Friday, 11 May 2007

Social problems in Japan

Your Savant is indepted to the inestimable Steve Sailer for the following story. Calling it 'A Troubled Week in Japan' he tells the story:

Yesterday, all the major national news networks carried a major story concerning this "social problem". A train arrived at a station in Hokkaido where about 60 people were waiting to get on. A group of high school students got on, but even after being asked a couple times to moves deeper into the interior of the car, they did not. The driver closed the doors and drove off, leaving 26 people on the platform.

He informed the railroad of what he had done and the railroad arranged for six or seven taxis to take the stranded passengers to their destination.This story was carried along with actual video of the station, interviews with local people, and elaborate animated illustrations of the train car showing where the students were standing in the car and where the stranded passengers were standing.As if this were not enough, this morning's "wide" shows (news & entertainment), repeated the story in even more excruciating detail.

Steve points out, correctly, that this story illustrates:

1. how orderly Japan is
2. how sensitive Japanese are to even the slightest social disorder
3. how enormous social pressure is brought upon offenders
4. Japanese attention to detail.

Just compare it to my recent post on Nigeria. The contrast is virtually total. The comparative impact of their immigrants on host countries would be equally drastic.

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Steve McN. said...

I dont give a shit, the Japs are still horrible little bastards. I hate 'em!