Sunday, 11 February 2007

New competition

My last competition proved highly popular, although nobody got it right - Bush is on the left column in each case, monkey on the right. My comparative assessment of Celtic and Rangers fans' characteristics also garnered high commendations both for accuracy and impartiality. This emboldened, I fuse both posts into a new competiton in which you can vote on for the title of 'Scotland's Miss Football'. The two finalists are pictired below:



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seamus said...

Miss Rangers has a lot going for her. She has a moustache, great big head of long hair and blue eyes. There is also a lot of her, big, overweight body. She eats well (!), note the pair of dinner plates on the sink-top, and the empty dish in front of her. Clearly on a healthy diet, she also smokes. She might even smell of B.O. but it's hard to deduce that from a picture.
On the other hand, Miss Celtic looks puny, underweight, underdeveloped and underfed. it also looks like she cant afford a pair of knickers.


Elton John said...

Miss Ranger for me.

Wavy Gravy said...

Miss Rangers for me - she'd be so appreciative, would always come back for more, you could come home reeking of drink and she'd still be bulling. No contest!

SAVANT said...

Well fuck me! Rangers well ahead. Just as well they can'd do it on the field

Anonymous said...

Better you than me!

Anonymous said...


We Are The People (that you cannot trust to behave in your cities see Manchester, Barcelona, Newcastle .. er am Iomitting anywhere? (Damn right you are!!))

Anonymous said...

I think we have a suspect for the Manchester Burger King raid.

Anonymous said...

Allo allo allo

Miss rangers have you an alibi for what went on in Vancouver last night?

Anonymous said...

Dame Viviene Westwood cticizes ugly British people

When the British get britishier they are the ugly getting uglier2 mins

Whats thta coming over the hill? Is it a monster? No it is something monstier!3 mins 40

U G L Y you ain't got no alibi1:24

Featuring Nazi salutes in Israel of all places! 1:33

Bohunian Rhapsody 5:48

Are we in real shite?
Is this conspiracy?
Victims of taig spite
No escape from the Papacy.
Open yer gub
Look oot from the pub and see...
We're just a poor club
Riddled wi bigotry
Because it's easy come, easy go
Debts are high, cash is low
Fuck knows where the funds go
Spent the lot on Kyle Laff-ertee

Wattie - just killed a game -
Playing five across the back
Cos with four we shipped a whack
Last year, we had lots of huns
But now we've gone and gave them all away
Boydy - oo-oo-oo-oo
Didn't even say goodbye
The baisturt's packed it in & signed for Boro
Barry's gone, Barry's gone
Never thought I'd see him motor

Too late, the taxman's come
In his brogues and bowler hat -
Fucking irony in that!
Goodbye club employees
Ye've got to go
But it's no' a fire sale, just a chance for youth
Muzza - oo-oo-oo-oo
The buyers don't want to buy
I sometimes wish we'd never been bought at all

[Flute Solo]

I see a little silly-wanker Rangers fan
Panyermoosh, Manchester, you know when you've been tangoed
Everything goes orange, nothing rhymes wi orange, no!
Got the ja-il (Got the ja-il) Got the ja-il (Got the ja-il) Got the ja-il - fuck ah know
It wiz a big boy, he wiz fae Chelsea
It wiz a big boy
then he just
ran away
Spare me this dug with its mooth roon ma knee

Easy thairr, officairr
Will you let me go?
Pish Miller!
We will not let you go
Let me go
Pish Miller!
We will not let you go
Let me go
Pish Miller!
We will not let you go
Let me go (Chelsea fan you say?)
Let me go (Tattoo: UDA)
Never, never, never let you go-o-o-o-o
Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh

Oh Subway Loyal Subway Loyal
Subway Loyal, time to go
Be in the pub
Just a little shy of half past three
Past three
Past threeeee...

[Flute Solo]

So you think you can lease us and leave us tae die
So you think you can fleece us and sell us a pie
Ohhhhhh Davie
Can't do this to us Davie
Just gonny get oot?
Just gonny get right oot ae here!

[Aye Another Fuckin Flute Solo - Whit's Yer Problem Ya Fanny?]

The Huns don't really matter
Anyone can see
They're ugly like Sepp Blatter
The Huns don't really matter
To meeeeeee

(Any way the ref blows...)

Anonymous said...

Ibrox to be reanmed the Inland Revenue Arena but at the moment it is only provisional.

Strathclyde Polis are investigating the throwing of a pound coin onto the pitch at Ibrox on saturday. They are unsure as to whether it was an offensive missile or a takeover bid.

SAVANT said...

About time we started seeing some celebrations re the huns's demise.

here's another:

Q: What do you say to a hun with a pretty girl on his arm?

A: 'Nice tatoo'

Anonymous said...

Craig Whyte BBC One Scotland Documentary

SFA Clarification on documentary

Castle Grant Grantown on Spey

Craig Whyte I am looking forward to making Rangers aleading force in European football
You do not spell farce with an o!

Kim Whyte finally sees threough him

Former Father in law damns him

Bizarre paymne tot Bansted FC owned by a former bankrupt chum

Rangers HQ in British Virgin Islands

At least they are not in the next door US ones!

Cannot find the lead story from last April when the Record revealed that a scottish Billionaire was set to buy the club.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you say to a hun with a pretty girl on his arm?

A: 'Nice tatoo'

Close enough for a Gers fan?

Anonymous said...

Miss Rangers?

No. I am glad that they are in administration. One of the youtube clips on the missrangersrunning or misrunningrangers has a guy saying that they were heading for bankruptcy and this was in 2002.

Craig Whyte will get flak, and deservedly so, but the seeds of the destruction was set earlier.

F McCool said...

anon 13.22. This is true and also begs the question of them winning all these trophies when they were illegally in debth. Lennon is right. These awards should be looked at again.

Anonymous said...

Referee: Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey)

I wonder is Hugh Dallas almost meaning something in Turkish?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

STV Rangers have not being pauing their PAYE VAT etc

Rangers administration STV Sotland Tonight

Rangers in the s***

Cheerio Cheerio
We are the Billy B(h)oys
Cheerio Cheerio
Up to our neck in Tax debt
On our knees to HMRC
For we are the followers of the non tax paying football club

gala said...

All I can suggest to Ranger's fans is:

"Always look on the bright side of life"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rangers fined £50 000 by Plus Stock Exchange

Sun's Bill Leckie calls Daily Records Mark Hateley and idiot

Whyte Murray Johnston and Russell in blame game game

Craig Whyte (Venture Capitalist) Disqualified for seven years. Without anything else this should be sounding alarm bells. How much does a venture capitalist usually want to make. Why have things offshore, maybe smoke and mirrors. What is it, that should not be seen by fans.

David Murray for every £5 Celtic spend I will spend £10. The result of that policy caused every other club in Scotland to

spend money they did not have well done "Sir David"!.

Possible Tax, bill on the plus side that will be finite or an exact amount.

Its time to stop the so called elite using football clubs as their posh set of golf clubs. Football clubs are for the fans.

No gloating, well I don't like jelly and ice cream

Funny how that was NEVER noticed!

SFA probe Rangers pay deal

THE Scottish Sun today reveals details of the controversial player payments made by Rangers — which have dragged the club to the brink of extinction.
Fans want talks over cash gifts


RANGERS fans' chiefs are to meet administrators for crunch talks about the club's future.

Supporters will demand to know what will happen to cash they raise — and they want answers before next week's home game against Hearts.

Andy Kerr, head of the Rangers Supporters Assembly, revealed he hoped to hear from the money men within a few days.

He said: "We need to know if we provide cash whether it is protected or not. We can't just throw money down a black hole.

"And we need to know whether we can decide how the money is being used — can it retain our players and is there any impact on what happens in the future?"

He added: "The best thing we can do is to keep filling the stadium.

"We need to know if we can say to 40 or 50,000 people next Saturday that if they pay an extra tenner, then Steve Davis will be there until the end of the season.

"That's the kind of clarity we are looking for."

SFA probe Gers after exposé

Our hard-hitting investigation explains to football fans AND the taxpayer how the Ibrox giants apparently offered 'tax-free' bonuses as a lure to players it was eager to sign.

Read more: Gers in crisis over player deal

We at not going down says Kyle Orange submarine Laferty

Thetaxmancometh 0 likes

This ned sums up the Ragers, no class and no shame.

Anonymous said...

9inulster 0 likes

I'm not panicking, I still think Sir David Murray will clear all debts. He can't stand by and watch us expire

Read more: Rangers to be forced to sack players. Seeing as they cannot afford to pay them that makes sense doesn't it?

HoopersHotHatch 1 like

Just another wee clugger. Limited fitbaw ability, so when the chips are down, hack away to the hearts content. He could've ended wee Forrest's season in the last old firm. Youd be forgiven for thinkin thats what he tried to do. "If ye canny win, or yer gettin beat, kick everything in sight boys". Where's that belter harryboy these days? Am new to all this, but been reading for a while. He used to write some wacky stuff. Muzzy makes me laugh tho......heee hawwww

Read more: David Healy Norn Iron lejend spakes!

Anonymous said...

Just back from another site where Detroit being detroited was being discussed and it just seems that there is something in common with Govan's finest. What could that be?

Anonymous said...

Viva hooky street! Only foools and Rangers fans theme song

gala said...

So sad about the Huns.


Anonymous said...

A bright shiny new peso to whoever can find the picture of Knorr's laughing stock official sponsors of Rangers!

F McCool said...

I'd drink piss before I drink Knorrs soup.

Anonymous said...

Always look on the bright side of life as requested.

Anonymous said...

The cash his father owes

Anonymous said...

We don't do walking away V Just walk Away Celine Dion.

The canadienne chanteuse wins this.

Anonymous said...

You don not 'drink' soup, you ignorant bog-trotter.

SAVANT said...

Now girls, it IS truly righteous and just that we celebrate the demise of the Huns. But remember in the final analysis who the real enemy is.

Jus' sayin'

Anonymous said...

One of Britain's biggest breweries stands accused of condoning racism after a black pub worker was sacked when his manager nicknamed him 'Sooty'.

Despite regularly calling Joel Perry 'the black man' at the Royal Oak pub in Gloucester, Janet Wolszczak has kept her job at another of the Greene King's Hungry Horse chain's sites.

Mrs Wolszczak would tell Mr Perry to stand underneath the light when she was talking to him so that she could see him and when he complained he was falsely accused with stealing drinks.

Read more:

And now you know what Neil Lennon had to go through. And Darren Gibson. And James Mcclean.

SAVANT said...

'Regularly referred to him as the black man'

Jesus Christ, he IS a fucking black man. What should they refer to him as? The Chinese man? FFS!!!!

I don't get the reference to 'Neil Lennon had to go through. And Darren Gibson. And James Mcclean.'

Anonymous said...

He was referred to as a black man because he is a black man.

Neil Lennon was abused at Windsor Park and it was dismissed as "It is only banter." BY his team (mis) manager.

Darren Gibson was set to attend a trial with Manchester United. The IFA suddenly needed him for a meaningless underage friendly.

