Monday, 7 May 2007

Even the BBC gets it now

Few organisations or establishment organs have promoted the multicultural myth more assiduously than the BBC. Problems were glossed over, and if mentioned at all were invariably attributed to racist attitudes on the part of whites (and only whites). All we needed was more reaching out, affirmative action and anti-racist sanctions (whites only) and we’d be in multicultural paradise.

Well, good news organization that it is (and it remains one of the most reliable news sources available) it has bowed to the torrent of contrary evidence and brought some reality to its programming. This has been evident in recent months, but tonight’s Panorama, which focused on the Muslim Asian invasion of Blackburn, faced the issue with a new openness.

The Beeb acknowledges Blackburn to be a stark example of a difficult, national problem. For all the hopeful talk about "integration", "multiculturalism" and now "cohesion", the reality on the ground appears to be that Britain's Muslim Asian community and its white community have few points of contact, and that the white majority often feel they share little in common with the growing Muslim Asian minority. At present trends Blackburn, currently 24% Muslim, will have a Muslim majority in 22 years, faster if white flight is taken into account.

The program demonstrates conclusively that both communities live in parallel, largely hostile, universes, mingling but not mixing. One resident states "there is not just simply residential segregation, but there is separation in education, in social, cultural, faith, in virtually every aspect of their daily lives, employment too." Local pubs close, different food is sold in the shops, and at school many of the pupils now come from homes where the language spoken may not be English.

The real problem is that mutual antagonism is growing, leading to regular outburst of violence which is inevitably going to get worse as attitudes harden and as Muslim numbers grow. Already it’s a risk to walk though ‘enemy’ territory in the town. A white man, living in the same area, sums up the concerns many whites feel: "We're slowly getting swallowed up, and we're losing our identity. We wnat to keep the place as it is - English."

What an unreasonable request!

And it’s not just the Beeb that’s worried. Amazingly, the Commission for Racial Equality has warned of schools being a "ticking time bomb" of growing racial segregation - waiting to explode. CRE Policy Director Nick Johnson claims that Britain risks becoming a "mini America" dominated by racially determined schools. Naturally enough he blames whites for this, but getting the CRE to recognize there’s a severe problem is progress.

As your Savant has pointed out in earlier posts, it’s too late for England. Part of this post stated: That once green and pleasant land has now been deemed the worst place in the developed world for a child to grow up. Towns all over the country that were a joy to visit 30 years ago are now crime-ridden, racially segmented dumps. England has become a multicultural society, though it’s fair to say that few English people ever wanted it to be.
Certainly they were never asked. Through the folly, arrogance and sentimentality of their well-insulated ruling class, and by their own inattention, disorganization and reluctance to appear unkind, the English have given up large tracts of their country to foreign peoples, whom they dislike and who dislike them right back. The English have created their very own race problem from scratch — possibly the greatest act of self-destructive folly perpetrated by any civilized nation in the twentieth century.

But what about Ireland? At an individual level people recognize the problem, but the PC thought police have stifled all debate and we’re still ‘embracing diversity’ in great style – at least at official level.

The only answer is for everyone concerned for their children’s’ future to relentlessly hammer home the ubiquitous failure of multiculturalism and keep our fingers in the dykes.


Anonymous said...

It's already starting here is Ireland. A number of Muslim schools already, and pressure growing in other areas. We also see that 'graduates' of theze schools are of a lower quality, perpetuating the problem. But as you say, it seems we can't even discuss this in public.

Anonymous said...

Totally wrong. I'm a sudent in Dublin and the only problem we have, and it's not often, is from irish people calling names at us. But no big deal

SAVANT said...

I believe you Arif, but the proble arises when you have large numbers of culturally incompatible groups living together. That's not the case in Ireland - yet!

Anonymous said...

Listen to this

A crystal ball for Ireland?

