Saturday, 24 March 2007

German lesson for Ireland

As a recent post showed, Islam is getting its evil claws strongly into Germany. It’s clearly useful to look at student behaviour as an indication of next generation attitudes. As England and France show, second and even third-generation Muslim immigrants have more extreme values than their parents, despite (or because of?) having better educational opportunities. The leading German journal Der Spiegel (The Mirror) published the experience of a junior-high school teacher from North Rhine-Westphalia. She witnessed how the pupils suddenly adopted "extremely anti-Semitic and anti-American attitudes." English was seen as the enemy's language. "Today, some of them refuse to speak it at all, even if it means failing their exams. They reject the theory of evolution in biology lessons, the age of the Earth as discussed in geography, and anything remotely satirical in their German classes" she said.

The evidence on headscarves are also striking. While only 27 percent had thought Muslim women should cover their hair in 2000, the number had almost doubled to 47 percent five years later. A similar pattern emerged on the topics of dual-sex sports classes and participation in coeducational school trips. Rejected by 19 percent in 2000, by last year the proportion had risen to 30 percent.

Today the impact of Islamist indoctrination is noticeable at almost all schools with a high proportion of Muslim pupils, with teachers complaining of fewer and fewer Muslim pupils taking part in swimming, sports in general, or school trips. Another teacher complained that he cannot get through to his pupils any more. "If I say that headscarves are worn less in Turkey than here, they simply counter: 'That's why we came to Germany, so that we can openly practice our religion.'" And sometimes they simply remind him that - as a non-Muslim - he would be better off keeping such views to himself.

We could draw lessons in Ireland from this, but won't, given the power of the PC Though Police. One lesson is that, once Muslims reach a critical mass they’ll try to impose their views, and/or opt out like they’re doing in Germany and elsewhere. That's why agreeing to Muslim-only schools is such a mistake.

Not only will they cut themselves off socially as described above, they’ll also suffer by spending a huge proportion of their time learning Arabic, the Koran and other religious mumbo jumbo. At the end of which they emerge into the workforce, unqualified for anything. Their consequent failure to get jobs will be attributed to Islamophobia, and the youth become dropouts and fodder for terrorism.

That this will happen in Ireland is as certain as day following night, if present policies continue.


Anonymous said...

So then how do you explained all the highly successful Muslim doctors and professionals in Western states and I including Ireland

mahdihotline said...

Would that be the famous Khaled Kelly, I wonder.

SAVANT said...

Khaled Kelly?? Is that some kinda joke?

SAVANT said...

Khaled (Kelly?) - of course you'll get a small proportion of educationally successful Muslims. But that's all it is - a small proportion. My main point holds true for Muslims in all Western countries.

Anonymous said...

Europe needs an immune response to rid itself of this infestation.

Anonymous said...

Too late for us in Holland, dulle griet

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, Abdul, "doctors and professionals". "Why whatever could be wrong with that?", you ask.

Now ask yourself, Abdul, wasn't that what the Jews said when they started moving into Palestine 100 years ago?

And aren't you Muslims glad you let all those wonderful European Jewish "doctors and professionals" move in?

Color me stupid, boy, but I am not so stupid I'm going to let you and your "Muslim doctors and professionals" establish the same multi-cultural foothold in MY country.

It didn't turn out so well for y'all, now did it?

And by the way, we have always been able to provide our own "doctors and professionals" just fine.

Anonymous said...

I presume 'abdul' is meant as an insult?? In fact you DONT have enough docters etc. in Ireland. Most of the junior hospital doctors are foreign, mant Muslims. You dont know what you say SMALL Bill!

Anonymous said...

Technically Khaled he is correct to say "Abdul" as "Abdul is short for "Abd-allah" or "Slave of Allah". A Muslim is one who submits to Allah - i.e. a slave of Allah.

If you deny this, you are a Munafiq bound for Hutama! (That's a hypocrite bound for the 7th layer of hell, which is reserved for all Munafiqeen) for all ye Kuffar out there.