Friday, 2 February 2007

Islam's cool!

"The rule of civil law, the democratic system of representative government, the protection of the rights of women and minorities and the freedom of thought and belief are compatible with the ethos and spirit of tolerance, pluralism and peace of Islam".

This remarkable piece of information came to your Savant's attention in a letter from one Mr. Mohammed Alkabour, of the Supreme Muslim Council in Ireland, in today's Irish Times. Well, Mohammed, old stock, I've just stopped rolling around the floor in mirth, so join with me in taking a closer look at how your Sharia laws and punishments would align with our freedoms.

Highway robbers – crucified [amazing this, seeing that Mohammed himself was a highway robber. Then again, if all the highway robbers here, e.g. bankers, lawyers etc. were publicly crucified….. Makes you think, doesn’t it?]

Spreading corruption – death [that’s Fianna Fail fucked, then]

Sodomy – death [bad news for Bandon]. The ‘sacred’ texts say he should be buried alive or have a wall pushed over on them. In fairness, the more liberal interpretations allow the criminal make the choice.

This is direct from the ‘Prophet’ himself – he of the 13 wives including one who was 6 years old: "The fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And when he had given command over her and she was put in a hole up to her breast, he ordered the people to stone her. Khalid b. al-Walid came forward with a stone which he threw at her head, and when the blood spurted on his face he cursed her". [Loverly!. Graphic shows a latter-day manifestation of this law, as an adulteress is prepared for stoning in Iran]

Blasphemy includes a denial of any of the essential principles of Islam. A Muslim convicted of blasphemy must be [you’ve guessed it] sentenced to death. If a boy under age apostatize, he is not to be put to death, but to be imprisoned until he comes to full age, when, if he continues in the state of unbelief, he must be put to the sword.” [that seem fair enough]

Converting to Christianity? – you’ve guessed it, death.

How does this work out in practice? a few choice examples:

Kuwait: three men flogged for drinking alcohol.

Nigeria: a drinker caned eighty strokes.

Indonesia: 15 men flogged in front of the mosque for gambling.

Saudi Arabia: a man has two teeth extracted under the law of retaliation.

Pakistan: man blinded by acid after he carried out a similar attack on his fiancée.

Iran: man’s eye removed for throwing acid on another man

So maybe there is a kind of crazed logic here. The only people left alive and kicking after all these punishments have been imposed would be practicing Muslims, so maybe that’s what they mean by being democratically compatible. However, much more likely is that it's part of the Master Plan for Eurabia. Here’s the Islamic Council of Europe in 1980 "Do not integrate. Rather, concentrate Muslim presence in a particular area until you are a majority in that area, so that the institutions of the local community come to reflect Islamic structures. The education system will be Islamic, the shops will serve only halal food, there will be no advertisements showing naked or semi-naked women, and so on."


Fidelma said...

how can anyone subscribe to this awful so-called 'religion'. why dont the people rise up against it???

kabourmi said...

Dear Irish Savant,

I appreciate you posting a piece discussing one of my statements -but as someone striving every waking moment to encourage introspection among Muslims and to bring about a re-evaluation of the path that we have led in recent years that seems to me in many instances a far cry from what an all-loving and all-merciful deity would expect from us -I am disappointed by how my letter to the Irish Time has been portrayed in your blog. I would first ask that when using quotation marks that you actually reproduce my words as they were published per verbatim and not to paraphrase:
“Madam, - I write in relation to comments made by the leader of the British Conservative Party published in your edition of January 31st *.
The Supreme Muslim Council of Ireland would like to say that it believes that the rule of civil law, the democratic system of representation in government, the protection of the rights of women and minorities and the freedom of thought and belief - under all of which we live here in Ireland - are not only compatible with Islamic values but are closer to the ethos and spirit of tolerance, pluralism and peace in Islam and better serve the Irish Muslim community than the undemocratic regimes and the draconian judicial systems found in some predominately Muslim countries today. - Yours, etc,”

*Mr Cameron noted how extremist in the UK calling for what is referred to as “Shariah Law” are akin to the BNP, I concurred and reiterated my belief in Democracy and civil rights.