Peckham's Lost

Winifred Robinson investigates what more can be done to tackle the increasing violence seen on the streets of Peckham. She asks why youngsters get involved in gang culture and what happens to them as they grow older and take more risks.

Anonymous said...

Celebrate this

This is a full scale indoctrination program. Coming to a school near you soon?

According to 'antiracisttoolkit' some country folk in Scotland suffer from 'rural racism' - how about the Irish?

Anonymous said...

Such immigrants are going to come to Ireland no matter what we do. So the only way is to not make the mistakes England made and develop a means of living together

SAVANT said...

I just followed the 2 links posted by Anonymous (can there be 2 anonymouses?). I'm depressed. people spend time and money - our mmoney - on this garbage.

No need for a crystal ball for Ireland - we all know what's on the way.

SAVANT said...

The comment by Mark really pisses me off. OF COURSE we can stop it - if, and it's a big if - we wanted to. For starters, major fines for property letters who do not take 'reasonable measures' to ensure they're not letting to illegals. Second, reject - AT POINT OF ENTRY as per the Dublin II Convention - all assylum tourists. None of this is difficult, but we're approaching the point whwre it's too late

Anonymous said...

Savant, I posted the two anonymous links above, I forgot to use my nomme de guerre! Below is an abstract from a short piece by Carol Iannone, via Laurence Auster, It seems to succinctly sum up the situation.

‘... ideals are universal and require no cultural underpinnings or even any historical basis, but are applicable to all humanity everywhere right now, and it is racist and condescending even to think otherwise, it can be perceived as something of an insult to act or speak in any manner whatsover as if we might actually have a specific historic culture, or even that our ideals might have had some specific historical embodiment. Such a position can imply that other histories and cultural formations might not as readily support the ideals of liberal self-government and this must be utterly forbidden.’

Read the rest of this short piece at: We Are the World

Anonymous said...

From Snouck Hurgronje’s blog:

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's assassin ... Mohammed Bouyeri testified:

"A good Muslim in the Netherlands has two choices, he said. The first was to ‘pack your bags and leave’ for an Islamic country but, he said, ‘there isn't one at the moment'. The second, said Bouyeri, is the one he opted for: 'pick up your weapons and fight.' "

Read the rest of this short piece here

Would it not be easier to make one of the many Islamic countries into what he desires rather than starting from scratch in the West?

SAVANT said...

Re Bert Rustle's posts, it amazes me how the idea of 'no culture is superior to another' has unquestioningly taken hold in the West. Can anyone in their right mind equate - for example - the Afghan culture with that of Sweden? Then again, on reflection, the Afghans aren't into self-obliteration like the Swedes, so maybe not a good example.

Anonymous said...

Re bert rusles point, is he saying that some cultures are superior to others, or not?

AND - Pakistan will NOT break up - just wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous, the Irish are suffewreing from exactly the same thing as the Scots. Today's newspapers are full of the same bullshit

Anonymous said...

Savant, I lived in the heart of multi-culti London(Brixton, Camberwell, etc.) fo several years, and believe me it is turning into the Third World. The amount of fraud, violence, dicking the system going on is unbelievable. And I knew first hand because I lived in squats and bedsits full of illegals(mates)!
The streets are ruled by thugs, whores and dealers, cops are nowhere, Brixton dole office is the size of the U.S. compound in Baghdad...I no longer live in the UK. It's heading for a severe reckoning - as is the rest of our faggotized, flabby-buttocked West.

Keep up the great blogwork!

Johan Potgieter

Anonymous said...

The question is, what part of Irish culture CAN muslims integrate into?

Everything from pints the night before, chatting up someone you take a fancy to, the pig-based fryup of Rashers, Sausages and Pudding the next morning, all completely incompatible with islam.

Galway Oyster Festival - Shellfish and more pints, completely incompatible with islam.

Irish Dancing, come to think of it, any kind of dancing, frowned upon by islam. The whirling dervishes in (supposedly liberal and secular)Turkey have been perseuted for hundreds of years and their numbers have severely diminished as a result.

