Friday, 4 May 2007

Swedish Madness: update

With the same grisly fascinination that you'd look at a car accident or a public execution, your Savant watches glassy-eyed as the model country spirals towards self-destruction. Some recent events:

A Mulim woman has won her battle with a supermarket in western Sweden which informed her that she could not work there if she chose to wear a headdress. The Ica Kvantum supermarket has now made adjustments to its dress code following criticism from the all-powerful Ombudsman Against Ethnic Discrimination The supermarket has agreed to apologize to the woman and pay her compensation to the value of about €8,000.

A Malmo bus driver has been fired following revelations that he stopped a woman from boarding his bus because she was wearing a niqab, a form of Islamic headdress that covers the whole body, including the face. The incident occurred when the driver of the bus stopped ‘Leonora’ her from boarding, saying that her niqab made her hard to identify. Leonora stayed on the bus anyway, but claims that the driver mocked her and looked at her angrily. Leonora welcomed the decision, telling The Local (English language newspaper in Stockholm) that it "it feels weird to say that when someone has lost their job, but quite honestly it feels good."

Despite strong circumstantial evidence, a 35-year-old ‘immigrant’ was acquitted of killing of a pregnant Kenyan woman. According to the prosecutor, the man had shot the woman and then dumped her body in Lake Mälaren. The Kenyan woman was seven months pregnant at the time of the murder and had been living illegally in Sweden for four years. The motive for the crime, according to the prosecutor, was that the man was the father of the baby and the woman refused to have an abortion.

Do Swedes deserve sympathy for committing national suicide? Answers on a postcard.


Sven said...

As you say, read it and weep

Mirre said...

I didn't know we were asking for sympathy. What has happend is that we've taken in to many immigrants and now the goverment are overwhelmed. This really hurts to read. That a bussdriver would do something like that or ICA for that matter. We need to respect other peoples religion and choices. And they need to respect that they have come to a new country and need to adjust a little bit. It's frustrating that all we do is keeping missunderstanding eachother instead on working on living togheter in the same country.

ad fukal said...

Mirre, what you need is to keep other peoples religions and choices in their national territories and out of yours. If you cannot do that, then you have no future as a people. At the rate things are going, all these immigrants will achieve is to turn Sweden into another Third World hellhole: of the sort they left behind.