Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Opus Dei still rules at Education

What to make of the Church at Study (i.e. the Department of Education) requesting the Dublin Archbishop to act as patron of a new school for non-Catholics?

Situation: Catholic schools can and do refuse entry to non-Catholics on the basis that the Bishop is 'patron'. Note that such schools are funded by the general taxpayer, the bloated coffers of the Church remaining free to pay for 1st class travel to Bangcock and other such spiritual destinations.

Sr. Mary Hanafin
Anyway, a new school must be opened for the rejected 'non-Catholics'. And who does the Department ask to act as patron? You might want to take a firm hold of something solid here - the Catholic bishop.

So now, in charge of this new school they're putting the representative of an organisation that has abused, raped, molested and driven to suicide countless thousands of children put in their 'care' by the State. Why has this happened? Well, first Mary Hannifan looks like a nun, talks like a nun, and, you know the rest... Also, Opus Dei is alive and well at Education. The 'senior official' who master-minded the infamous Abuse Redress Scam, now retired on an index-linked pension paid for by the same taxpayers that he robbed, was a senior spook in that sinister oragnisation.

But we've just elected the same people for another 5 years...

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beelzebub said...

It was Michael Woods who did the deal for the redress - which was a scandal, I'll admit