James Mcclean was told he was not wanted by fans of ourweeprovince and elected to play for an international team with international credibilty as he is allowed to under FIFA laws and suddenly ourweepravince fans wanted him in their team.

White privilege.

White people have it so easy.

Anonymous said...

When the bullets and the "viable device" were sent through the post to Neil Lennon some idiot popped up on tv saying he looked like he deserved it.

He was attacked at Tynecastle. No one batted an eyelid.

Now if I were to say Evra looked like he deserved it for starting the confrontation with Suarez do you think I would get banned from various online forums?

After all calling him Negrito in such a situation could viably be translated as silly child because of the way it was said in that situation. That Evra started.

Yet not one person who defended the attacks on Neil Lennon did. Because the events did not merit it.

Eric Le merde tompe le fan Cantona karate kicks someone giving him lip and "it is" not "only banter" yet Neil Lennon gets castigated for defending himself from a real attack.

Real people have to put up with this stuff in real life and idiots such as virtually the entire Irish Times staff come out with stupid stuff worshipping travellers and other people who have courageously faced discrimination and have done no such thing rather they have just have stuff handed to them on a plate. And they want a bigger plate you ignorant discrimnatory settled people. And where is the gold leaf around the edges?

Evra at Monaco where he calls his team mates "niggers" what is the term he uses to really insult them?

Do you think you handle handle the truth?


Anonymous said...

Ein Hun fuhrer reacts to rangers' transfer dealings in January


B Boru said...

I note too that the Hearts fan who attacked Neil Lennon was cleared of having a 'hate or discriminatory' motive.

So remind me again why he was attacked?

Anonymous said...

Rangers in administration

Archie Mcpherson in the first two minutes compares "sir" David Murray and Dick Advocaaat to Don Quioxite and Sancha Panza and Laurel and Hardy.

These guys do NOT hold back on why it happened

gala said...

Ref Archie McPherson, was he referring to their quixotic attempt to become European supoer-powers?

Anonymous said...

Another downfall video

Anonymous said...

A DEFENCE lawyer in the Neil Lennon bomb plot trial yesterday asked if cops or a secret organisation could have played a part in a "fraud" over suspicious parcels in the case.

Donald Findlay QC raised the question to a witness as it emerged packages intended for Mr Lennon and other alleged targets were not franked and the postage underpaid.

Read more: Could cops or a secret organisation have palyed a part in a fraud asks QC?


This is from the MSM who labelled it a secatrian assault when Allan Mcgregor came back from a evening partaking in Tennets emmm the finest lager in the world as used and approved by Orange Order Temperance Lodges and he had forgotten his keys and how to use a doorbell and fell over an injured himself.

Fans of a rival club (Queens Park?) were labelled as thugs for the incident.

The incident that Donald Findlay is referring to was dismissed as Neil Lennon bringing it on himself just like the Mainstream Media pointed out that if Rodney King had not been a drunk exceeding the speed limit while driving on a suspended license and refusing to obey the cops he would never have sustained the beating that he got and thus he brought it on himself.

SAVANT said...

I could never figure out why Lennon became such a hate figure. He ticks very few of the hate boxes that exercise such people. Played for a Prod team in Lurgan, opted for Norn Iron when he could have gone to the republic. He doesn't like Rangers, but who does?He's no Anthony Stokes, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Saavnt I would have answered that Neil Lennon is so disliked ebcause they are idiots but a Superinjunction was taken out against me gratuitously insulting idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dodgy Dave Murray talks to Alex McLeish

I think this was from when McLeish was at Birmingham but a Villa fan enjoyed it. Non sectarianally of course.

Anonymous said...

Healy has apparently offered to play for free; a­ spokesman for D&P said "We're not that­ desperate"

I see that ALL players are been offered a deal whereby ALL players will give up 75%.

So the Youth trainee on £600 will see his wages go down 75% just as on £25 000 Allan McGregor would.

Are these guys morons?

Anonymous said...

Neil Lennon was asked would Celtic winning the championship be tarnished by Rangers having a 10 point deduction as a result of their being badly run yet no one calls Jose Mourinho Inter Milan's Serie A titles devalued after the initial one was won with Juventus in Serie B owing to phone calls of them influencing the appointment of referees came to light thanks to Telefonica(?) Italian Mobile which just happened to have been owned by the owner of Inter.

B Boru said...

Well, when it comes to Italian football and corruption all bets are off.

But seriously, how could Lennon say that a 10 point deduction would not tarnish the victory?

Anonymous said...

Lennon's point was if the press viewed that a Celtic win in the title this year was tarnished why did they not ask were Rangers titles not tarnished when they were not paying their taxes.

Somehow professional journalists could not come up with that question.

B Boru said...

So that's what Lennon said. Well, I agree with him. Great point actually.

Anonymous said...

To salute Ally here we have simply the best Simply the Best

Go Ibroxers!

Anonymous said...

Jim Torbett as in that moronic chant was a former Rangers employee according to a betfairer but never one of Celtic FC because Celtic Boys Club was a completely separate institution.

Now why would anyone overlook this?

Anonymous said...

It has emerged that a number of players have offered to play for free. Four of these, Lee McCulloch, Sasa Papac, Kirk Broadfoot and David Healy, are among those expected to have their contracts terminated on Monday, and the gesture may not be practical with issues of insurance cover.

No place for craig Whyte in Rangers uncertain future

No place for former Rangers and Heart of Mid-Lothian director and SFa president Campbell Ogilvie in fraudulent contract probe

Well done on the Gers in giving up football for Lent.

Let their gesture be an example to all.

whitevanman said...

Given that the transfer window is closed (or is that only in England?) can these players sign for other clubs?

Anonymous said...

If their contract is cancelled for example the club cannot pay them then yes they can move on.

GM said...

Rangers ground, Ibrox, is to be renamed "The Inland Revenue Arena" or IRA for short. But it's only Provisional!!!

Anonymous said...

So a club whose fans do the bouncy bouncy to celebrate the murder of Robert Hamill(?) in Portadown and who have wrecked Manchester city centre in the past and came up with the excuse it wasnae us pal it were Chelsea fans And West Ham fans and Millwall fans and Hookers from the street trade and Leigh and now it seems that money raised for the poopy appeal for the troops that they support has gone missing.

They cannot disappear oon enough.

navan man said...

anon 1.23. Agreed. Over the years I've tried to 'see the other side' so to speak from the Rangers perspective. And I do know some good guys (I'm related to one!). But there is NO DOUBT that there's a pathology in there. And no, unlike with Celtic fans, this pathology is in the club's DNA. Celtic fans simply do not exhibit the same level of hate and aggression.

SO yeah, fuck 'em as afr as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who comes across the rangers shirt with Cheerios as the sponsor could you please post it here?

Anonymous said...

Latest Betfred ad

3 weeks today since the administrators moved in and they are still negotiating.

3 days with other clubs and there were redundicies.

This is eating into creditors money.

He is right.

Can it possibly get any worse for Rangers?.....

An inquiry into the Rangers Charity Foundation has been launched after it revealed the crisis-hit club would receive most of its proceeds from a friendly match.

The Ibrox club are hosting a game between former players of both Rangers and AC Milan later this month.
It had originally been organised to raise funds for the Rangers Charity Foundation, which was going to receive 60% of all money gathered by the game on March 30.

The charity, which has donated more than £2.3m to various causes since it was set up in 2002, has reduced the amount it will take from the game to 10%, meaning the majority of the money raised will go to the club, which is currently in administration.

On Tuesday, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator confirmed it had been made aware of "concerns" regarding the game after the change to the benefactors.

A spokesman for the regulator said: "We can confirm that we have an ongoing inquiry into the Rangers Charity Foundation. It would therefore not be appropriate to comment further."
This user is offline.

Date Joined: 15 May 11
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When: 06 Mar 12 17:45
huns stealing from charities? no surprises there

Anonymous said...

Cheerios the new shirt sponsor?? Fucking brilliant (LMAO)

Anonymous said...

Published: Today at 01:00
RANGERS stars erupted in anger last night as they accused the club's administrators of LYING.
comment on this story 16 comments

After gruelling talks between bean counter David Whitehouse and Gers stars, another day of drama ended with no agreements.

Senior Ibrox stars openly clashed with administrators Whitehouse and Paul Clark, who had claimed the players were holding up a deal that would save jobs at Ibrox.

Read more: Journalists do not know what is going on. Nothing new here

Anonymous said...

nealpooler -131p · 22 hours ago
rumor has it after the break in the bus smelled 10 times better!

Read more: BT

On Saturday night their fans were looking forward to meeting Linfield in the last four of the Cup after Davidson scored the winner in their 2-1 quarter-final win over Newry City. Now, however, their date with the Belfast Blues in the semi-final will be scrapped.

Section Four of the Irish Cup rules states: “Any players registered (including loans) after 31 January (or the last day of the senior football mid season registration period) in any season will not be eligible for the competition in that season.”

It was last Wednesday that Ballymena announced Davidson’s signing and although it is understood that the club will use an email received from the IFA, stating that the 24-year-old was free to play, to appeal if they are expelled from the Cup, the ruling looks to be clear cut.

Read more: Ballymena United rocked by player eligibility row

What is it with Nordie football and eligibility?

Anonymous said...

Dave King serial entrepreneur issues a 1500 word statement on Rangers

I am however alert to the raw sentiment around the need for Rangers to have 'fit and proper' persons at its helm.

Now is the time for fir and proper persons to come forward.

Anonymous said...

She might even smell of B.O. but it's hard to deduce that from a picture.

Korrect. You Kannot the from the picture that this fine woman has the Kleansing aroma of Barack Obama then you should not have written it.
withdraw. Sir withdraw.

Anonymous said...

The minute I saw B.O. written like that I thought of our friend. Michelle must certainly suffer from that.

Anonymous said...

Dave King "invested" £20 million in Rangers and he did not know what was going on?

Outraged tycoon King accused former owner Sir David of "deceiving" him into investing £20million into the Ibrox coffers — and plans to SUE him.

King has been studying the accounts as he tries to lead a consortium to save the crippled club — but he believes the financial mess at Rangers is so dire the reigning SPL champs WILL go to the wall.

But the South African millionaire — who is Gers' second biggest shareholder after Whyte — IS confident he and a team of rich businessman can help a new Rangers rise from the ashes.

He is the second biggest shareholder in a business where 85% of it has been sold for a £ and he is the second biggest shreholder and only gets around to studying the accounts now.

dave king !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awe brilliant this gets better & better , from dodgy to dodgyer

Read more:

The appointment of the Rangers favoured administrators has proved to be another failure. Any administrator worth his salt would have cut the staff and trimmed the costs. Instead we have days of stand offs with the players and remarkable statements being made by both parties.

Ally McCoist said when talk of the players being sacked, he wanted no part of that. That was wrong. He should have helped the admin team to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and then negotiate for the administrators on the level of player wage reductions that the club required.

The minute you 'ask' for the players you get the greed and ME attitude raising it's head.

Now McCoist is in at the centre of it as a saviour..........Sorry too late, he should have been there from the start!

Whyte lies aremaking me sick,

Published: 07th March 2012
HONESTY — one little word with huge ramifications for everyone at Rangers.

