Saturday, 21 April 2007

President Kumbiyah

Our esteemed President, (who has yet to thank me for the speech I wrote for her), was at her happy clappy kumbiyah best when visiting Ireland’s largest Muslim school in Dublin. This school incidentally, is fully financed by the Irish taxpayer. Couldn’t spend your money better, I say.

As well as the usual multicultural mumbo-jumbo (‘you’re wonderful ambassadors for Ireland and Islam’) the kids were treated to some side-splitting humour. Sample: On being told by a child that he was worried about his ‘wobbly teeth’, our Pres flashed back with that rapier with for which she isn’t famous ‘I love tooth stories – I married a dentist’. How they must have laughed – even now your Savant finds it difficult to keep a straight face.

I also found it difficult to keep a straight face when she lamented the fact that, for some people, Islam has a ‘bad image’. Now how could they have ever got that impression? Beats me. She then added that ‘Islam needs to be explained to modern Ireland’.

Well Mary, I dug you out of a hole with that speech I wrote, and now, in case you missed my earlier post, I’ll help you explain Islam. Here are a few of its strictures:

Spreading corruption – death (what'd Fianna Fail think of that?)

Sodomy – death (buried alive, in fact)

Fornication – perpetrators flogged with 100 lashes

Adultery - death

Apostasy – death. (i.e. – if an Irish Muslim converts to Christianity he must be killed under Sharia law)

Now Mary, if there's anyone left alive in the country after we introduce all of that - and remember, your new friends are obliged by the 'Prophet' to do just that - I'll be happy to help out again.


Rashed said...

You left out - of course - that the President also said that the parents of the children were all good responsibal citizans of ireland. must not mention the good things.

SAVANT said...

True, and I'll bet the President went around and checked with each parent individually before she made that carefully thought out statement.

Dave C. (a teacher) said...

Savant should also have pointed out that this school is already well on its way to producing a proud crop of jihadists. It's academic performance is well below national averages. Not surprising when they're taught superstitios rubbish all day, and brainwashed with Islamic ppropaganda.