Thursday, 29 March 2007

Keep the public in the dark

The reporting of yesterday's riots at the Garre du Nord underground station in Paris underlined the extent to which the MSM keep the truth from public view. The riot was overwhelmingly reported along the following lines, even in such right wing stalwarts as the Telegraph. "A man jumped the gate to avoid paying, was roughly apprehended by railway police. Other travellers went to his defence and an 8 hour riot ensued".

Which is perfectly true, actually. Nonetheless, it paints a seriously misleading picture. The full facts were as follows, based on eye-witness accounts, including those of a colleague of your Savant, who happened to be passing through at the time. To wit:

A black African jumped the gate and was apprehended by police. He was/is an illegal immigrant and maybe for this reason strongly resisted arrest, kicking and punching the police - who responded in kind. The police were then attacked by a mob almost 100% comprised of Africans and Arabs. The riot extended to mugging other passengers and breaking into shops.

In other words, this problem was presented by the MSM wholly out of context (amazingly, the Irish Times gave the most honest coverage) in that the riot was between immigrants (of whatever generation) and police. Knowing the French police I'm certain they behaved with reckless abandon, but that's not the point. The point is that, once again, we have seen an example of the problems that arise from a mass influx of culturally incompatible immigrants, but not reported as such.

The MSM have a duty to contextualise these developments. In Ireland, while we still have time (barely) to avoid such problems, glossing over the real issues will only further weaken our capacity to address them.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the footage. There were LOTS of 'white' people (your favorites) in the mob as well!