Liberal western democracy is an affront to the rule of allah and the diktats of muhamMAD.

Islam is a political ideology and a vehicle of arab imperialism started by a paedophilic warlord. Anyone who has any doubt about the inherently violent, warlike nature of islam, I advise you to read the qu'ran. MuhamMAD makes Hitler look like a pot smokin' hippie by comparison.

I could go on, but you get the point...

Anonymous said...

anonumous 00.35 - this is so very true.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Arif Khan:

When Irish and English people can live as safely and well in Lahore, I'll consider reviewing my current opinions on your culture.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 20:21 02/2009:

My family come from Kennington, SE London, and I had one great aunt who lived in Peckham and another in Camberwell. Some of the stories would literally make your hair stand on end.

Sometimes it felt like listening to the tales of someone who has spent an extended period in the Third World.

I used to stay there a lot as a child, so nothing much surprises me anymore, but in some areas there has been a noticeable decline even in the last 10 years.

My parents fled before my sister and I were born, mainly due to the state of the schools - but now I see the signs starting here too.

I wonder where will be left to go by the time I become a father?

This is an informative and necessary blog, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Earl of Cromer - it's not clear what country you live in.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 10:44:

London, England, UK.

Anonymous said...

Poor England. I lament what you have lost.

Anonymous said...

England has always appealed to me as a place of refuge from America's festering racial quagmire...a place where cities weren't under siege from destitute "African-American" blight. England has always been my fantasy escape, my "Plan B." How often have I daydreamed about living in a civil and polite society within the confines of my primary ethnic (WASP) group!
According to this blog, however, it seems that leaving America today to go to England would be tantamount to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I don't know which would be worse: living here in an increasingly degenerate black-influenced society, or living in a society being transformed by Asian-Muslim & African/Jamaican cultures. Yuk. What kind of choice is that??
If what you're reporting is as bad as is claimed, my question is, how could England, a self-governing ISLAND nation, allow the fabric of its society to become so compromised?

Anonymous said...

anon 1.22. Yes, I'm afraid it's as bad as this post indicates. However, there are areas as yet uncontaminated, but these are either remote, rural, or very expensive.

Occdude said...

All these conversations are moot. Immigration is soon to turn to emmigration as the current global financial crisis unfolds.

This is happening in the US as we speak. Immigration is slowing markedly, people are returning to Mexico because there is no work here. Monies sent home are down sharply to families in Mexico.

Muslims are gowing to feel steadily unwelcome as they are percieved (rightly so) as un-assimilatable and voracious consumers of social welfare. They too will stop coming and begin to curtail their overt cultural activities or get their dirty posteriors on the next plane WILLINGLY with burning torches and pitchforks trailing closely.

England and Ireland can no longer afford this multicultural experiment. Governments are going to be faced with the true social cost of having so much ethnic tension introduced without the governemnt counter forces to seperate the two. The economies of both countries are bad beyond belief and are soon to get worse.

I don't see the incentives to immigrate (namely economic) continuing. The economic depravity will increase the societal hostility and make coming (and staying) a very poor bargain.

Anonymous said...

Pity to see Dublin is becoming like Bradford or Birmingham.

I've visited relatives and friends in Ireland over the past 15 years and it's amazing to see the massive change going on over there, from "multiculturalism" to UK shops opening all over the place. Soon you'll probably be seeing race-riots like we've been having here over the past few years.

Sad that a people have to lose their unique character for the sake of "progressiveness", "enrichment" or whatever the latest trendy buzzword happens to be.

I hope the good-natured and acommodating way of the Irish people doesn't lead to their demise.

Anonymous said...

I have full faith that my fellow paddies will eventually
make them so unwelcome.....that most will be happy to leave.

J Bull said...

It seems from recent press coverage that the traditional English vialle must now open up its welcoming arms to the invaders. It seems we're much too white.

Anonymous said...