Dave King's bombshell statement yesterday laid bare some startling and frightening facts.

It also underlined what most fans have been fearing for months. Few, it seems, have been telling the truth at Ibrox.

I had my doubts about Craig Whyte from the off.

Seems to me that Hugh Adams warned of David Murray's craziness after leaving as driector in 2002 and it is only now that people see a problem with the running of the club.

Anonymous said...

Walter Smith. Celtic's title is not tainted.

Will they listen to Walt?

gala said...

Walter Smith is and always was a gentleman. ALmost made me like the 'Gers.

Anonymous said...

RANGERS owner Craig Whyte was last night ruled "unfit" to run a football club — as it emerged he won't get a PENNY from any sale.
Related Stories

POTENTIAL Rangers saviour Paul Murray is warned he must: ‘Put up or shut up’

SFA boss Stewart Regan announced the findings of a damning report into Whyte — who may now end up OWING the Gers cash if a buyer for the ailing club can be found.

Read more: Hoots mon! Well known con man revealed to be a ?

Consortium ... Paul ‘Put up or shut up’Murray

Anonymous said...

RANGERS were thrown a dramatic lifeline last night as it was revealed the taxman WILL do a deal with the stricken giants.

But the crisis-hit club were warned their £49million battle with HMRC and the £9million bill for unpaid VAT and PAYE will only be resolved if owner Craig Whyte gets the boot.

The Scottish Sun can reveal a compromise deal — sanctioned at Treasury level — is within reach which could see the fallen giants pay back as little as TEN PENCE in the pound.

Read more: Rangers more mismanaged than Darlington, Port Vale, Portsmoutrh, Motherwell, Dundee, Dundee, Leicester City but more important as well

F'n stupid ~English bastards let Tax avoiding Scots spongers off!

Anonymous said...

Is CrAIG Whyte an underwear gnome?

Step 1 Collect underwear
Step 2 ?
Step 3 Profit

Anonymous said...

billybluenose 0 likes

Well done lads, a show of your loyalty to your fellow emplyees at Ibrox. As for those thickos enquiring about "We are ther people", there is nothing dark and sinister about this except in your own minds;

We are the people who sing of victory

We follow Glasgow Rangers from Kilmarnock to Dundee

We follow Glasgow Rangers

Our heats are strong and true

We are the people whom cheer the boys in blue.

Read more:Big 4 agree cuts to save overspending club

Anonymous said...

New shirt

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced HM Revenue SErvices will come up with a very favourable deal for the huns.

Anonymous said...

'I'm convinced HM Revenue SErvices will come up with a very favourable deal for the huns'

I wrote this before I read the earlier comment. Fucking typical. This means they'll get away with it. I fucking knew it.

Anonymous said...

RANGERS stars were last night hailed for their "sacrifice" after taking huge wage cuts to keep the club afloat.

Read more: Kyle "Orange Submarine" Lafferty and afloat.LOL!

Anonymous said...

Rangers, the biggest scandal in the History of Sport and the rest

Anonymous said...

Just proving
Rangers link to Northern Ireland spending money foolishly because they wuill always be British people able to pick up the tab for foolish spending.

Anonymous said...

Just heard an ad on the radio to contact the HRMC before they contact you ate 0845 601 5041.

Shame that no one at Ibrox knew of Alexander Graham Bell's invention.

Anonymous said...

He added: "In 2000, I received a telephone call from Alastair Johnston. He was in Hawaii. He said he had a guy who would like to invest in Rangers. It was Dave King.

"I never met him. Then, several days later, £20m arrived.

"There was no due diligence, no checks — the money just arrived.

"It wasn't until several months later that I met him.

Read more: We Are The Paupers

Can u c y




Anonymous said...

Well, he went out to spend Celtic into the ground and now it's the 'gers there instead.

So sad. (NOT!)

Anonymous said...

RANGERS were plunged into fresh chaos last night as their cash crisis took a new twist.

A blunder by Duff and Phelps means the Ibrox club are NOT in administration.

Gers owner Craig Whyte appointed Duff and Phelps on February 14, but they failed to notify the Financial Services Authority, which means administration isn't legally binding.

Read more: We Are The Pisspooradministrators!

Anonymous said...

David Murray my pain for Ally

Former Gers owner Sir David yesterday confessed to regrets over selling the club to Craig Whyte.

Wait he could not find out that Craig Whyte was banned from being a director for seven years, that Craig Whyte had never run a successful company?

Did he think that Craig Whyte who owned Castle Grant in Morayshire was a different one to the Craig Whyte who owned Castle Grant in Morayshire?

Reality Distortion Field?


gala said...

I think Murray and Whyte were in on a scam from Day 1.

Anonymous said...

I too cannot think why Murray has been carefully distancing himself from Whyte.

I mean if the club goes bust people will remember that Murray's mad spending over two decades and running £30 million losses were also responsible and "we don't do walking away""we are the people".

Anonymous said...

gerry1981 1 like

Dont you think its kinda strange that this story has been cooked up to mask the real events that should be being addressed ??

Read more: The Scottish Sun gives free publicity to Canadian's website. Why?

Anonymous said...

"Stokes is caught offside when he was well­ onside." - nothing more I'd expect than an Old­ Firm at Ibrox. Classical mistakes from the referees,­ been happening for the past 50 years, why stop all of a­ sudden now?

Last season's title wasn't tainted by Gollum allowing Rangers an offsife goal and giving a penalty when he could not see the incident?

Or by a club spending money that it did not have which has a word to describe it in the real world where directors trade when they know the company is insolvent?

Anonymous said...

Luis Suarez booked for scoring a goal ye olde 19th century style. Why?

Could rangers not afford him?

Anonymous said...

Just saw Sir Whiskynose saying it was not a penalty for Fulham. That is what happens when you go to England's Ibrox or is it the former Stadio del Alpi?

Anonymous said...

Rangers play Milan to save the club#
Isn't this the event which was threatened because too much money was going to go to a terribly run football club rather than "charidee"?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by the lack of attention this is getting in the media. If you were to omit the Sir form Mr Whiskynose the media would go for you but try to kill the manager of an opposing team, a lawyer and an MSP and it is almost like they were the sweet lovable rogues of what is now US Cellular Field who attacked a third base coach so badly that he had to retire from the game and they go virtually nothing. Obama is a supporter of these guys.

Or it reminds of the time those cute adorable Wrigley Fieldites attacked LA Dodger players and stole some equipment which they tried to get back which resulted in suspensions for the Dodgers players and nothing for the cubbies.

I would call I LLyclon Hitlar a disgusting fan of this club who hounded Steve Bartman because they blamed him for a loss which was because he like everyone else went for a ball that an outfielder could not get but because they needed a scapegoat they went for an easy target. Except she has moved on to being a Yankee supporter.

tokyo paddy said...

anon 9.51. I agree. All of those incidents you mention showed appalling coverage by the media. The Scottish media are now shwoing themselves in their true colors anytime something with Neil Lennon comes up. Notice how that Hearts fan got away with the 'hate' charge. Wonder why he attacked Lennon? His hair color?

Anonymous said...

The page, which had 28 followers, included a posting saying ‘Everybody knows Noel Edmonds first Mr Blobby then Deal or No Deal he needs to die’, but Facebook told Mr Edmonds it could take action only if there was a police complaint.

Read more: Noel Edmonds traces
guy who set up Noel Edmonds must die page

So how come thefacebook did nothing about the Neil Lennon page?

Are the strathclyde polis not police enough for them?

Anonymous said...

When the bullets and the "viable device" were sent through the post to Neil Lennon some idiot popped up on tv saying he looked like he deserved it.

Come to think of it he does look like the burglar Trayvon Martin who was shot after he attacked George Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

Tickectus do do walking away possibly leaving rankers in the doo doo!

"Without Ticketus, it makes a CVA solution more difficult because if the administrators terminate the contract, they'll become the largest unsecured creditor and would be able to block a CVA.

One believs that the sum of knowledge of how to run a business is less than it should be!

Anonymous said...

Published: Today at 00:07
RANGERS have been warned NEVER to do a deal with Americans Club 9 Sports — by the last British club they tried to take over.

BLUE BLOOD ... but while Murray has no qualms with Brian Kennedy he fears other bidders don't grasp just what running Gers entails (Whispers neither did David Murray!)

Tranmere Rovers were contacted by the Chicago-based investment company about a proposed takeover last February.

Chairman Peter Johnson was looking for buyers for his 60 per cent stake in the club when he met Club 9 officials — who'd failed to take over Sheffield Wednesday the year before.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

AMERICAN tycoon Bill Miller will hold personal talks with Ally McCoist — and wants to keep him as boss if he takes over Rangers.
comment on this story 16 comments
Miller, 64, last night broke his silence on his multi-million pound dream to rescue crisis-torn Gers.

He promised Ibrox fans he does NOT favour liquidation and would prefer to agree a CVA with creditors.

Read more: Bill Miller wants to keep Coisty

SINGAPORE tycoon Bill Ng has outlined his £12million rescue package for Rangers.

Ng, 52, fronts the Far East consortium rivalling the Blue Knights and Bill Miller’s US bid for Gers.

The businessman believes he can offer creditors 20p in the pound to secure a crucial CVA.

Read more: Bill Ng wants to pay 20p in £ for debts because we are the paupers

CRAIG WHYTE last night made the astonishing claim that he wants to return to Rangers — as a FAN.

The disgraced Gers owner has all but conceded he won’t be back at Ibrox in a position of power.

But he still believes he will have a big say in the future of the crisis-torn club and insists he will one day take a place among the Ibrox supporters, despite the fact he’s had police warnings over his safety.

Read more: Craig Whyte wants to attens as a fan!

TIME’S up. The four bids are in and the administrators know who’s who.

It’s time to tell the world about yourselves.

We have to assume all four are legitimate interested parties.

We are hoping they are all bidding for Rangers for the right reasons.

So my message to them all is: Put your heads above the parapet and tell us what your thoughts are.

The club you’re interested in buying has been in administration for almost two months.

Read more: Who posesses who? I think not!

some stories from the well and truly professionally run club.

Anonymous said...

A SHAMED Celtic fans’ chief has been rapped by cops for posting a bigoted tweet suggesting Protestants should drown.

Joe O’Rourke, general secretary of the Celtic Supporters’ Association, sparked the sectarian storm with a sick joke on Twitter about the Titanic last week.

A user had sent an online post to O’Rourke saying: “While the Prods were building the Titanic all the Catholics were building an iceberg.”

Read more: Hoots mon! Polis canact fast on a Celtic Suppporters secretary

SARCASM Is it because he is a chick? /SARCASM

No seriously we have seen major derlictions in duty but they can fire up the twitter amchine to find this guy but a barman in Ireland who has a bad experience with knackers and he can be found quickly to have his wrist slapped but thefacebook was never contacted properly by Strathclyde polis over the Neil Lennon hate sites.

F*** the polis and I mean that in the way that the blonde chick let a burglar go because it was too much work to take him in. Look love if you cannot do your job go back to your nice cosy kitchen where the big bad world will not intrude on you.

