Friday, 23 March 2007

Africa and foreign aid

Having returned from a grueling week abroad, dispensing wisdom to an adoring public, your Savant looked forward to a spot of well deserved R&R. However, my fragile peace of mind was shattered by a confluence of events. First a missive from the Department of Money Wastage, apparently sent out to every citizen in the country, telling us how Ireland’s foreign aid would approach nearly €1 billion this year, Ghana, the ‘success story’ of Africa, would be a substantial beneficiary of said aid.

I then read elsewhere that Ghana would be forking out about $30 million of this aid on ‘celebrating’ 50 years of ‘independence’. I use independence in the loosest meaning of the term, in that the country keeps afloat only through the absorption of billions of dollars/Euros in foreign aid each year. Foreign aid makes up no less than 75% of government expenditure. Some independence! Despite this aid, the average daily per capita income is exactly €1. As I have pointed out in earlier posts, at time of gaining independence Ghana was a jewel, wealthier than South Korea and a lot of other Asian countries, but as they prospered, Ghana – remember, this is Africa’s success story – fell progressively into deep poverty. And this despite buckets of foreign aid.

It would be bad enough if foreign aid were just useless. Unfortunately, it’s worse than useless. First, it consolidates whatever despot is in power by, first, giving him resources to divvy out to the cronies who keep him in power. But, the small amount of aid that gets through acts as a vent for popular discontent, further strengthening the ruling elite’s position. But the aid flows on, as our current reigning orthodoxies demand that we be oblivious to the obvious. Here we should remember Aristotle, who showed us that impractical morality (cf. Del Boy and Rodney) is no morality.

Ghana represented your Savant’s introduction to Africa and was, to say the least, and eye-opener. Many was the lesson I learned, but the most important was this. Apart from the odd exception, Africans don’t give a fuck about the broader community, and will unhesitatingly exploit everyone and everything outside their own narrow circle. Achieving power is simply a means to acquiring, and holding onto, wealth. As I've shown in other posts, there are others reasons also to explain the failure of Africa.

The only solution is to stop all aid, let the various wars continue, and don’t offer any assistance on AIDS. This is the natural and Darwinian was to getting them to sort themselves out. It’s called tough love - just like when you stop providing your beloved drug-addicted child with money to feed their habit.
Bring on the cleansing hellfire!


Anonymous said...

This is hearless and shocking. Are you jst trying to shock?

SAVANT said...

Not just trying to shock, I believe that this is the only way to forece Africans to change their ways. Self-evident that all other approaches have failed. The one change I would implement is to give them free access to our markets. This would work directly towards their achieving self-sufficiency

Anonymous said...

Plain stupid. If you do that you'll have tens of millions swarming into Europe from africa, ten times worse than now.

Anonymous said...

I relcutantly agree. I spend over 2 months working in south africa building houses for the poor. Nearly caused a divorce - my wife says - why cant they build them themslves? you dont know anything about building. Know what? She was right. I spend about 10 weeks there working my ass off, and there was no reason whatsover why the local blacks couldnt have done the same.

Still, i ythink your 'remedy' is much too severe. And as an earlier reader says, it'll only increase the flood of immigrants.

Anonymous said...

I agree with bryan the builder. i had a similar experience, and they can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I made some great friends there - dont get me wrong. But foreign aid is, as the Savant says, only making things worse

Anonymous said...

If this was the year 20 effing 50
they still wouldn't be able to "take care of themselves".
If that sounds "racist"... so be it!
The truth is the truth!
The Irish should take care of their own needy, and stop the immigration scam influx.

Anonymous said...

From Nov 09 to March 2010, out of 19 council houses, allocated by Tralee council 11 went to immigrants. Many Irish people are on the housing waiting list, some waiting for 7yrs, and the houses are going to foreigners.
Kerryman 14/4/10

This at a time when Irish children in care are being moved around in different care homes and B&B's. Some of these kids have been abused and committed suicide - they would greatly benefit from a secure council house
Absolutely INSANE, as well as terribly un-just!!
When did the irish get such a masochistic 'death wish'.
Who is in charge over there?
Saul O'Alinsky???

Tiswas Palmer said...

Savant you do not speak for all of Ireland at all!!!