Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Splendid chaps

Two brothers have been jailed for killing a woman who was shot dead as she held her baby niece at a christening party. Timy and Diamond Babamuboni were sentenced as juveniles despite widespread doubts about their true ages. The Babamuboni brothers were part of a gang which set out to rob guests at a christening party in Peckham (of DelBoy fame), south London, on 27 August 2005.

Timy Babamuboni was supposedly born on either 23 March or 23 August 1991, in Nigeria. Diamond Babamuboni was supposedly born on 27 March 1989. Diamond, who claims to be 17, has fathered two children, the elder of them three years old. The brothers have Nigerian birth certificates which, the court heard, were "clearly forgeries". Diamond has previous convictions for theft, burglary, attempted robbery and possessing a knife.

What splendid chaps! Be honest - don't you feel like giving them a hug? The Irish Refugee Council is right. Give more of them sanctuary here, I say.


Anonymous said...

Why do you select out blacks and then pretend that their all like this?

Anonymous said...


See my comment in the post " The mystery connection".

It is a statistical argument. One cannot draw conclusions regarding the behaviour of any one individual but one can make falsifiable predictions about groups of individuals. Check the references in .

Anonymous said...

well, you know what someone clever said, 'damn lies and statistics'. You can get them to prove anything