Some guy gets 56 days over a tweets about the guy who got the heart attack on the pitch but Jayvious Travious Malicious NO_LIMIT_NIGGA von Martin can go on twitter sugggesting the riots were good cover for detroitdiscounted shopping and he is allowed to just delete the tweets.


Is there one law for sweet innocent sons of obaminationa and another for real people?

The famine is over will many of those that fled Ulster return to Belfast where their ancestors fled from to escape the famine? Sandy Row just down the road from Linfield's Windsor Park would suit the descendants of famine fleers down to the ground.

And they originally got to that Godforsaken place by fleeing a famine in the Lowlands of Scotland so they were granted settlement lands in Antrimand Down.

Funny how this is never mentioned?

Anonymous said...

"Is there one law for sweet innocent sons of obaminationa and another for real people?"

Simple answer: Yes.

Also a separate law Huns and Hearts fans. These people don't know what it means to hate. Celtic's do.

Anonymous said...


(to the tune of 'We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel)

Charlie Adam, Alex Rae, Davie Dodds, Andy Gray,
Nacho Novo, Charlie Miller, Derek Ferguson,
Terry Hurlock, Bill Struth, Press won’t tell the truth,
Robert Fleck, Larkhall, Ian Ferguson.

Queen and crown, John Brown, James Traynor shouting down
Bowler hats, Gavin Rae, Findlay’s Karaoke
Graeme Souness, Hate green, tug yer forelock tae the queen,
Murray’s tenner fiver boast, sending bullets through the post.

We didn't pay our taxes,
We were always cheating, while our drums were beating
We didn't pay our taxes,
Hector didn't like it and we tried to fight it.

Green Straws banned here, Songs of hatred very clear
war chest, UEFA fines, the loyal won’t see the signs
season tickets sold off, Leckie hears a non-existent cough
Trouser leg rolled up, but huvnae won the Big Cup.

Terry Butcher, Bobby Tait, Jock Wallace, Catholic hate,
On the queen’s highway, Barry’s passing sideways
Alan Hutton, red socks, selling orange football tops,
Derek Johnstone, Chick Young, journos won’t admit they’re huns

We didn't pay our taxes, we were always cheating
while our drums were beating.
We didn't pay our taxes
Hector didn't like it and we tried to fight it

Sandy Clark, Kris Boyd, Ten seasons, all void,
John Greig, early bath, FTP autograph
war chest, Edu, 1690 menu,
Alec Clelland, Gascoigne, Still singing about the Boyne

Lafferty, Richard Gough, getting Timmy sent off,
BNP, Orange Hall, Playing anti football
Casuals, ICF, Celtic fan stabbed to death
Barcelona drenched in piss, Master Race hubris.

We didn't pay our taxes, we were always cheating
while our drums were beating.
We didn't pay our taxes
Hector didn't like it and we tried to fight it

Malmo, Maribor, not in Europe anymore,
European moonbeam, but got put out by a diddy team
Zurich, Zizkov, Unirea pub team
Barcelona, Bucharest, Osasuna, more arrests
Bobby Tait’s dodgy watch, the huns are on crimewatch
Manchester, blown away, what else do I have to say?

We didn't pay our taxes, we were always cheating
while our drums were beating.
We didn't pay our taxes
Hector didn't like it and we tried to fight it

Dodgy chief a billionaire, Jelavic no longer there.
Cardigans, Walter Smith, Whyte’s billions just a myth,
Interdict, court case, monies due, losing face,
Ally Fat Paul Le Guen, at the Sheriff Court again
Coisty hasn't got a clue, neither do the fans in blue,
Transfer window, shut again, Whyte has let them down again,
Players wages on the line, Whytie might be doing time,
Padlocks on the Ibrox doors, they can't take it anymore

We didn't pay our taxes, we were always cheating
while our drums were beating.
We didn't pay our taxes
Hector didn't like it and we tried to fight it
But when we are gone
You can still walk on, and on, and on, and on..........

SAVANT said...

anon 17.51. Brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

RANGERS administrator Paul Clark has slammed the SPL — claiming league chiefs have blocked the sale of the crisis club.

The raging Duff and Phelps moneyman hoped to announce a preferred bidder for Gers yesterday.

Clark insists those plans were wrecked after SPL chief Neil Doncaster revealed proposals to hammer clubs in a financial mess.

The SPL want to impose a range of sanctions from the start of next season.

The key proposal would see clubs that are liquidated and reformed being punished with a ten-point deduction for TWO SEASONS.

Read more: In Italy clubs who are reformed drop two divisions

CHARLIE RICHMOND last night blasted back at the SFA over attempts to smear his name.

Richmond turned his back on refereeing after 12 years as a Category One official this week.

But after the SFA had questioned his commitment, the former FIFA-list man fumed: “If I’m such a bad referee why are they letting me handle games involving the Old Firm?”

SFA chief executive Stewart Regan branded Richmond a ‘consistent under-performer’ on Twitter after the whistler fired a broadside at them in SunSport yesterday.

Read more: Twit makes twit of himself on twitter. well what else is it for?

CHARLIE RICHMOND knows the date his refereeing career was effectively ended by the SFA. December 28, 2010.
That was the day he was hauled in front of the referees committee and told he’d NEVER do an Old Firm fixture.

Richmond quit this week after 12 years on the SFA list — after claiming he’d been cold-shouldered for not sucking up to people in the Hampden corridors of power.

The SFA promptly came out fighting with a critical statement about the 43-year-old Ayrshire ref.

But Richmond last night fired back in what’s become an embarrassing war of words to the SFA. He said: “I was summoned to a referees committee meeting in December 2010.

Read more: Intial referee scrap story

Anonymous said...

BILL MILLER and Bill Ng last night insisted their offers for Rangers still stand — despite the threat of SPL penalties.

Ibrox administrator Paul Clark feared bidders would be scared off after top-flight chiefs proposed a hard-hitting Financial Fair Play plan on Wednesday.

But, along with Paul Murray’s Blue Knights, Gers’ overseas bidders insist they remain firmly in the fight for the stricken club.

SunSport understands US towing tycoon Miller is now among the front-runners as administrators Duff and Phelps prepare to name the preferred bidder by Monday.

Read more: Preferred bidder to be known Monday 16 or 30 days late

Published: 12th April 2012
AFTER two months of torture my real fear for Rangers is that the pain is only just beginning.

At the end of a week when the identity of the preferred bidder should have become clear, more heavy clouds were cast over my old club.

The SPL don’t half know how to kick a man when he’s down.

I’d like to say that their spanner-in-the-works statement shocked me when it was released on Wednesday.

Sadly, it didn’t.

The fact is NOTHING that self-serving mob ever do surprises me any more.

They’ve never done Rangers — or Celtic for that matter — any favours, nor are they ever likely to either.

Read more: Hoots mon! Andy Goram realises SFA screwed over Celtic in the pasr suddenly concerned
I thought it was generally accepted you couldn’t be punished for the same crime twice.

They aren't even punished for the crime once you stupid idiot.

But the simple fact is the SPL is so reliant on the money generated by the Old Firm that Gers are, essentially, too big to fail.

The old moral hazard argument. Save us or we will do it again.



As far as I'm concerned it's a travesty that the SPL are even considering allowing a new club to be entertained when their are many clubs waiting to take to the big stage again.

What does this message read to proud clubs the likes of Partick Thistle who tried to do it the honest way and almost folded because of the strict stipulations put in place?


Any new team. Whether they call themselves Rangers 2012, Rngers 1690, Wee Arra peepol or any other psuedonym should be forced to request permission from the football league for re entry to it's lowest tier.

We need Rangers Newco like a hole in the heed!

I will link the piece that the Partick Thistle sportsdwriter wrote comparing how his belobed Partick Thistle almost went under because they adhered to the rules of normal business whereas Rangers have gone broke by spending recklessly and by link I mean I won't be bothered to search for it because this "Partick Thistle" supporter criticised the Manchester police for their heavy handed behaviour when dealing with the shame that they brought onto the home city of Partick Thistle and when they were bringing shame on the homew city of Partick Thistle elsewhere in Europe he wrote and I quote " "

(Oh dear I have to be careful with the 1400 word limit)

gala said...

Listen, despite what Goram says, the SPL are infested with crypto-Huns. In the end of the day they'll do a sweatheart deal to allow them straight back int the SPL.

Anonymous said...

Absurd David Murray kicked Airdrieonians out of the league by bankrupting them because they owed Murray International Holdings £30 000.

This was at the time Rangers FC were losing £30 000 000 a yeaR.


Anonymous said...

Our whistler, who didn’t want to be named, rubbished claims the questionnaire is confidential.

Our man said: “It hasn’t been sent to every referee and the only reason is that the ones who got it, the highest-earning group, will give the answers the SFA want to hear.

“It says on the survey ‘tell us what you think, not what you think we want to know’, but my view is they DO want to hear everything’s fine.

“The suggestion the SFA are adequately managing referee performances is utter nonsense.

Read more: Our pals strike again but without striking

So the guys who allowed an assitant referee to go because Hugh Dallas called him a liar on BBC Radio Scotland sends out a questionaire to refs who will give the right answer.

I cannot think why the SPL and SFA are mentioned alongside the NBA and NHL who are run by idiots. No I cannot think why.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that Sky Sports commentator Ian Crock-of-shit goes on about a controversial striking off a Hearts chance and a Rangers chance but never mentions the two offside goals that Rangers got that allowed them to beat Celtic twice.

I guess there are none so blind as those that do not want to see.

SAVANT said...

I always compare the way commentators refer to the favouritism given to the 'Big Two' in Scotland to the way people say all races commit crime. Sure. But in both cases some are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

He just wondered whether Gary Hooper who was level with the last defender was offside just like yesterday Jelavic was level with the last defender and they wondered was he offside.

Anonymous said...

No way did Ledley handle it. Fucking bastards.

Anonymous said...

It was nothing compared to that time Lorenzo Amoruso stuck up two hands to control the ball and Hugh Dallas did not see it.

Or the tiome Lorenzo Amoruso used his feet at the end of his arms to control the ball.

Or the time Tugay used his arm to control the ball and Alan McInally reckoned that as it was not his hand but his arm that he used it could not be handball.

Or the time that Tor-Andre Flo used the foot at the end of his arm to control the ball.

Can you think why every controversy in the UEFA Champions' League, European Championship or World Cup has involved a Scottish referee except for that time with Graham Poll.

Anonymous said...

Blue Knights and Ticketus withdraw from bidding process leaving it between Bill Miller and Bill Ng.

Craig Whyte calls SFA a farcical organisation.

What a dreadful thing to say about the organisation which had Hugh Dallas as head of referees go onto national radio and call one of his employees a liar.

Corkonian said...

Seems to me that since 'Gers hit the wall the referees had a meeting and decided to stick to Celtic big time.

Corkonian said...

Seems to me that since 'Gers hit the wall the referees had a meeting and decided to stick to Celtic big time.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Dallas accuses Neil Lennon of disgracing Scottish football internationally.

Dude misses his old job when that was his job!

gala said...

Dallas is a biased bastard. I could never understand why Martin O'Neill was so supportive of him, and also Neil Lennon in his book wasn't critical either.

Anonymous said...

