Friday, 28 September 2007

Immigration update

The Irish Times is probably the main cheerleader for diversity and multiculturalism. A random review of its pages today is therefore all the more significant.

Item: On its 'police page' (p.2.) it refers to three cases, two of which (murder and child assault) involve foreign nationals, whilst the origins of the third perpetrator (drug smuggling) isn't mentioned. If this turned out to be another 'foreign national' it'd hardly be a surprise.

Item: Black taxi drivers complain that many passengers won't travel with them because they're black. Local drivers say passengers have had 'bad experiences' with black drivers.

Item: Radio comment on deportation of Nigerian asylum seeker leads to complaints to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission.

Item: The Migrants' Rights Centre (one of a myriad of such publicly-funded organizations) complains that many immigrants have to 'buy' their jobs and are often abused, under-paid etc. (Undoubtedly true).

These are the only references in the paper to immigrants. What have they all in common?


That's not to say the immigrants are to blame, but the net effect is trouble. As my earlier post today underlined, there's always trouble and disruption when you introduce large numbers of visually and culturally different people into the existing population.

Why can't we do something about it?


Anonymous said...

of course we can, but we wont. We're intimidtaed by the MC thought police.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely biased post. What about all those immigrants who are making a contribution to society, working hard etc?

Anonymous said...

Polish workers are building Ireland. Were not all the same. No blacks work

Anonymous said...

Did you see Kevin Myers last night on the LLS? Maybe we'll be able to get a debate going yet

Anonymous said...

I'm from Iraq and have worked in Cork as a lectrurer for over 20 years. Comments?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tariq,

Assuming you are not a "Kill all the Kuffar!" type of guy, you might enjoy the Ex-Muslim website forum at
(I'm assuming you're Muslim/Ex-Muslim - apologies if I'm wrong)

Anonymous said...

I know of this site run be renegades. Having said that, I'm not a kill the Kuffar type, as you say.

Anonymous said...

What is so "renegade" about them? You believe they should all be put to death, and it is your duty as a Muslim to bring about an Islamic state, so you can kill all the Murtads?
I know many Muslims have a hard time understanding the concept of human rights and freedom of conscience (including religion), (I just recently had a conversation with a Muslim girl who thought she believed in human rights, but also believed in killing Murtads), but honestly you should try to live and let live.