Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Pete Townshend a Muslim!

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend claims he was a Muslim mystic in a previous life. He has studied Islam since meeting "spiritual" leader Meher Baba in the sixties and has now become convinced that he was a mystical Sufi in a former life. I'd say he's right. And he claims the influence of Islam was behind his famous "windmill" guitar-playing technique. In earlier days your Savant played on the same gig as the Who, and can now testify that Pete's guitar skills were decidedly limited - loud, but limited. He had all the subtlety of a rhino in heat.

Pete goes on: "I went off on a little kind of seeking mission. The "teacher" who I happened upon was Meher Baba, who said continued use of drugs would lead to madness, death and insanity". It has Pete, it has. "I went off to Islam [sic] and read a lot of Sufi writing and became utterly convinced in some previous life I'd been a Sufi. It explained why I do all that turning, which is done in Islamic prayer, on stage, and the windmill thing with my arm."

Maybe it also explains your sexual interest in children. Pete?

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Wavy Gravy said...

Blasphemy and libel!! Who the hell are you to criticice a giant like Pete, one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time! He was not into child pornography, he was doing research and wasnt prosecuted.