RANGERS manager Walter Smith was sent for trial at Perth Sheriff Court yesterday after he denied a charge of breach of the peace.
a premier division match between St Johnstone and Rangers at McDiarmid
Park a month ago.

St Johnstone manager Alex Totten, who faces the same charge, pled not
guilty at an earlier hearing. The managers are accused of conducting
themselves in a disorderly manner by shouting and swearing at each
other, engaging in a stand-up fight, and committing a breach of the peace. Sheriff John Wheatley adjourned the case until February 10 when Smith will stand trial with his co-accused.


small minds small memories

Read more: In the comments section

I doubt it made the main paper when it happened.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THE Blue Knights last night launched a dramatic eleventh-hour bid to save Rangers from liquidation.
comment on this story 14 comments
Related Stories

BILL NG aimed a bitter parting shot at the Ibrox administrators as he pulled out of the race

Crunch talks between former director Paul Murray and administrators Duff and Phelps will continue today amid fears that’s the doomsday scenario if US tycoon Bill Miller is given preferred bidder status on Monday.

Bill Ng and his Singapore-based consortium are now out of the running.

Read more: Bill Ng pulls out

BILL NG aimed a bitter parting shot at the Ibrox administrators as he pulled out of the running for Rangers.

REAL DEAL ... key men Naismith, Lafferty, Edu, all above, McGregor, Davis, Whittaker and Goian are understood to be on contracts that could see them quit on cut-price deals

The Singaporean’s bid for Gers collapsed after he failed to strike a deal with Ticketus.

But Ng — who could yet return to the bidding war — insists his takeover was doomed because of the drawn-out process overseen by Duff & Phelps.

Ng said: “Recent developments in the bidding process, with unwarranted and unexplained delays, have prompted our withdrawal.

Read more: Ng fires parting shot

Could the reason for the long drawn out delay be that the team that lost £30 000 000 threee years in a row is in worse financial shape than Duff and Phelps could have imagined in their worst case scenario?

gala said...

Could the reason for the long drawn out delay be that the team that lost £30 000 000 threee years in a row is in worse financial shape than Duff and Phelps could have imagined in their worst case scenario?

But if that's the case wouldn't they be glad to get the club of their hands?

Anonymous said...

I think the situation is that things are so bad there that they cannot get rid of it.

gala said...

Ok, but Ng was going tio take it.

What'll happen to Whyte's £30 million when it's sold?

Anonymous said...

'The Scottish FA exists to govern with the best interests of the game at all times and will continue to do so throughout this challenging time for the Scottish game.'

Read more: I supposethat is why they sacked their referees' administraitor who called an employee a liar on national radio?

Anonymous said...

I was so proud of my fellow bears today,15,000 and not one arrest, despite the police antagonistic presence! even some of our fans were handing out sweets and chocolate to passing kids,a wonderful gesture,which will not be reported in the press, one old lady who looked like a catholic by the way even commented on the fine kindly gesture of our fans,I can,t wait till the next protest march,so proud!

- stanley cockles, burnbank scotland,

Grade SFA moron?

Anonymous said...

He said: “I don’t think for a minute the other clubs should go lightly on us. I really don’t.

“If they feel we should be punished then I just hope it’s a fair one. I think we should receive a justified punishment if they see it that way.

SFA don't do justified punishments.

Celtic 3 Her Majesties Revenue Commissioners loyal tax cheats 0

SAVANT said...

But, but, I thought your fans were always handing out sweets and chocolate to passing kids...


Anonymous said...

I thouht it was good healthyoranges and carrots.

Anonymous said...

Would 200000 as in the number in Manchester be the quorum neded to react to the polis?

And some racists doubt that we are the same species as the blacks; haven't these people done enough to prove that race is only a social construct?

Anonymous said...

another 48 hours not the Eddie Murphy sequel but the time to the next 48 hour deadline

fearing and targetted
SPL bosses adjourned a decision on Rangers yesterday — fearing they’d face being targeted by Ibrox fans.

BRIAN KENNEDY and The Blue Knights fear time is running out in their bid to save Gers

The SPL chairmen met at Hampden but sneaked in and out without commenting on their decision regarding financial fair play proposals.

On Saturday 7000 Gers fans marched on Hampden to protest the SFA’s fine and transfer embargo — and that depth of feeling appears to have spooked the SPL.

tokyo paddy said...

Fucking typical. And there'll probably be a meeting of the Black Presbytery in advance to ensure the right decision is made..

Anonymous said...

The tweets sent by big bad boldy boldy people to Kyle Bartley were found in 24 hours the faecesbook could not be bothered to remove a hate page towards Neil Lennon despite it breaking their rules which they say will lead them to shut down those sites once they are made aware of it.

I guess this shows that twitter is more socially responsible than Mark Zuckenberg's crowd of scum?

SAVANT said...

Bartley should have been sent off for that foul and he didn't even get a yellow.

That Hearts guy attacking Lennon wasn't a 'hate' crime. Naw, he just loved Neil.

Anonymous said...

I say that for the sake of Scottish football. They need an owner who is not only a proper businessman but also a proper person. They need someone who can put the heart back into the club.

Read more: John Hartson on some team that has been mismanaged for a decade

How many of these did he get away with?

3 non penalties in front of the Copland road could not be given or there would be a riot

Mr.Goram.I think you could be wrong with your assumption that it cannot get worse. If a preferred bidder IS named,then the job of getting a hold of Mr.Whyte's shares starts. If you think this is dragging on at the moment,the legal system will introduce you to even greater delays,adjournments,recesses and stalling.Duff Helps think they have a solution to gain control of these shares,but Mr.Whyte is no virgin in these matters,and unless it's a big fat wallet,asset stripping..Mr.Miller,on gaining control is going to create a newco,the comedy knights look to be funding their venture with aluminium cans and could not possibly put out a team that could compete for the european places never mind challenge for the league.All worse scenario's,but who knows which will come to fruition.

Read more: Things can't get any worse says Andy Goram (Brain donor).

Bartley got a bit of previous you know what I Mean?

I cannot find the Fernando Rickson standing on Alan Thompson incident which was not even a booking!

Anonymous said...

A teenage boy has admitted religiously harassing a McDonald's worker - by persistently mocking her because she is a Pagan.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, visited the fast food restaurant frequently over a period of more than six weeks to taunt the woman over her beliefs.

The case is understood to be the first in the UK to involve a case of religious harassment against a Pagan.

The boy, who lives in Lawford, Essex, pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated harassment at Colchester youth court on Wednesday.


MacDonalds may be teucthars but this company is owned by a NYSE company so harassing one of their employees is wrong whereas Neil Lennon is from part of the world where Lowlanders went to escape the famine in the 1600s by settling in what is now Noerthern Ireland so Neil Lennon's attacker was just justifiably telling a nobody that he was a nobody at Tynecastle that night.

As JK Rowling campains for better treatment for single mothers because she could not afford 20p school exercise books but could afford £1 cups of tea in cafes where she wrote while out of her Morningside home.

Montenotte?, Deeferland, "Posh" Belfast, Notting Hill take the bad aspects of them mix them up in a test tube and you still would not come up with Edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

“It’s a registration ban rather than a transfer ban.

“If there is a player out on loan — Kyle Hutton at Dunfermline for example — he can come back and play for us.

“But John Fleck and Juan Ortiz couldn’t because their registrations are with another FA.”

Read more: American will save rangers

Notice it is a 12 month registration which explains why the professional sports journalists refer to it as a transfer ban what withn them being professional sports journalists.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly nice to hear the Billy Boys being re-introduced to the match day repertoire. I've fairly missed it.......not. I didn't appreciate that the new legislation covering sectarianism had an "Aw diddums" clause allowing clubs in administration an exemption. The media silence since 14th February on the behavour of some (but in fairness not all) R*ngers fans is deafening.

Read more: Grant Adam fined for sectarian chant

An Ibrox spokesman said: “The club condemns all forms of sectarianism. An internal disciplinary process will take place.”

F McCool said...

An Ibrox spokesman said: “The club condemns all forms of sectarianism. An internal disciplinary process will take place.”

Amazing: That's what the club was founded on. No Catholics. Period. Even Alex Ferguson was in trouble with them due to his Catholic wife.

Anonymous said...

We AreThePeople (WhoDoNotLiveInTheReal World)

Anonymous said...

KILMARNOCK chairman Michael Johnston admits that SPL clubs can’t afford to kick Rangers out.

Johnston, the first top-flight chief to go public, said: “Members see the commercial benefits of having Rangers, even as a newco.

“The clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits may outweigh that.”

Read more: That Was All Then

billybluenose 0 likes

If only the bigots could take their green tinted specs off at look at it objectively; Rangers were £18M in debt prior to Whyte taking over, and managing that easily (The BTC has yet to be decided upon, so Rangers are innocent until proven guilty). The mess they are in is down top one man, Craig Whyte, who is the one who should be punished, the SFA should boot him out of football and his shares should be returned to the club and it's new owner, who ever that may be. The rest is all about Celtic or the other clubs looking after themselves, not "financial fait play" as is being suggested.

We are the people who believe this nonsense. It was £134 million.

BobLoyalist 0 likes

The Kilmarnock chairman is only saying what we've all known all along. Rangers, and all they entail, are simply too big a club to be cast aside from the SPL. Too many other clubs will suffer as a consequence.

Some of the comments from Celtic fans on here, who have obviously never put a foot wrong in their entire lives, are ridiculous.

Mind how you go.

Too big to fail means they have an incentive to get into positions where they can utilize there too big to failness.

ALLY McCOIST last night urged potential Rangers buyer Bill Miller to prevent a player exodus.

Gers stars have been told by PFA Scotland union chiefs they are free to go at the end of the season.

Administrators Duff and Phelps have told them that’s NOT the case.

Read more: We don't know what we're doing

RANGERS No2 Kenny McDowall says that booting Rangers out of the SPL would KILL Scottish football.

McDowall says forcing Gers to play in the top division with a team full of kids would leave the club facing relegation — and make the game a LAUGHING STOCK.

Read more: It is a laughing stock

Rangers mismanaged for years and being allowed to stay in business unlike Airdrieonians who owed all of £30 000.

“They’re killing themselves if we’re not in the SPL — talking to Peter Houston after the Dundee United game, he reckons they’d lose £600,000 if we weren’t in the league.

“How do they budget for losing that? Where do they get that money from if they’re not getting it from us.”

But I thought the whole problem was because you could not pay your debts to Heart of Mid-Lothian, Dundee United, Rapid Vienna etc.

likmabitz 3 likes

Wow, thats right Kenny, we will let you aff scott free cos we better no punish you, because if Rangers get punished and either get relegated to the 3rd or sanctioned so much they will be fighting for SPL survival next year, then this punishment will make Scotland a laughing stock, no the fact it was Rangers who got themselves into this mess, it will be the SPLs fault. And do you not think the rest of the world will think its a shame and more of a laughing stock if the SFA/SPL let Rangers aff with all thier cheating, or is that just me?

Rangers folk, they are just pure crazy, Mr T will be the stadium annoucer next season

thedeenwillrise 4 likes


Wise words, Rangers seem to genuinely think they are victims.

