Saturday, 10 February 2007

Too awful to be true?

Largely overlooked in the pandemonium that followed the 9/11 attacks were reports of a group of Arabs celebrating on the New Jersey waterfront after the first plane hit. This was assumed, understandably, to be just another example of the Islamic fifth column within the West, and soon faded from the mainstream media (MSM). Unreported in the MSM was the fact that the ‘Arabs’ were in fact Israelis, part of a group, presumably Mossad, that had been trailing various Al-Qaeda operatives in the US. Their cover was that of furniture removers, working for Urban Moving Systems Inc. – later shown to have been set up by Israeli ex-pats and which never did any normal ‘removing’. The owners fled back to Israel after the capture.

The FBI and CIA questioned the men for over 10 weeks, with the suspects placed in solitary confinement. However, following intensive pressure, the men were suddenly released back to Israel and the investigation shut down. Similar pressure ensured that the MSM dropped the issue like a hot cake, while various Congressional investigations similarly walked gingerly around it. Ironically, but not surprisingly, the story was brought to light by Jewish sources, specifically the eminent New York weekly The Forward, and the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, shaming once again the gutless US MSM.

So what was this all about? It all seems clear to your Savant (as is usually the case). A large Mossad team was shadowing various Al Qaeda operatives around the US, often residing within a couple of hundred yards of them. It seems certain that they picked up on the plans for 9/11. It’s equally certain that they passed on some information about the attacks to US intelligence, but not the precise nature and timings, celebrating when the first plane hit the WTC. We can make this assumption because everyone assumed that the first crash was an accident, although the subsequent events made clear that an organized attack was in progress.

Why would they do this? Well, because ostensibly the attacks were a godsend to Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu unwittingly acknowledged this, saying his gut reaction was that the events would be ‘very good’ for US-Israeli relations. Realising his error, he retracted and said, ‘not very good, but it’ll make Americans better understand the Israeli predicament’. According to David Margolian of the FBI, the detainees claimed that ‘America would now have to commit to fighting Islamic terrorism’. Check this site for some added background

It may appear horrific that the Israelis would deliberately let the attacks go ahead, but that state is in an existential fight for survival, and in the greater scheme of things probably see the 3,000 casualties as the lesser of evils. Equally, I'd sleep more easily in my bed if I felt that Mossad were tracking and eliminating the Islamo-fascists. However, the thing that should cause every right-thinking person to pause is the extent to which the MSM (which 99% of people rely on for their news), the FBI, CIA and the US Congress can all be brought to heel by a small but highly influential lobby group. Notwithstanding the Iraqi disaster, we can see the fingerprints of this group all over the war drums now hyping an attack on Iran.


Anonymous said...

'A large Mossad team was shadowing various Al Qaeda operatives around the US, often residing within a couple of hundred yards of them'

Ha ha ha brillant joke Ha ha ha

SAVANT said...

No joke my friend - check your facts. Needless to say they didnt book into the hotels listing Mossad as their employer. The guise was as students.