Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Muslim health problems

The gloom of our monsoon season was lifted today on reading the heartening news that the Muslim population here has increased by 70% over the last four years. And the flood continues unabated. But hark! All is not yet well. It seems that considerable changes are required to our ramshackle health system – but not for us, who suffer in silence. No, no. ‘We’ must accommodate a whole plethora of religious and ‘cultural’ mumbo jumbo carried over from the hell holes these people fled.

‘We’, apparently, must provide same sex doctors to treat Muslims. Their preference is for Muslim doctors to treat Muslims, but unfortunately these are in short supply at moment, being otherwise occupied blowing up their patients. Also demanded are specially prepared food, special prayer rooms, and a compass so that the nutcases know that they are really facing Mecca when they pray. And female Muslim medical staff must be allowed wear special clothes, Muslims shouldn’t be given post-mortems, non-Muslim nurses must dress more modestly, crucifixes should be covered up, and non-Muslim clergy banned from hospitals.

All right, I made up the last bit. This hasn’t been demanded. Yet.

Still, progress is being made – it seems genital mutilation is now being provided by the HSE following discussions (threats?) with the gauleiteirs in the Clonskeagh ‘Cultural’ Centre.

I have just one question. If things are so out of line, why don’t they just fuck off back to where they came from, and leave us alone? Then again, why should they? They’ll get what they want here as they’ve got it everywhere else in dhimmy Europe. And given the numbers pouring in, they’ll be able to get it democratically soon enough.

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