They cheated & should be punished, Simple

B Boru said...

I'm not even convinced that the other clubs would lose that much. Rangers visit them a couple of times a year at most, and the Huns probably wreck the stadiums while they're there. It will give other clubs the opportunity for European competition as well. But I think the old Masonic Order will step in and wipe the slate clean.

Anonymous said...

Celtic asked for payment in advance because they were dealing with a badly run club and someone wrote that we r d peepul we always pay our bills. Forgive me but I trhought they were in administration because they did not. They basically got Wallace from Hearts for half price because they have not paid the second installment.

Anonymous said...

Davie Provan said Mark Clattenburg could not give a penalty to Blackburn Rovers because he did not see the incident.
He is no Willie Gollum then.

SAVANT said...

Yeah, I remember that penalty that Collum gave. He wasn't even looking when Kirk Broadfoot dived.

Anonymous said...

He said: “Sporting integrity is very important.

“Rangers have been punished within the rules for what they have done. They have gone into administration and they have received a sporting penalty of ten points, which is what Gretna received.

“That’s ten points more than Motherwell, Livingston and Dundee got.

Didn't Dundee get a 25 point deduction for their second administration?

The Motherwell one was a disgrace as they were allowed to lay off staff, to cut costs you know, and then they signed 3 players by offering them increased wages.

Wallace...may the Lodge be with

cynic_al 1 like

As a Rangers fan, this is all to do with integrity and the only fate that can be justified is the same as Livi. However, INTEGRITY and SCOTTISH FOOTBALL do not go hand in hand. HOW! In a democratic society can you have a voting majority threshold of 11-1, yes our neighbours are as bad as us! The league was reconstructed to save Motherwell, they then sacked players and staff without payment and Boyle stayed in charge..... They almost broke Partick & St Mirren with stadium demands and subsequently let others in but not others...It's our party we say who comes. The total debt of the 12(11 dude) clubs is over £100m as at 2011, not including Rangers big and small tax liability. I think a lot of clubs will be looking at this NEWCO, hoping it works, allow Rangers to stay in SPL, follow the NEWCO path then they will be allowed to stay in SPL too and it will be business as usual with NO DEBT.

This is NOT a shambles

Liability of all 12 is £234 million.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. 5 hours and no decision.

'may the lodge be with you'

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone here got access to ye olde thyme twitter machine?

James McClean receives death threats and it is all his fault.

He said he was delighted to be going to 2012 Euros.

Then receives threat andreacts by saying that Norn Iron not going because they are not good enough.

Then we get "highlyintelligent and evolved" members of society saying he started it.How? When he chose to play for his country over the wee pravince.

Fair dues to Gregory Campbell for criticising the threateners you did not find Neil Lennon's MP or MLA do anything of the sort.

Guess they are a bit thicker the closer you get to Doofstadt?

Anonymous said...

I notice nobody pointed out the glaringly obvious. When fighting the polis who would you want with you? The bulk or the skinny one?

I thank you.

Anonymous said...


'As soon as I was announced as preferred bidder for Rangers, my team began to press ahead with our due diligence.

'Until then, information had been limited to what was made available in the internet data room and questions addressed to the administrators and their staff.

'In addition, I had preliminary discussions with the Scottish Footballing Authorities and limited discussions with Ally McCoist.

'Upon being named preferred bidder, discussions with Rangers staff started and discussions with all interested parties intensified.

'We continued to work through the holiday weekend in order to meet a very compressed schedule.

'By late Monday night, it became clear to me that preliminary information, discussions and analysis were, unfortunately, more optimistic than reality.

'Having no intention of negatively affecting the potential outcome of the club's future and after hearing the message from Rangers supporters and fans loud and clear ("Yank go home!"), I notified the administrators today that I have withdrawn my bid for Rangers and will not be moving forward.

'I am deeply disappointed as I had considered the opportunity to bid for one of the most historic football clubs in the world, an honor and a privilege.

'I wish Rangers fans, supporters and employees my very best. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. You certainly deserve it.

'I am most disappointed that I won't have the opportunity to walk into Ibrox Stadium on the day of an Old Firm match as my friends tell me the hair on my arm will stand up and I will never witness such passion and spirit at any sporting event.

'God Speed, Rangers

Read more: Go away Bill Miller you are nae David Murray who we want despearately back

The fanboards want Daivid Murray back because he knows how to run the club!

The old days of spending what you did not have is gone and it is not coming back.

Anonymous said...

The chances of newco Rangers being waved back into the SPL increased last night after it emerged that five top-flight clubs will now be required to oppose their return.

And, in what might yet prove a further boost to preferred bidder Bill Miller, chief executive Neil Doncaster refused to deny reports that the SPL currently have no power to impose any sanctions on Rangers as a condition for re-entry.

Having already been postponed by a week, yesterday’s five-and-a-half-hour meeting of top-flight clubs once more ended without resolution.

Duff & Phelps, the Ibrox administrators, did not turn up at Hampden but sent a request to adjourn a vote on new financial fair-play rules — a request which was unanimously approved by the other 11 sides.

Read more: Financial fair play rules not there for rangers!

Anonymous said...

RobbieLittle@PotKettleBlack3’, posted: “F*** up your dirty fenian b****** il make sure you get shot when you set foot back into gods country #FTP.”*

Another using the name ‘James W Magee@JamesWMagee07’ posted: “U deserve to be shot for that comment!! Your playing for Ireland and not the country you were born in (NI). #p****”

Wee Sammy from the shipyards McIlroy was manager of the wee praevince when Neil Lennon got death threats.

McIlroy, a footballing genius who flew home to Belfast instead of going to the Far east on tour to win a £10 bet which cost him a £350 fine, backed the senders by stating "it was only banner".

*Best that McClean not got to Australia then?

Late PS The Bigot's Dustbin home or former home to that utmost professional Tom Humphries did not notice this happening. Whyever not?

Anonymous said...

Financial genius narrowly misses out buying rangers

Anonymous said...

Some earnest young lady on Sky Sports News had her knickers in a twist over racism claims against Paolo di Canio.

These are the same muppets who did not care when Andy "Wear an armband for UVF murdered leader" Goram racially abused an opponent. Was because he was Scottish? No because they had no problem when Lorenzo Amuruso did so and he is not Scottish. There must be a coonection there.

Can you solve it?

I am busy packing my bags so that I can go to London and remove her knickers. To untwist of course. What did you think I meant?

Kevin Rafferty said...

I read the following comment by a Hun on the Sun. "You are right rfmh1 - out time has come and we will be making some people pay for their point scoring and pathetic attempt to sell season tickets. And not only the green and grey hourdes. We will be remembering you Hibs and Dundee Hibs"

What does he mean, any one know?

Anonymous said...

Cosmic Contact 2 likes

PaulRiley "Teams survived before TV monies and teams still survive after being relegated to Division One and that is without any Old Firm games I have never seen a club folding because of the lack of OF games so far. So what will be different now"

You're spot on mate.

What we're seeing is a media campaign to get Rangers back into the SPL with as little penalties whatsoever.

if Rangers mange to get a CVA, then there is no problem, thye are the same comp0any

If, however, they liquidate, they should start at the bottom again, as the other clubs would have to.

It might hurt some clubs, and journalists etc, if Ranges start at the bottom, but it might help some clubs , if they get rid of imported players, and relied on their youth set ups

Read more: Guy who racially abused Pierre van Hooijdonk and works for a newspaper that dislikes racism (Edna Cartoffell HA!) says six teams could go bust if rangers who owe money to Haerts fro Lee Wallace and Dunfermline for (some guy)is allowed to go bust

Anonymous said...

Derry City FC were demoted for financial shenanigans which just goes to show that Ireland can run a league properly unlike thenm people over there in Johny-Foreignerland!

tokyo paddy said...

Why should the teams Ranger sowe money to go bust? If they do they'll get something from the receiver.

Anonymous said...

Tokyo Paddy he is indeed full of excrement.

6 teams in the SPL have 3 games against each half of the Old Firm and 4 in the top half have 4.

Teams who are relegated have 0 games against the Old Firm and only mismanaged (In Govan bigot style!) Livingston and Dundee have gone into administration.

Other teams can look after their spending unlike the Govan bigot style referred to above.

Anonymous said...

Omer Sherif ??Thornton's mother did not make enough in the ghetto lottery when her mass murdering racist son went on a mass mudering spree after seeing racist graffiti that no one else saw because it did not exist so s()e setup a web s(h)ite where people could send her money "for trayvon".

Anonymous said...

Hoots mon! Fat Sally wants to know the name of three men on the SPL commisssion

Its anely right.

BIG-hearted Rangers fans have stumped up the cash to pay for ex-captain Davie Weir’s leaving gift — after the skint club didn’t settle the bill.

The cash-strapped Ibrox side commissioned a personalised crystal decanter set for the former Scotland and Light Blues stalwart.

But makers Glencairn Crystal were still owed money for the engraved gift — THREE MONTHS after Weir quit the club.

So supporters raised the £354 at a pub function last weekend — then handed it over at the firm’s HQ in East Kilbride.

A source revealed: “The thought of David Weir sitting at home looking at this gift really made some of us feel uncomfortable and angry.

Read more: Generous rangers fans raise £354 to pay for rangers parting gift to David Weir

Everton coach Weir, who made 230 appearances for Rangers, was presented with the memento by chairman Craig Whyte and Rangers Supporters’ Assembly president Andy Kerr.

Only £130 million+ needs to be raised for other creditors.

THE lawyer who brokered Craig Whyte’s takeover of Rangers yesterday told how he wished he’d never met the tycoon.

Gary Withey said Whyte, 41, sees others involved in his business dealings as nothing but “collateral damage”.

And he was furious at himself for not having concerns about the Ibrox chief when he bought the club from Sir David Murray for £1.

Read more: Hoots mon who cudda think that a lawyer wouldnae expect a guy banned from being a director for 7 years and who never had a successful company would turn out to be a crook

He is only a lawyer so he could NOT, be expected to know that there was something dicey about a guy who was banned from being a director for 7 seven years.

You need to be smartewr than a lawyer to do that like be a member of the general non-lawyer public.

saighdur said...

Yeah, lawyers are naive. Poor guy. I'm sure he's honest as the day is long.

Anonymous said...

MARK HATELEY fears Ally McCoist will walk — if his top stars quit the crisis hit club this summer.

The Gers boss famously coined the phrase, ‘We Don’t Do Walking Away’, just weeks after Rangers plunged into administration.

But now Hateley reckons his former strike partner could be ready to do just that.

With a 12-month SFA transfer embargo in place, McCoist will be left with a team of kids if the likes of Stevie Naismith, Allan McGregor and Steven Davis are all sold in cut-price deals.

When asked if McCoist’s Ibrox future hinges on big name players staying, Gers legend Hateley said: “Yes, yes.

Jocky Harla 1 like

What is Hately talking about, “He has coped pretty well over the period. He has reacted the way I thought he would.

He lost a 15 point lead, this in itself shows he didn't cope

I think that he found Tampax more absorbent than Lillets?

asgardsbounty 1 like

Rangers are in the gutter.....and still no apology for all the financial distress they have caused to so many people not least of all british tax payers. Theywill forver be a tainted club whether they come back as a newco or claw their way out of administration.

