Sunday, 30 September 2007

Shaping the future - Irish style

The recent opening of the all-black school in Balbriggan (pictured!) shows how effortlessly we emulate the UK's multi-racial educational success story. This has lead to a situation where blacks (African-Caribbean, to use the acceptable term) have persistently and drastically fallen behind whites in grade performance. And far from closing, the gap has widened over the last 15 years.
The UK government's most recent statistics on school exclusions showed black pupils were six times more likely to be permanently excluded than their white counterparts due to various offences and under-performance.

A recent BBC Newsnight piece visited the UK's five worst sink-hole schools and earnestly sought some common denominator. None was found. Apart that is from the one staring them in the face. The students were about 95% black. But that can't be mentioned. It should be obvious that when you start fooling, not only others, but yourself as well, there's no way the problem can be solved.

And the all-black schools here may not be a one-off or event temporary. According to the Commission for Racial Equality in the UK, black boys may have to be separated from classmates to help improve school performance. Something to do with 'self esteem'. Translation: when they see white kids doing better it makes them feel bad, so rather than improve scores, get them a new school where they can all be bad together. The idea is being considered, but, hilariously, may be ruled out due to its possible contravention of anti-racism laws!

I love that.

And a report by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) published in October showed the achievement gap between white pupils and their African-Caribbean classmates had doubled since the late 1980s. And this despite an avalanche of special measures and all kinds of affirmative action.

They just don't get it, do they? And they never will as long as they keep fooling themselves (see this post). And needless to say, Ireland, which has never learned anything from the success/failures of other countries, is (not so) merrily cavorting down the same path. Watch these little angels in 12 years time - from a safe distance, of course.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that some of the african parents have been complaining that white kids NOT FROM THE LOCALITY have been getting preference over them.


SAVANT said...

what do you mean 'not from the locality'?

Anonymous said...

Their point is that they (the Africans) have been living, presumably illegally, in the locality for a number of years. Whites, from a nearby town or something, have got preference. and they're pissed off about that.

Jesus Christ! Are we all mad?

SAVANT said...

Almost all of us, I'm afrad.

Anonymous said...

We're not all mad. Everyoine i talk to seems to have the same view but nothing gets done at a national level