Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Check your taxi driver!

The Tennesean says that a disciplinary hearing is set for tomorrow for the Nashville taxi driver accused of trying to run over two students after a heated discussion over religion last week. The hearing for driver Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, 37, is on the agenda of the 1:30 p.m. meeting Tuesday of the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission.Ahmed was arrested Feb. 18 on charges of criminal homicide after police said he hit Ohio student Jeremie Invus with his United Cab Co. van. Ahmed is in the Metro Jail awaiting trial.Another student, Andrew Nelson of Dayton, Ohio, dodged the van as it sped toward them.

According to a police report, the three men had a conversation about religion while in the taxi that "became heated." Shortly after the men paid Ahmed, he chased them in his van across the parking lot and over a curb, police said.Metro police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said one of the students is Catholic and the other is Lutheran. Mumford said that Ahmed's religion was not known.Ahmed has had at least two other run-ins with police during the past year, including a high-speed chase through Nashville in his taxi, according to Metro police reports.

Dont you just love the 'we don't know the religion of a Somali called Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed'? Your Savant thinks he's a Buddhist, but that's just a guess. Again, it shows how the PC Thought Police have closed down any discussion on the Religion of Peace. When we take into account that Somali taxi drivers in Minneapolis won't take passengers carrying drink, or to a pub ot off-locense, my readers better check their driver carefully as we get flooded with similiar beauties here.


Anonymous said...

I admit the driver is a Muslim, but how do you know what provacation he had? Our religion means everything to us - please respect it.

Vanishing American said...

From what I have read, the two passengers discussed religion between themselves, and when the driver interjected his own angry comments, they told him he had to learn tolerance in America. He showed his 'tolerance' by running them down with his taxi.
So if there was 'provocation' the driver was justified in running them over? Not in America; maybe that's the way it works in his benighted country, but not here. No provocation entitles anybody to do that.

SAVANT said...

Ahmed, unintentionally, you have proven my whole point. Your view, consistent with so many adherents of the Religion of Peace, is that if you're not 'respected' you resport to violence. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you dont respect someone's religion, this is waht you get.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed, God can look after himself. If someone insults God it's not your job to set it right. How can someone insult your religion??? Religion is basically a code of ethics to interpret the will of God. If someone breaks that code they don't go to paradise - isn't that their punishment, not you attacking them?