Sun talks to Record columnist who confirms that potatoes are vegetables!

Corkonian said...

I've been talking to a lot of Huns and they really do think that once the debts are 'wiped out' (somehow) the Gers will come roaring back none the worse for wear. How dumb can you get?

Anonymous said...

TICKETUS last night vowed to step up their legal fight with Craig Whyte — after agreeing a cash deal with Rangers.

(Related Stories

Donald Trump
Trump says no to Gers buyout bid

BILLIONAIRE turned down the chance to rescue Rangers — as financial hole too big

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The firm won’t oppose a company voluntary agreement that would see them pick up a fraction of the £26.7million owed by the skint club.

Those owed for the tainted titles expected to lose part of what they are owed

You should read Amy MacDonald interview in the Mail on Sundat criticising the world and his wife because her beloved Gers were fined and had 10 points taken off them unfairly.

navan man said...

I was talking to a Bear (Bearette) yesterday and she referred to this years 'tainted' title. Can you fucken believe that???

We won by 20 points and the Huns were docked 10. Go figure.

navan man said...

PS. I also heard that Rangers had invested in a large swadge of Arsenal stock many years ago, held in the safe at Ibrox. Craig Whyte sold the lot and pocketed the cash.


Anonymous said...

No the Bearette was confused. The season before last's title was tainted as Rangers used taxpayers money to buy it. Or was it the one with the unofficial contracts payment which saw Derry City FC get relegated in Ireland where a real league is run with real discipline.

Anonymous said...

The SPL’s investigation into Gers’ alleged use of dual contracts stretching back to 1998 is ongoing.

Doncaster conceded the SPL DO have the power to strip Rangers of past titles.

He said: “What we have to do in any disciplinary investigation is go through a chain of events.

Read more about Gers' taintred titles at: Gers tainted titles

likmabitz 0 likes

GrahamGillespie, its 5 titles, 02/03, 04/05, 08/09, 09/10 and 10/11. But if you where a true Rangers fan you would know when Rangers won the league! And Celtic dont count any titles during the war years, check wiki, the info is widley on the web. Another Ranger who believes any old tosh!

You sure do look silly GG.
GrahamGillespie 0 likes


Its 4 titles, from 2001. You complete buffoon. But not to worry, Rangers can include the titles from during the war, just as Celtic do.

56 and counting??? HAW HAW



Anonymous said...

Did I read it right that the new guy wants to pay off the £140 million debts by handing over £1.4 million to the creditors?

So the HMRC who are owed £14 million would have to do with £140 000.

Anonymous said...

John Knox 0 likes

Rangers are the victims here...Our club and fans have been abused by Murray and Whyte...The SFA should be helping us.
share flag
jabronie7 0 likes


Hit me with a rhythm stick here.....SFA its time to grow some cojones

WTF..... GREEN Your the one's that need to pay

Rsangers are the victims here reminds me of the Itchy and Scratchy where the mouse felt he was the victim.
davy2007b 0 likes

Rangers cry about being the victims of the actions of others, yet ally and co were happy tp play players they knew they were not going to pay for. How many of the english louters walk free form court crying that someone else kicked the door in. Rangers are the only one to blame for getting themselves kicked out of the sfa, someone should tell mr green 1 way or another the spl clubs will pay for it. but that was done to a very stupid rfc thinking they were going to stick two fingers up to the whole of the scottish football game.

Punish us and you will pay "suggests" Rangers would be owner Ernst Blofeld as he strokes white and orange pussy

CHARLES GREEN has claimed it would be a DISASTER for Scottish football if the SFA hit Rangers with another heavy punishment.

(Another or any?)

A Hampden appeals panel could suspend or banish Gers from football after the Court of Session threw out their 12-month transfer ban — and FIFA are also furious after the club’s administrators dragged the game down the legal route.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is taking the SFA so long? Jesus wept!

Anonymous said...

Anon they are not a very competent organisation.

Anonymous said...

Charles Green is quoted as saying that he wants to put Rangers back on a firm financial footing and then sell them off within a year.

Errr didn't Craig Whyte want to take them into administration get the debts settled for pennies in the £ and then sell them off as a going concern.

How did that work out?

Who is the next saviour? Mr Blue?

Anonymous said...

Who is the next saviour?

Hopefully there won't be one.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are right. Amy Mcdonald was bemoaning the harsh treatment of her beloved club.


they could not be bothered to pay taxes or abide by tax law and their punishment is harsh?

Good riddnce to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Last night pop singer and die-hard Rangers fan Amy Macdonald told of her heartbreak at the news.

The songbird, 24, said: “It’s awful — the worst case scenario.

“But I think everyone’s at the point now where they were expecting this to happen.”

She added: “I think there’s been a lack of information provided to the fans. And they’re the people who’ve been through thick and thin with the club.

“The supporters have done nothing wrong.”

Rangers to be liquidated?

Incredible that Green would try to buy them so cheap, then try and shift the blame elsewhere when he can't. Hardly pulling out all the stops. He's basically offering three quarters of Tore Andre Flo in exchange for Rangers Football Club. Pretty sorry state of affairs, getting bored with the whole sorry mess

At last Mr McMillian say THE OTHER SPL CLUBS DID NOT GET US IN THIS MESS,true and he is the first from Rangers fc to say this

All through the past three months Rangers fc have been blaming everyone except them selfs.

Then we go on to Mr Ross Blyth,using strong words .he is WARNING the clubs when they come to vote,why use strong words like WARNING.

He should be more humble and try to tell people the downfall of Rangers not being in the SLP is not the best interest of Scottish football.

Still no SORRY for the mess from anyone one at Ibrox,any large company in the past when anything untold has happened have come and said sorry even for things that have happened 100 years ago.

So eat humle pie and say SORRY accept what the club has done in the past accept the punnishment and lets get on with football.

You may recieve some support from other clubs,but conintue to be arrogant and every one will turn agaised you.

No doubt some supporters with still be blaming other clubs for the mess.

Can you say moral hazard?

Anonymous said...

The day Murray's ego killed Rangers

For every £5 they spend we spend £19,er, no that is not a misprint it is a more financially accurate summation of the for every £5 they spend we spend £10 quote which Ab"sir"d David Murray proved when he issued £20 000 000 of share rights which was to be used to pay down the bank overdraft and which was used to acquire Ronald de Boer I believe.

They still cannot accept how badly they are run.

Anonymous said...

Gattuso signs* for FC Sion rejecting newco's overtures.

*Yes the same Sion who signed players under a transfer embargo that saw them kicked out of the Europa League.

Anonymous said...

Last night Rangers Supporters Association General Secretary John MacMillan warned fans would be enraged if any of their trophies were taken back.

He said: “It appears the SPL have evidence Rangers have been caught doing the wrong things — that’s what it suggests.

“We’ll have to wait and see what that evidence is of course. It looks a very serious situation “I think the fans would be angry if any trophies were taken away.

Rangers might have to hand back tainted titles

I believe bank robbers do not like handing back ill-gotten gains.

Under strict rules clubs must tell the SPL of every payment made to players.

The highest cash payment was £6.3million to ex-owner Sir David Murray, while 63 players and 24 staff are said to have had payouts.

Acccording to figures obtained by BBC Scotland Barry Ferguson got £2.49million, while former boss Alex McLeish got £1.7million and goalkeeper Stefan Klos £2million. Spanish striker Nacho Novo and Dutch ace Ronald De Boer also netted £1.2million each.

Ex-boss Graeme Souness received £30,000 from the trust in 2001 — 10 years after leaving the club.

"clubs who won trophies and titles by buying new players whilst in debt instead of clearing their debt have the same morals as rangers year after year after year they have carried debt but continue to buy players it is obvious they cannot afford,aberdeen hearts celtic hibs killie etc etc,yet the fans of these clubs shout the loudest about the morals of rangers when their own clubs operate with the same morals when they buy players on the tick they cannot afford in the hope they will win something.watp."

Can you see why RBS and HBOS failed?

Anonymous said...

While it is possible to remove the player from Ibrox it is not feasible to remove Ibrox from the player?

SCOTLAND legend Colin Hendry “dropped like he was diving for a penalty” after being “tapped” on the shoulder during a row with a former pal.

Hector McFarlane claims the 6ft 1ins ex-defender collapsed when he touched him following their meeting in a trendy bar.

But sources close to Hendry denied he had fallen during the argument and accused Hector of lashing out and punching the Braveheart star — as well as his 22-year-old daughter Rheagan.

Hendry, 46, spent hours being quizzed by cops after a member of his party called them over the bust-up at Mojito in Lytham St Annes, Lancs, on Friday night.

Hector’s missus Williamina claimed the argument had started after Rheagan “gave her a look you’d give something you scraped off your shoe”.

The 61-year-old said: “She swanned past me and gave me a look. She was in her massive heels — she must have been 6ft tall while I’m just 5ft 2in. I said to her, ‘You’re ugly on the inside and you’re ugly on the outside’. Then I pushed past her — it was the only way to get to the toilet.”

Minutes later, Williamina’s hubby Hector spotted Hendry across the crowded bar.

The furious 63-year-old was recently told by Hendry’s bankruptcy trustee that he can now expect to see just seven per cent — around £4,000 — of the cash his former pal owes him.

Hector said: “He and I have been wrangling over the £91,000 he owes me for years but I’ve never had the chance to speak to him about it face to face.

“I went over, tapped him on the shoulder and said ‘Colin’. He collapsed to the floor like he was diving for a penalty. It was incredible.

Kevin Rafferty said...

I'll say this. Bears and bearettes have the most amazing way of looking at things. Must be something in the water down there in Govan.

Anonymous said...

Walt has left the bidding non-war

RANGERS legend Walter Smith last night told how he ditched his £6million bid for the club after it was knocked back by Charles Green — BEFORE the would-be owner went on to seize the keys to Ibrox for £500,000 less.
Waler Smith is finished with Rangers. He does do walking away

WALTER Smith last night revealed he is FINISHED with Rangers after pulling the plug on his £6million takeover bid.

RANGERS legend Walter has told how he ditched his £6million bid for the club

The Ibrox legend, 64, said he has turned his back on the club after TWO attempts to wrest control from Charles Green were knocked back.

Corkonian said...

When they say £6 million, presumably that doesn't include Ibrox?

Anonymous said...

A TYCOON behind an £11million bid to buy Rangers once played for CELTIC.

Property developer Stephen McKenna, 45, forked out £15,000 to play in front of 60,000 fans at Parkhead.

Ibrox hero John Brown is fronting a consortium for McKenna and business partner Allan Stewart, 55. But the businessmen have tax-dodging pasts and Stewart has been made bankrupt TWICE. A source said: “Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Rangers support.”

Rangers were so badly run in the good old days they can now only attract charlatans

They are using one of their firms Aleftav for the takeover, but according to Companies House its last reported net worth was ZILCH.

The pair have three other firms under parent company Stewart and McKenna Property Management Ltd — but combined only have a value of £845,000.

