Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Give me Gerry and Martin any day

It was with mixed feelings that your Savant watched the “Reverend” Ian Paisley take the Queen’s shilling and sit down beside the Great Satan, Gerry Adams. Mixed feelings because I hate to see the old freak get recognition from the Establishment and his paws on even more money. But glad that he had to share power with the hated Sinn Fein/IRA, and share a platform with them, and publicly eat his words.

But what an irony - “Doctor” Paisley (more of which anon) taking the high moral ground. I have far more respect, ok, ok, make that far less disrespect, for Adams and McGuiness than for Paisley. At least they did their own shooting and bombing. Paisley always went just far enough to keep himself on the right side of the law – just – while egging on his more impressionable followers to carry out the sectarian murders and bombings.

Key members of the UDA, which was involved in the murder of more than 600 Catholics, were close to Paisley and his Free Presbyterian “Church”. Freddie Parkinson, a former UDA leader who recanted his involvement, describes Paisley as like "a tarantula who spreads the venom of further conflict and has been a major contributor to our prolonged tragedy. I remember the paramilitary megalomaniac who beckoned us to follow him but who later abandoned us to be scored as common criminals." Always keeping his own ass safe, and raking in a vast fortune. Other loyalist prisoners curse the day they ever heard of him.

William Beattie, one of Paisley’s closest consigliores, told the DUP Youth Group that “we must hire assassins to kill Catholics and pay them when the job is done." Billy Mitchell, one of the North’s most notorious sectarian murderers was a Sunday school teacher for the Free Presbyterian church. After inciting a Loyalist mob at the height of the trouble to attack Catholic homes, Paisley justified the pogrom and subsequent flames by explaining “Catholic homes caught fire because they were loaded with petrol bombs; Catholic churches were attacked and burned because they were arsenals and priests handed out sub-machine guns to parishioners” (see his handiwork, above, left).

Typical of his modus operandi was the staged attack on Martin Bell, the BBC reporter. Just when it looked like a provocative march would end up quietly, anathema to Paisley, he decided to hold a “Prayer Rally”. Seeing Martin Bell and his camera crew he bellowed "there is a man in this square today who is no friend of the Protestant and Loyalist people of Ulster. That man is Martin Bell of the BBC, or the PBC as I call it - the Papish Broadcasting Corporation. Now I am not suggesting that any man here should offer violence to Martin Bell of the PBC, but [he paused and pointed at Bell] he's standing over there in a sheepskin jacket." The crowd attacked Bell and knocked him to the ground. At which point Paisley intoned “now, brethren, let us bow our heads in a silent prayer for deliverance from our foes." Pass me the sick bag.

Ed Moloney described him “a Christian minister who incites religious hatred and threatens bloody civil war. He is a constitutional politician who leads coat trailing, sectarian street protests. He claims to believe in democracy yet runs his church like a Protestant pope and his party like a medieval despot." Listen to fellow Loyalist Robert McCartney "Paisley is a fascist who is more interested in an independent Ulster, a mini-Geneva run by a fifth-rate Calvin, than Union with Britain."

Now to that ‘Doctorate’. My more avid readers may have observed that, as the holder of a peer-reviewed doctorate, which was defended against one the leading practitioners in the field, your Savant holds a deep disrespect for those awarded honorary doctorates and who then contrive to get themselves designated ‘Doctor’. An honourary doctorate is invariably given as a reward for a cash infusion from a wealth benefactor, or by some obscure university to a famous personage. Either way, it means bugger all in terms of academic credibility.

Now Paisley not only has no doctorate, he has no recognized academic qualifications at all. He got ‘degrees’ from PO Box degree factories such as the Pioneer Theological Seminary in Rockville, Illinois and Burton College and Seminary in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Both were designated "degree mills" by the US Dept. of Education. He received an honorary doctorate from Bob Jones “University”, which is to academia what the Beano is to literature.

Since his malevolent career started he has stoked the flames of sectarianism and made it impossible for moderate Unionists like David Trimble and many other before him to bridge the divide. He has opposed every peaceful political initiative by the British government and even when apparently dormant counting his fortune, could be relied upon to erupt at the first sign of cross- community rapprochement. He was spot on though in describing the Catholic Church as “the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth." However, he emulated Catholic practice by shielding a known child abuser (and close confidant) William McGrath, enabling the pervert to continue his rampage for many years.

The old bastard (Paisley, that it) was sick recently and rumoured to have cancer. Let’s hope so, and that he dies roaring – soon.

Give me Gerry or Martin any day - the stench isn't as bad.


Paul McN. said...

Absolutely! As you say, Adams and McGuiness did their own dirty work but that bastard fed on the dirty work of others

Bruce Taggart said...

I agree with your assessment of him, but wishing for a painful death from cancer? come on, that's beyond any sort of fair comment

Trevor said...

Let it go - at least there's some kind of agreement in place. Try to forget the past.

Big Bill said...

More repsect for Gerry Adams?

My ass.

Yeah, Sure. Respect Gerry for doing his own slaughtering.

"Ireland for the Irish!!" he cried.

YEah, Gerry wants to kick out the Brits and Prods so he can fill Ireland up with Bantu and Zulu and Ibo, and Arab, and Persian, and every other race, religion and nationality on earth that his little socialist white-folks-hating heart adores.

In ten years you will be on your knees wondering how you every thought Adams' multicultural globalist socialism was a solution to anything.

"Ireland for the Irish" my ass!

SAVANT said...

Big Bill could be right about this, but my point was that Paisley deserves even less respect than Adams. anyway, they seem so anti-foreigner in the North that immigrants might think twice.

Anonymous said...

When the going gets tough
The tough got going to a Canadian Hospital that scored more than one star?