Friday, 28 September 2007


Walking through my small town this morning was a salutary experience. It seemed that 10-20% of those on the street were black or 'of Middle-Eastern appearance'. They stony-faced, looking straight ahead, locals exactly the same.

Item: two blacks come into the coffee shop. Conversation stops, then slowly resumes

Item: Black woman, trailed by a swarm of kids, leaves a supermarket with laden-down trolley. Local hardman points out loudly "and we're paying for all of that". Woman looks stonily ahead.

Genuinely - I'm not in any sense condoning this kind of behaviour.

The point is - this is what happens when large numbers of visibly and culturally different people enter a local population. And as we now know through an avalanche of empirical evidence, this will only get worse as time goes on.

What mugs we are.


Anonymous said...

EXACTLY the same here in Navan.

SAVANT said...

I'd say it's the same everywhere. (Mind you, I wouldnt blame anyone for walking around stony-faced in Navan!)

Anonymous said...

Same situation in Dungarvan (no jokes now!). Some of them are very nice, but there's always trouble of some kind, not necessarily their fault.