Meanwhile Stewart has twice been declared bankrupt and was banned from being a director for seven years in the 1990s.

Whyte being banned for seven years did not make him fail the fit and proper test so why should it matter to these crooks?

Planning of moving the franchise to just ootside Manchester

RANGERS are looking at an astonishing plan to buy Bury so they can play in England.(Where they are very welcome.)

But the sensational scheme already looks doomed due to the tough stance of football’s top brass on clubs playing outside their own countries.

SunSport understands Charles Green’s consortium have looked at acquiring the League One side as they research a raft of possibilities for the future of the Rangers newco.

Their plan would be to take up Bury’s fixtures for the 2012/13 season and play home games at Ibrox.

Kevin Rafferty said...

This gets better by the day. Getting a Tim to by Rangers would represent genetic pollution, the kind of thing the jews have been organising for the rest of us for eons.

Let it roll. I'm enjoying every minute of this.

Anonymous said...

Bury have poured cold water on suggestions they could be bought by Rangers as part of a plan for the Glasgow giants to ply their trade in England.

Reports claim Charles Green's consortium, who took over the Light Blues last week, have looked into the possibility of acquiring the npower League One side.

The plan would then apparently be for newco Rangers to take up Bury's fixtures for the forthcoming campaign, while continuing to play their home games at Ibrox.

Bury's place not for sale. Greater Manchester does not want Rangers.

Mounting pressure from the SFA could see Rangers relegated to the First Division as part of radical new plans to resolve the greatest crisis Scottish football has ever faced.

The proposal, discussed by the Scottish Football League board at an emergency meeting, would see Charles Green's newco Rangers voted back into the SPL by club chairmen on July 4 on condition they accept responsibility for the wrongdoings of the defunct Ibrox club.

Then, as part of the SPL investigation which found that 'old' Rangers had a case to answer over dual contracts for players and management, the club would be immediately relegated to the First Division.

Rangers to Division One due to administration and liquidation?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Sevco 2012 have been invited to join the English conference. However they have rejected the offer as they won't do Woking away

Anonymous said...

HootMon! J nay unnerstand what we dinnae dae walking away means?

ALLY McCOIST blasted his walkaway stars last night as he faced up to a Rangers exodus.

ALLY McCOIST clearly feels like he is being backed into a corner .

The Ibrox boss was fizzing after SunSport revealed how top prospect Rhys McCabe had broken ranks and refused to join Charles Green’s newco.

He will now be followed by Kyle "Orange Submarine" Lafferty and Sone Aluko as the threat of a full-scale revolt grew yesterday.

“I don’t want Rangers fans to be reading over the next few days how devastated players are about having to go. The fans deserve better than that. They are not daft.”

Do not punish the club for their breaking the law is what most of them say and they are not daft.

Amy Mcdonald I am particularly looking at you.

Goodbye Glasgow Rangers you lived like a candle in a hurricane because of the moronicism of Sir David Murray

Quote, steven whittaker.......'its purely a football dicision,its a NEW COMPANY.THERE'S NO HISTORY THERE" beautiful.

Say`s Naismith....

" I am extremely proud of the actions we took but I am disappointed and angry Rangers FC no longer exists in its original form."

Now it`s ths reason and this reseaon only that Naismith is aloowed to walk away from the old RFC.

There is no chase left, you need two to have a race ;)

Corkonian said...

When they say he bought the assets for abour £8 million, surely that doesn't mean Ibrox as well????

Anonymous said...

Good question. Ibrox is a Grade II listed building so there is not much what can be done with the site and I do not know does the SFA or SPL have the same by-law that football grounds can only be sold as football grounds except if the club selling is moving to a new stadium. The FA brought in this because football clubs in Victorian times were threatened with being bought by property speculators who wanted city centre sites but as the Scottish authorities did not have anything to prevent Motherwell in administration signing three players on increased wages from clubs who could not afford the wages because they were not in administration and therefore unable to pay backroom staff necessitating 20 of them being sacked so that the club in administration could offer increased wages to rival teams players which is not possible in England I would suggest the Scottish authorities do not know their arses from what Dutch full back used to leave stuck in opponents faces.

Anonymous said...

Three arrested in rangers mis running probe

“Whyte took Rangers from being league champions to scrambling about looking for a league to play in.” Er no he did not.

Kyle Lafferty will also inform the club in purple crayon this week that he wants to leave.

Hearts, Dundee United and Hibs had already said no to the newco. Creditors reject them. Hearts wound up playing against McCulloch who Rangers got for half price because they could not afford the second payment.

dugy brighton 0 likes

if rangers are guilty of being mismanaged and spending more money than they had. what is the difference between them and the rest of the spl. I know there is the issue of ebts but nobody has found it to be illegal yet. so if they done such a bad job by overspending where does that leave the other clubs who have overspent. how many clubs owe money and how many clubs are debt free.

11 SPL Clubs owe £140 million. 1 liquidated former SPL club owed £140 million all on its own.

When loving you is my finest hour Leaving you, the hardest day of my life

Anonymous said...

John Brown will destroy some football club

RANGERS newco chairman Malcolm Murray last night blasted John Brown as a war of words erupted.

Brown had dramatically urged 5,000 supporters at Ibrox to drive out owner Charles Green.

But a disgusted Murray accused nine-in-a-row idol Bomber of trying to DESTROY a club he professed to love.

Hoots Mon! If he so loved the team why did he not organise with Sandy Jardine and other club lovers to buy the club themselves?

"You will destroy this club Bomber"

Yes, I'm sure the fans will really miss its entire history spanning two weeks...

And this two week old club which holds the rigistration of 13 players from last year's first team squad is called?

Anonymous said...

But Murray branded them DISRESPECTFUL, GREEDY and DISLOYAL.

“It was disrespectful to everyone at Rangers and to the fans not to be honest about the financial gain they will receive in return for walking away from the club that has supported them over many years. And which does not exist any more.

Club 12

13 players

14th feb administration

15 days ago cva rejected :)

gala said...

What's happening to Ibrox? That cant be in the £6 million, surely???

Anonymous said...

The Scottish media are also to blame for describing Whyte as a billionaire and talking up multi-million pound warchests, all based on what Whyte's own publicity people told them. Football journalists took it all on board without any checks being carried out on the guy, simply because they were hearing what they wanted to hear. Whyte has taken the SFA, SPL and the media for a ride and shown them all up as mugs, something no reporter could call him. Oh the irony.

But Captain America blames one man for wrecking his dream.

He’ll never forgive Craig Whyte for the GREED which has brought Rangers to their knees.
If ye dinnae wannabe deducted 10 points then mebbe Surd avid Murray shudnae have spent like a drunken sailor ye ken@

Anonymous said...

gordonhighlander 7 likes

If Rangers are accepted back into the SPL then I will appoligise to all my friends that are Celtic supporters. For years they have been saying how corrupt our game is and run by even more corrupt officials. This move will only prove they were right and the rest of us should open our eyes. I can't believe some of the comments on here that still try to make excuses for Rangers. Breaking News- not everyone on here giving Rangers a hard time is a Celtic supporter but we all share their contempt on how you have cheated all of us. Most of the comments on here from Rangers fans still show a real lack of intellegence on their current situation. Banding statistics about and slagging other team supporters is not going to get you anywhere.Especially when you have cheated the rest of the league for years.You know you have cheated and yet still have the cheek to boast numbers. Don't you have any pride or are you just too full of hate to care. Grows some balls and start at the Third Division...if they will have you

Read more: Charles Green has plan to rescue Scotland's shame unlike John "Bomber" Brown

firsteventure 4 likes

If this newco are allowed in the SPL it will be the end of Scottish Football as we'll be the laughing stock of the world....not to mention the one rule for them and one for us mentality it's going to create....anyone with a Brain will stop supporting the lot of them.

He wants Rangers to be not punished for being run by idiots who had no concept of money? Dream on yorkyboy!

Hutchison said: “I think the Rangers fans have to trust Charles Green.

“I was at Sheffield United with Charles. He has put his money where his mouth is. He came in at a time when Rangers were struggling and he rescued them.

“The fans have to try and trust him a little bit.

“I know it’s hard, because there are former players and former managers in there who are trying to front another consortium.

Read more: Didn't he also bugger off when going got tought after selling Dean Saunders and some other striker leaving the team with only one recognised striker?

“When you see John Brown standing outside Ibrox speaking to the fans, you’d never think something like that would have to happen.

Read more: John Fleck we were told lies
Boo hoo hoo. Gers fans were warned and they did not care.

Anonymous said...

JOHN BROWN has declared all out war on Charles Green — accusing the Rangers chief of “surrendering” to Peter Lawwell and Celtic.

The Ibrox legend let rip after SunSport revealed details of Green’s desperate late plan to keep crisis-torn Gers in the SPL.

John "Bomber" Brown declares war on Green

After Manchester I do not think these guys should go around making encouragingf remarks like that!

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult situation where the only blame can be pointed at Rangers. They were mismanaged, cheated and were caught. But luckily for them they were liquidized before they could be punished. Contrary to the beliefs of others Rangers were not kicked out of the SPL, Rangers are no more. A new team was vying to be let into the SPL, a team with no history who have never even kicked a ball. Of course they should not be let in, it's a no brainer, why should a new team go straight to the top (money is not a reason). Neither should they be allowed to swan into div1 or 2 as the teams below them have been around for years playing and competing and deserve better than having an arrogant new team getting to start ahead of them. Automatic entry into Div3 is not the answer either, any team wishing to take up the empty space should be allowed to apply, Spartans, Cove etc all have as much right if not more of a right to league football than a new team. Well done SPL, come on SFL follow suit.

- Parfect, Dunfermline, 5/7/2012 8:12

Read more: Rangers' crisis sparks fear that financial collapse might eb coming

If Rangers had paid their taxes they would not be in this mess.

Anonymous said...

People seem to want to take yet another kick at the club and I agree with Ally McCoist that enough is enough.

Everything has been agreed to get Rangers their SFA membership but there is still talk of taking the titles away if an investigation goes against them.

It would be a symbolic move but what’s the point? What does it achieve? NOTHING.

It is wrong to take titles from a cheating club

For me those titles were won fair and square.

I saw someone compare it to drugs cheats in the Tour de France but that’s rubbish.

What Rangers are accused of is trying to dodge the taxman, not cheat the opposition on the park. It would be a different story if it was match fixing like we saw in Italy — but this was nothing to do with the team, it was accountants and lawyers.

I think the complaint lodged was that by cheating with tax evading club they were able to "pay" for players that they could not afford and so had a team that they could not finance so if they were operating by not cheating through stealing money from the tax man their squad would have been closer to their opponents standards and there would have been a level playing field.

"The companies running Rangers died. The titles we won fair and square with money those companies gave to us whether it was corrupt money or not."

I cannot find the story that has one of Charles Green's new directors revealed as a guy who was in charge of 30 bankrupted companies who would be just the sort of guy a club taking over from a failed club would need in the directors box directing them.

gallowglass said...

You answer your own question with the para 3rd from bottom.

Rangers won those titles because they were able(?) to buy and pay players of English Premiership quality. They could do this only because they cheated. Had they played only those they could afford would they have won many titles?

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