Saturday, 17 February 2007

The mystery connection

The wave of shootings and gun murders in England has obviously attracted widespread attention. We have also had the regulatory hand-wringing and bleatings on ‘who and why?. As always, the mainstream media (MSM) avoid the glaringly obvious. Check out the BBC website for example and you’ll encounter extensive coverage, quotations and explanations from all and sundry. What you won't hear, because you gotta keep the people in the dark, is that the crime wave is almost exclusively ‘Afro-Caribbean’ – blacks to you and me.

What am I not surprised? Well, because in the UK blacks are imprisoned at a rate of almost eight times that of whites. Representing it a different way, about 1.25 per cent of the entire black population of the UK are currently in jail, which probably means that about 2% of the black male population, and by extension, 7-8% of 16 -25 year old black males. So, what percentage of black males will go to jail at some point in their lives? 20%? 25%? 30%? If I may quote Colonel Kevin Myers: "We may presume that, for many black youths, imprisonment does not represent a delinquent departure from the norm, but the actual norm itself."

In fact if you check (courtesy of Bert Rustle's Comment on this post) you'll find that the ratios are even less flattering to non-whites.

Similar ratios apply in the US and other countries that racially profile criminals. When we look at violent crime the figures are even more unflattering to blacks. And what about Africa itself? Most of the countries there are violent lawless hell-holes. Nigeria, despite vast oil wealth is a dystopian nightmare, a Mad Max land. The colonialism excuse has long passed is sell-by date – Africa’s citizens have achieved this largely by themselves. And in Ireland we sleepwalk into the same disaster England is now facing.

It’s too late for England.

That once green and pleasant land has now been deemed the worst place in the developed world for a child to grow up. Towns all over the country that were a joy to visit 30 years ago are now crime-ridden, racially segmented dumps. England has become a multicultural society, though it’s fair to say that few English people ever wanted it to be. Certainly they were never asked. Through the folly, arrogance and sentimentality of their well-insulated ruling class, and by their own inattention, disorganization and reluctance to appear unkind, the English have given up large tracts of their country to foreign peoples, whom they dislike and who dislike them right back. The English have created their very own race problem from scratch — possibly the greatest act of self-destructive folly perpetrated by any civilized nation in the twentieth century.

Can Ireland avoid the same? Your Savant doesn’t believe so, given our demonstrable genius for repeating the mistakes of other countries


Anonymous said...

To see who is attacking who in the States see:

Bear in mind that Hispanic attackers are counted as White but Hispanic victims are not which inflates the White attacker count.

The Irish TV has the same Multicult propaganda programmes as the US/UK. As Ireland does not have the experience of "celebrating diversity" with longstanding non- European populations to counteract the Multicult propaganda it may go the same way as the UK.

Anonymous said...

The site bert rustle refers to is a well known hate site. your building up a nice head of steam, Savant.

SAVANT said...

Fiona, if you havent figured out the difference between 'your' and 'you're' I'm not sure 'your' in a great position to judge a hate site. By the way, how can statistics be hateful?

SAVANT said...

Re Bert's point, i hadnt realised the juggling with Hispanic figures. The situation therefore is significnatly worse than indicated in my post.

Anonymous said...


That was my initial reaction too. However I
checked some of the references in that report, they are online from the US Department of Justice.

The report is simply an analysis of government data. I would be interested if there are any "well known" errors in the report.

Denouncing the authors of the report as hateful, rather than finding fault with their analysis, is not an argument. That is similar to denouncing Galileo as a heretic for his stating that the Earth orbits the Sun.

Anonymous said...

Even if what you said about blacks with lower intelligence is true - which it isn't - what difference does it make? NONE!