly points out that the applicant was rejected because he was a Muslim and disabled. To which your Savant would reply – ‘and your point is?’. Well, their point really is that democracy is fine – while it provides the right answers. Clearly not the case with this one. Their solution? Replace direct democracy with – wait for it – a committee! And who’d choose the members of same committee?

As Steve Sailer says, ‘elect a new people’.


Anonymous said...

Kosovan Muslims are reasonably westernised (moreso than Turks for example, who are generally cited as the example by the "Democracy and Islam can work together" types). Not all Muslims are the same.
(I know a Kosovan who converted to Christianity - who wasn't even murdered. How un-islamic is that?)

That said, Saudi is now pumping money into Kosovo to support Wahhabism. It will be interesting to see what the future holds. (Though best if one can sit a little way back, and use binoculars).

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised the swiss are clamping down. On a recent holiday there it seemed half the people were foreign. Also it seems that immigrants have crime levels 5 times that of natives.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this regarding the Swiss: