Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Muslim school update

Your Savant pointed out in a recent post how our President Kumbiyah had eulogised a new Muslim 'educational' establishment in Dublin. Its rulers have now gone on record to allay fears of possible religious taking over the curriculum (hard to imagine, I know). Apparently mumbo jumbo will be confined to religious classes, while all others will stick closely to the subject at hand. Strict demarcation. This would be good, because the experience to date with Muslim schools here (and everywhere else) is that mumbo jumbo takes precedence over real education, leaving the 'graduates' fit for little else other than future jihadists.

Seems clear enough. You can't infuse a subject like maths, or geography, or zoology with religious mumbo jumbo, can you? Can you? Well, here's what I see happening:

Maths: If 3 jihadists are killed while slaughtering the infidel, how many virgins in total will they be given by Allah?

Geography: Name the Muslim countries currently occupied by Zionists and Crusaders

Zoology: What animal does the Jew most closely resemble - monkey or pig?

Chemistry: Name the ingredients of a fertiliser bomb

Meanwhile, Dutch journalist Geert Wilders took his life in his hands by calling for the closure of all Muslim schools in the Netherlands. Some chance. This is needed to "protect the kids against the spreading of Islamic teachings. Islam is speedily bringing our Western culture to the edge of the abyss. We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is more a violent political ideology than a religion." You can say that again Geert. He admits to speaking strongly in the Islam debate - necessary because it is almost too late. True again, Geert.

Your Savant thinks Geert isn't long for this world.

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Hubert said...

Maybe Geert will be ok - they are starting here to clamp down in Holland on this kind of thing, but too little too late