It turns out that while the achingly trendy Chief Constable of Suffolk was celebrating diversity by hoisting the rainbow flag at the front of the main police station in Bury St Edmunds, a thief was breaking in the back door and stealing a laptop computer.

Read more:

We need more police officers rather than touchy-feely sub social workers.

But all the same I have to say
Na na na na Hey Hey!
Where is your laptop?

Sam said...

Here in London we use to complain about Tom, Dick and Harry unfortunately now it's Tom, Dick and Abdulla.

Anonymous said...

An illegal immigrant who raped a nanny and decapitated his neighbour had his life sentence cut by six years today.

Algerian Mohamed Boudjenane, 49, assaulted the Filipina woman and shaved off her hair before killing Lakhdar Ouyahia, 43, in the belief the two were having an affair.

Boudjenane was captured on CCTV carrying the head of Mr Ouyahia in a plastic bag on a bus to Regents Canal in Maida Vale, West London.

Read more:
Illegal immigrant who beheaded his neighbour and raped a nanny gets 6 years off his sentence

Seriously WTF?

Anonymous said...

Bigamist dressed as husband dupes doctors into giving drugs

You would have thought that doctors could tell the difference between a chick and a fellah but you would have been wrong.

Anonymous said...

Brits getting their Karma payback for fighting for the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Irish people, have as many babies as you can. The English with their invariable only two kids are doomed. How many blacks or Indians do you know with only two kids, none.

Anonymous said...

It's damn lucky for the Limey's that the Germans and Italians didn't win WWII - hell - they would be a White, eugenically enhanced people with a dynamic economy and revived culture! Who would want that when you can be dominated by vile Jews and assorted urine and shit skinned animals whilst in poverty to boot !!
The Irish are really disappointing tough, the IRA went "queer" for Marxism and appears OK with Nigger rule.

karen said... my opinion, the greatest "ACT OF THUGGERY" of all, was that when our OWN POLITICIANS , from the late 1950s onwards, FORCED millions of IMMIGRANTS upon us..............

..........without having the care or kindness to bother with how WE felt about it.

We still haven't received an APOLOGY for this act of thuggery, in fact they're STILL DOING IT to us.

The best thing for RACE RELATIONS in Britain today would obviously be to REDUCE IMMIGRATION to ZERO, to stop RESENTMENT building up against ALL ethnic minorities.

The politicians must KNOW this yet they still continue to keep the floodgate open, which suggests that they don't CARE about the WELFARE of our existing immigrants.

These politicians are SCUM in my opinion but I believe that there are SOME immigrants who have the KINDNESS & COURTESY & EMPATHY to understand that we would like to remain an ETHNIC MAJORITY in our own country, while (because we are human beings) making every effort to treat our MINORITY (preferably) of ETHNICS with the same GOODWILL that they offer to us, the INDIGENOUS BRITS..

For this reason, it would be in the BEST INTERESTS of EVERYONE in Britain to vote for the BNP, who have a policy of being GOOD to existing legal immigrants but of making Britain a NON IMMIGRATION COUNTRY

Anonymous said...

Stop attacking people

No stop that.

Maybe after the next time.

Emma West still waits on her show trial whereas this woman who has a history of physically attacking people has escaped jail.

No she is not the woman who consistebntly gets away with attacking people that was linked top before.

Anonymous said...

England has been slow to wake up, we all smell a rat at work but because these rats are well practiced manipulators, it has been difficult to get the measure. Now we have the measure, they want to destroy England and Ireland. What Irish have understood to be English domination has always had hidden hands pulling the strings. Strongbows invasion of Ireland was financed by Jews, Oliver Cromwells invasion of Ireland was financed by Jews. They have managed to supremely stay hidden in the background with the English taking the blame for all their manipulations. Now the spot light is on them, all eyes are on them. Also beware their useful idiots, the Freemasons and the Fabian Society also plotters in the destruction of Ireland and England.