Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Grave torture

Islam Watch tells us how the angel Gabriel escorted Mohammed through a marvellous sight-seeing tour to some important landmarks of the universe like Hell and Paradise, as well as meeting with all the previous Prophets, and then meeting with Allah himself. Imagine that! During that meeting, Mohammed used his influence to make Allah change his mind and reduce the number of obligatory daily prayers from fifty to only five. The unbelievers take this incidence out of context as it indirectly suggests that Mohammed had more wisdom than Allah himself. How dare they! With hindsight, we know that Allah was unrealistic in his initial demand for fifty prayers, which would leave Muslims with no time to do anything else, not even to murder apostates like Salma Rushdie.

However, Mohammed seems to think that Allah cannot wait all this time until the judgment day to start torturing his creatures. To avoid this boredom, Mohammed told his followers that Allah started the fun already in what is known as the ‘grave’s torture’. As a welcome to new comers, two angels make a visit to the graves of Muslims who had just died. These angels then torture the dead person in the darkness of their graves.

Mohammed did not give an explanation about the reasons behind such a rude reception, or the reason in torturing people before their trial. However, the good news here is that the grave’s torture will be automatically deducted from the final torture bill to be paid in hell. Who knows? It may work out better this way, besides it helps to introduce Muslims slowly and ‘gently’ to the new life-style of constant Islamic torture.

The above description of practicing Islam may look like a comic story. The sad news is that it is not. This is an absolute reality and all Muslims are aware of it, and they live in permanent fear because of it. This fear explains why Muslims work hard to reduce their ‘grave-torture’ and shorten their stay in hell to the possible minimum.

Muslims also know another secret about Islam. They know of the only way to avoid all the above nightmare altogether, with no worry about the grave torture or ever seeing hell at all. This is a sure-footed method—become a martyr! That is true because according to Islam, martyrs are not dead at all. They join the fast lane straight to paradise (just like prophets) regardless of their sins or the state of their hasanat/ sayaat account balance (Q, 2.154, Q.3.169- 170).

Does anyone still wonders why so many Muslims want to become suicide bombers?


Anonymous said...

Always taking it out on Muslims. How is fear of the grave torture and different from Christians fear of hell/purgatry?

SAVANT said...

Well, i suppose you got a point, they're all fact-free mumbo jumbo. However, the thought of 2 angels busily torturing some poor bastard in a grave for no apparent reason takes nonsense to new heights

Anonymous said...

The language the author has used suggest poor level of understanding the meaning of life-after-death!