Ms/Mr Irish Savant if you believe that Islam -a religion that has inspired some of the world’s greatest poets writers scientists mathematicians artists and architects, a faith that has given comfort and hope to men and women through the ages is inherently evil or is inferior to other major world religions than I’m afraid that I can only but label you yourself an extremist and completely bigoted in that view of my faith. If you on the other hand are appalled by the heinous acts of terror and violence, the dogmatic interpretations of scripture, the anecdotal stories attributed to the Prophet Mohammed that seem outlandish and unreasonable or “facts” attributed to his personal life that are disturbing than I am willing to sit down and discuss these concerns and I indeed sympathise with your distress in some of these points. I want to bring back my religion from those who have hijacked and distorted it, I want to return to where Islam emphasizes the spiritual and direct connection between the individual and the divine and is associated with the more enlightened achievement of human kind as it once was when lands that were predominately Muslim were beacons of learning and knowledge to Europe and beyond.
I believe demonizing a people and a faith is not the answer to the challenges we face today, it’ll take courage patience and humility to realize that much is needed to reclaim Islam from the fundamentalist and the extremists. On the 20th of December I wrote a 10 point proposal on tackling extremism and the radicalization of Muslim youth that has since received the backing of all the major political parties and has been published in the national newspapers:

Ten Point Proposal to Stop Extremism from Taking a Hold among Irish Muslims and Muslim Residents

• Educating all primary level students (including Muslim) on having a zero tolerance policy towards violence and intolerance; to respect the ideals stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and those of Irish law and be aware of Irish culture and social norms.

• Carefully scrutinize the current curricula taught to children in faith-based schools and institutes and ensure that no hateful, misogynistic homophobic or extremist material is used.

• Cooperate within the NUI in setting up seminaries and degree courses that includes modules on human rights, tolerance and Irish history and culture and making the qualification a requirement for both perspective and existing Imams.

• Publicly naming and shaming imams, preachers and religious teachers who advocate violence intolerance and the subjugation of women, and working within the community to ostracize and isolate such individuals

• Strongly promote the involvement of Muslims of all ages in long established local charities like St Vincent de Paul, Oxfam, Concern etc; Social clubs including the various heritage; conservation societies and sports clubs(including the GAA) and Irish speaking groups while discouraging the formation of clubs based solely on the exclusion of those not of the Muslim faith .

• Forming a loose coalition of moderate and progressive Muslims in all mosques of different sects and denominations to help influence the current leaderships in place towards a more moderate, integration oriented stance

• Building stronger bridges with the wider Irish community founded on tolerance and understanding not just in Dublin and areas where there is a concentration of Muslims but also rural towns and villages

• Ensuring Muslim women having an equal footing at the highest levels of leadership in the community.

• Moving Away from a Muslim community dominated by one ethnicity or cultural background and instead becoming inclusive to the 40+ nationalities, sects, denominations and various groupings

• Better Cooperation with government towards ensuring that relevant national agencies are better able at working towards the integration of Irish Muslims and eliminating extremism

What you allude to as –your- freedoms are what I believe is mine and every other human being no matter what creed,race or nationality. I consider them to be universal freedoms and not ones attributed to a single hemisphere. I hope that aside from the mirth and bemusement that my letter has induced, you may reflect for a moment on those who stand up in public, publish their full names and directly confront those who violently threaten the peace and stability of this island and its peoples’ freedoms, those who struggle against groups and individuals who have corrupted what I believe is a noble religion. For the love of God, let us do our work in peace, its hard enough struggling against the extremists from one side only to be ridiculed by individuals like yourself from another side. I wish you well. God Bless.

Mohammed AlKabour

Tel: +353 419812048
Mobile: +353 860895955

SAVANT said...

Mr. Kabouri's response is polite and restrained, and your Savant appreciates that. But, Mr. Kabouri, you haven't addressed ANY of the points I made in the blog. I cite quotations/punishments from your holy books, as well examples of those punishments being applied in a wide variety of geographies and circumstances.

While your recommendations are fine, it's been apparent for a long time that people who provide sweet words in Eglish deliver a very different message in Arabic. Not saying this is you, but I dont know either way. So I'd say, address the points I make in my post.

Anonymous said...

Savant's post is classic Islamophobia. It seems everyone is getting into the act. Please learn something that your talking abot Savant. You know knothing.