Saturday, 16 June 2007

More Swedish madness

The proverbial dogs in the road in Sweden know that the burgeoning heroin trade is run by Muslim Albanians. Dahn Pettersson, a local politician in Sweden, has pointed this fact out, writing that 95 percent of all heroin brought in comes via Kosovo. Result? a fine of 18,000 kronor (about €2,000) for . “It is never ethnic groups that commit crimes. It is individuals or groups of individuals,” prosecutor Mats Svensson told the court.

The court found Pettersson guilty of ‘Agitation Against a Minority Group.’

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Bert Rustle said...

Are some Drive-By Media participants beginning to give voice to popular opinion?

In the Washington Post Diana West comments on Cultural Takeover in the UK and the USA:

"... this whole issue is depressing and distressing — although I know I'm not supposed to say so. Whenever anyone has the bad taste to point out markers of cultural transformation, the rest of us are supposed to play it very cool, expressing only the most noncommittal reaction, if any at all. We're not supposed to flinch, and we're certainly not supposed to lament such changes, or mourn what is being lost, or, heaven help us, do anything to stop or reverse them, such as demanding the enforcement of existing immigration laws that would both encourage the repatriation of illegal aliens and discourage more from coming.
The socially acceptable position, the one that qualifies as politically correct wisdom suitable to be shouted from rooftops (or written in the Wall Street Journal editorial page), is to accept phenomena such as the Islamization of Britain and the Hispanization of the United States as givens, as progress, as proof of one's own moral goodness. Anything less than regarding these wholly optional changes, ours to make or not, as national destiny — international destiny? — is denounced as malicious bigotry.
In this way our conception of ourselves as an existing culture — open to modification and growth, yes, but not irreversible transformation — has been grossly undermined. Not only are the traditions and characteristics (English-speaking? non-Muslim?) of our societies now regarded as being retrograde embarrassments, we are also supposed to cheerfully maintain our societies in a perpetual state of ethnic and/or religious flux. The irony that goes unremarked is that the homogenous — dare I say, non-diverse? — nature of Islamic and Hispanic countries sending forth immigrants remains immutable. Which is why it won't matter much to the world if the United States ever becomes the 18th Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere, and if Britain ever becomes the 57th nation in the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
Except, that is, to those who would lament the passing of the English-speaking peoples. Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair obviously don't belong to such a group, but who does? The group exists in shamed silence, having bought the PC line that cultural self-preservation — Western self-preservation, that is — is nothing but an exercise in crude racism. But is it really? If we never hear any answer but "yes," it's time to get out the handkerchiefs and weep, silently."

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SAVANT said...

You got it on one, Bert

an exile said...

@last out turn off the lights'?? Yes, the way we Swedes are leaving the country that will sonn be the case.

Mirre said...

The court in Sweden are absolutley going crazy! Everything is now rasism or Agitation Against a Minority Group. Give me a break! It's going to far. What he said is probobly the truth. That doesnt mean he putts down everybody that is from Kosovo.