Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Multi-cultural bliss

Ah, the joy of it. Multicultural bliss. Celebrating diversity. It's all over our national media today. Here we see little Ali Mohammed on his first day at school in Dublin. A charming lad, undoubtedly. And equally undoubtedly, he won't be so charming in 15 years time. Ali comes from Somalia. And as your Savant has pointed out before, that hell-hole combines the worst features of Africa - violence, corruption and poverty, with the worst of Islam - poverty, corruption and violence.

Then we see that school in Ennis with a student population 30% non-national. Amazing, the 30%, when you consider that there was hardly a white face to be seen. And needless to say, there were complaints about racism, victimisation etc. - from a fucking Nigerian! A free school, free transport to and from, free uniforms, free, free free. I feel an attack of the vapours coming on.

And as always, there wasn't a dissenting voice to be heard. Despite Robert Putnam banging the last nail into the multi-cultural Coffin of Delusion, the thought police in the mainstream media ensured that reality was kept discretely out of sight.

I just hope one of these bitches gets raped by a Somali on the way home tonight.


Anonymous said...

You make many important points, but why do you spoil it by introducing foul language and your disgraceful last sencence on this post?

Anonymous said...

When I saw that Nigerian bitch complaining I felt like flinging a brick through the TV. Why doesnt she fuck off back where she came from if its not good enough for her?

Anonymous said...

My husbans a prison officer and says that half the prisoners are from Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Hi, look like a big fat fuckin paedophile.........cop-on to life, put on some clothes and turn that frown upsidedown- get happy! stop moanin- hididdly ho-flanders