Saturday, 20 January 2007

More crap

While it saddens your humble Savant to see the hoi polloi so bewitched by the unspeakable Big Brother, it's nothing short of breathtaking to see India up in flames about racism. India was founded, and today its society is organised in such a racist way that it's perpetrators would be jailed for the same thing in the West. Our ancesors, the Aryans, invaded India thousands of years ago and subjugated the native black population with sophisticated military technologies. They then established a rigid, race-based caste system with the conquered Blacks being virtualy slaves to the Whites and mixed-races in between (where have we seen that before?).

The structure was openly race based and went on to be embodied in Hinduism, today encompassing 80% of that country's population. Discrimination based on colour is institutionalised and seen as perfectly normal in India today. In fact David Duke, leader of the Ku Klux Klan, thought India a wonderful place for said reasons. Aren't the 'riots against racism' there a bit fucking rich then?

Our wonderful judges

Judge Carroll Moran must have taken a double dose of his diversity-sensitivity pills before he settled into another gruelling 3 hour day in court last week. Up before him was one Ibrahim Hassan, druggy and arms dealer - a splendid chap, no doubt. The boys in blue were in for a shock (why? - they should be used to it by now) when he came away with a 3 year sentence rather than the anticipated 8-10. Why so merciful? Well the judge, bless his little PC heart, felt that Mr. Hassan would miss his halal food in the slammer, and would be 'deprived of the family network of his native country'. The poor dear. Well your Savant has a suggestion for the learned judge. If he misses it so much, why not send Mr. Hassan in handcuffs on the next plane back to Egypt, saving us the trouble and expense of incarcerating him, and ensuring that he wont emerge after a few months to resume his criminal career?

We understand that Mr. Hassan followed the correct procedure - outlined below- for becoming a resident:

Step 1: Arrive at Immigration 'Control'. In the unlikely event of being stopped, come up with cock-and-bull asylum story

Step 2: While awaiting assessment of application, put local girl up the pole

Step 3: Register with various groups in the refugee and poverty industries

Step 4: Register for welfare payments

Step 5 (optional): Commence life of crime

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Anonymous said...

send him back to Lilerick - that'd be punishment enogh